Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 33


Chapter 33 The Destruction of Idols

King Hui has not been so agile for many years.

After falling to the ground, a fat carp straightened up, the princess and servants only saw a ball of lightning, and the silhouette of King Hui was disappeared in the courtyard.

When he reappeared, he was already outside the gate of the palace.

“It’s you, it’s really you…”

The fat on King Hui’s body was shaking, and he couldn’t tell whether it was sweat or tears on his face.

“Long time no see.” Su Qing nodded slightly. “I felt regretful in my heart that day. I didn’t expect that the prince would change like this.”

“The words are heavy.” Prince Hui was very panicked. “I’m doing five at home, you can just call me Xiaowu. You don’t dare to do anything like a broken prince.”

“The guest is as good as the host.” Su Qing said: “The prince is Prince Hui, here is the The world.”

“You can do whatever you want, whatever you want…” King Hui rubbed his hands in excitement, but he forgot to invite him inside.

Yan Chixia blinked on the side, looking at this Big Fatty a little dazed.

“You are Prince Hui?” Yan Chixia respects Prince Hui, but has never seen him.

“Well, it’s the king.” King Hui tilted his head, and his aura came out immediately. “Who are you? Why are you here?”

“Caomin Yan Chixia, who used to be Constable in Ningzhou, is now Mr.’s coachman.” Yan Chixia confirmed that this is an idol, and her mood was quite surging. “The villain heard about Prince Hui’s fame when he was young, and later…”

Before expressing his admiration, Prince Hui grabbed his hands.

“Oh… the driver… I’m disrespectful… Just now this king was so slow, Brother Yan, don’t take it to heart.”

King Hui was even more excited than Yan Chixia. Envy in his eyes.

“This…” Yan Chixia couldn’t figure it out.

What is disrespectful to the driver? Where does Brother Yan start from? Even if you don’t take into account the difference in status, there is a difference in age in terms of age.

Is he really that virtuous king whom the people admire? This fatty should not be impersonating.

Yan Chixia couldn’t help but looked towards Su Qing.

The four Hall Masters of Baishengtang are abnormal, and Lord Hui is so abnormal. This one…

Following Yan Chixia’s eyes, King Hui finally realized that he had made a mistake. He slapped himself and hurriedly opened the door.

“Quick, please, please, please…someone, see tea…Best, there is a small pot behind my pillow, use that tea to make…”

King Hui really doesn’t care about world affairs, and doesn’t know anything about what happened in Ningzhou Mansion.

When eleven people went to the island and climbed the Immortal Path, he was the only one who had not passed the thousandth order and was invited out. Although he lost the opportunity to break through Primordial Spirit Realm, it also gave him a lot of insights.

Everyone else wanted to get on Pigweed again, but he really figured it out.

The fate cannot be forced, if you miss it, you will miss it. immortal is willing to give you fate, that is your blessing. If immortal is not willing, it is absolutely necessary.

But immortal is coming now, if there’s no indication yet. That is not to see through anything, but a brainless fool.

“This is a tribute tea that I have treasured for a long time. There is nothing in the Imperial Palace… Er, I know you are not used to drinking this kind of vulgar tea, so just rinse your mouth…” King Hui cautiously took the tea. Go to Su Qing.

When Su Qing went to Song’s house, Song Yuan called the whole family out. On the contrary, King Hui drove everyone out, including the princess.

“Good tea.” Su Qing took a sip.

The tea brewed by Aoba spiritual spring is mainly Spiritual Qi dense and does not have the real tea aroma. As far as the tea tasting itself is concerned, Huiwang’s tea is indeed high grade.

“Okay, okay…” With a compliment, Hui Wangle couldn’t close his mouth. But the most important thing, he did not forget.

“The servant told me just now that my journey is not over…” King Hui tried his best to restrain his excitement. “You mean…”

“Your way is not in Pigweed, nor in the world.” Su Qing put down the tea. “Whether you can go depends on you.”

Yan Chixia drank tea beside her, her ears standing.

“I can walk!” King Hui slammed his stomach. “No matter what path you take, this time you will die on it.”

“If you can think like this, you may be able to walk.” Su Qing said: “But before that, I want to ask you one thing. .”

“Don’t say one, ten or a hundred are all right.” King Hui was frightened. “It’s just that you don’t say please, just tell me what you need to do.”

“It’s nothing.” Su Qing said. “Just borrow your royal mausoleum.”

“What about borrowing words.” King Hui was generous and righteous. “Did you fancy that piece of land? I’ll have someone shovel the grave!”


Yan Chixia, who was drinking tea, took a sip just sprayed.

“No need, just go in…” Su Qing was also bored, and said, “Don’t keep soldiers inside, but you can have people guard the entrance and let no idlers enter.”

“Okay!” King Hui agreed. “When are you going?”

“Tonight.” Su Qing replied.

“I accompany you?” King Hui tempted.

Yan Chixia thought she would definitely be rejected, but didn’t expect Su Qing to agree.

“Very good.”

“Good, good.” King Hui was overjoyed. “Then sit down for a while, and I’ll make arrangements.”

King Hui dragged his fat body and ran out, excitedly following a three hundred-pound child. Those who know are ready to go to the cemetery, and those who do not know are able to marry a daughter-in-law for a bachelor.

“Sir, what do you want Prince Hui to do?” Yan Chixia couldn’t help but said, “We’re going to catch ghosts, and Gates of Hell or something. Take this fat prince, and stop Scare him.”

“Not necessarily.” Su Qing said: “Maybe, ghosts will be afraid of him.”


“Why do you ask so many questions, just go quickly… Remember, the scene must be big, and you must not be deserted… By the way, hang more lanterns, and put blankets on the ground… In short, how to celebrate…”

King Hui didn’t know what was waiting for him, so he just arranged according to his own considerations. Deploying troops or something is a sentence, but it will be more complicated to arrange things.

It is normal to go to the mausoleum to see Feng Shui, but immortal is definitely not for this. Thinking about what happened on Pigweed, I guess it’s mostly to keep myself climbing or doing something.

Thinking of the mausoleum, cold and cheerless, is not a comfortable place, so I thought about packing as much as possible. At least be festive, don’t be too gloomy.

Immortal Monarch probably wouldn’t care about that, but it’s his courtesy not to be prepared.

“Aiya, my lord, long time no see.”

King Hui was instructing his servants to load the car in front of the door, when suddenly there was one more person in front of him.

He is a burly old man dressed as a Jianghu person. The whole person has endured the hardships of a long journey, with beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Isn’t this President Sun Hall Master?” King Hui’s eyebrows jumped, and he laughed: “I heard that your old man has turned Primordial Spirit, and he has always wanted to challenge Guan Zheng’s shame. Come here empty-handed and look at me, the waste prince.”

“Hey, prince, you are wrong, we can be considered neighbors.” Sun Sihai lowered his voice and said with a smile: “And I I don’t come often, because I’m afraid of your overthinking. It’s okay for the common people to scold me as a henchman behind my back, but you can’t misunderstand my lord.”

β€œCome on, this king knows what to do.” King Hui coaxes flies wave of hands. “People have seen it too, hurry up and leave. You’ve been here for a long time, it’s very difficult for this king to do it.”

“Hehehe, my lord, let’s not play dumb riddles.” Sun Sihai said resolutely: ” I exhausted all the True Qi, and ran eight horses to death. I ran back without food or drink. You and I know exactly why. That one, come on…”

“What about this or that? I don’t know what you are talking about.” King Hui was very impatient and turned back to his servant. “Hey, you guys, why haven’t you brought your things out yet…”

As he spoke, he walked into the door, and then slammed the door shut.

“Quickly close the door, no one will be allowed to open it.” King Hui commanded inside.

“You…” Sun Sihai was dying. “My lord, do you think this door can stop me?”

“If you can’t stop it, you can hit it or climb over the wall, as long as you have the guts.”

Hui The king was triumphant behind the door. “An immortal thing is just climbing over a thousand steps, and having been chatting with this king for more than 30 years. At this moment, if you want to get naked, there is no door.”



King Hui has a virtuous name and is sympathetic to the people. Travelers are inconvenient to travel, please go to the royal tomb. The king said, “Yes, it is inconvenient for the people, so we should shovel them out.”

“Qing Ji Hui Wang”

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