Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 34


Chapter 34 The key is festivity

Sun Sihai didn’t dare to hit the door, let alone climb the wall.

Not because this is Prince Hui’s mansion, but because there is a guest in the mansion.

He knew he was wrong and made two unforgivable mistakes.

The first mistake is not to speculate on immortality.

Wisely looking towards Pigweed, the result didn’t expect Immortal Monarch to go directly to his hometown Huizhou. So much so that after getting the news, I spent too much time on the road.

Second mistake, I shouldn’t be disrespectful to Lord Hui.

I was ordered by the emperor to spy on King Hui, although not arrogant. But because of Pigweed’s past on the Immortal Path, he often murmured in front of King Hui. So that people hold revenge and shut themselves out.

In addition to all kinds of regrets, Sun Sihai is extremely incomprehensible.

“Why did Immortal Monarch suddenly come to Huizhou? And he also lived in the Huiwang Mansion? He was Heaven-blessed Genius at the time, yes, but now he’s just a fatty… Why did he like him, but he didn’t? Come to find me?”

Sun Sihai is very unbalanced, but he is also seriously reflecting and summarizing.

“Does Immortal Monarch like this one? Remember that Song Yuan is also a fatty… Hey, I knew it earlier, what kind of Yushengtang has been in these years, isn’t it good to be a rich man raising meat. If I eat now, I don’t know if it’s too late…”

Sun Sihai couldn’t get in, but he didn’t leave either. After thinking about the pain, he simply stayed in front of the door and didn’t leave.

Baishengtang was originally tasked with monitoring Huiwang’s mansion, and most of the nearby shops and houses were their property. While letting people bring wine and meat to raise fat, Cheng Men Lixue waited for True Immortal.

It’s just that he stumbles again, because didn’t expect to be out at night. I didn’t even expect that the Pigweed lord of aloof and remote would go to the corner with a dead fatty.

“Brother Yan, you see I’m right. The corner gate is close to the royal mausoleum, so we’ll be there soon.”

In front of the main entrance of the Western Mountain royal mausoleum, King Hui sells She seemed to give Yan Chixia an apology, and kept her eyes fixed on Su Qing.

Yan Chixia snorted symbolically, but didn’t give any response.

After getting along for a short time, the idol filter has long been broken. If it wasn’t for the soldiers who guarded the mausoleum collectively calling for the prince, he would not have believed that this flattering fatty was Prince Hui until now.

I’m even more reluctant to believe when I’m inside.

The mausoleums are basically solemn and solemn, especially the imperial family mausoleums. But Yan Chixia could see, and spread the street with lanterns and colorful petals. Where is there a little bit of a mausoleum, I don’t know, I thought it was going to be a lantern festival.

But even so, I didn’t see any joy.

The tomb tower, the stone pillar of the tombstone, and these flowers and lilies are matched, but it looks eerie and gloomy.

Yan Chixia has killed a lot of ghosts along the way, and it can be seen that her neck is still chilled by this scene.

“This…it’s actually fine in the daytime…” Prince Hui was also a little depressed.

He personally came to see it during the day, and it felt very festive. But didn’t expect to get married like a ghost at night.

Su Qing didn’t care about the appearance of the mausoleum. In his eyes, there was no difference between red and white matters. Moreover, there is another thing at this time, which is easier to attract his attention.

The Royal Mausoleum is built next to Western Mountain, and the whole mountain is fan-shaped. In the most concave part in the middle, the dense Yin Qi is almost in essence.

“It’s there.”

Su Qing walked towards the target, Yan Chixia and Hui Wang followed.


“What’s going on?”

When they arrived, Yan Chixia’s expression was solemn, and King Hui was stunned.

Near the foot of the mountain, a pass suddenly stands. The city wall is tall and thick, full of gloomy atmosphere. The door was tightly closed, and there was a faint sound of whistling and crying inside.

β€œGates of Hell.”

Su Qing said: β€œThe channel connecting Yin-Yang two sectors should be jointly supervised by Chenghuang and Ghost Messenger.”

“The passage between the two realms…” King Hui swallowed. “How can it appear in this king’s tomb? I haven’t heard anyone mention it.”

“No one can see this, and the ghosts have not been to the royal tomb, but left from the back of the mountain.” Su Qing looked back at King Hui. “If it weren’t for your Wangling Town, the county town would have long been wandering at night.”

“It should be, it should be…” King Hui Hehe smiled, but he began to think about moving. This mausoleum is reserved for ghosts, but it is better to bury it in another place when you die.

“Your Highness, isn’t that the original one?” Yan Chixia couldn’t help reconfirming with Prince Hui.

“Is there something wrong with me, building something like this in the royal mausoleum.” King Hui was not angry. “I’ve never seen it before, I haven’t seen it during the day.”

“This thing can’t be kept.” Su Qing said: “The reason why Gates of Hell exists is to attract the soul of the Yang Realm into the underworld, and Let the ghosts of the underworld come to the world.”

“How to do it?” King Hui and Yan Chixia asked together.

“No hurry, kill the ghost first.” Su Qing said:

“Gates of Hell together with the two worlds, balance yin and yang. If the wandering spirits gathered behind the door are not cleaned up, what can be done? It’s useless. Judging from the time, this Ghost Sect will open soon.”

“Okay.” Yan Chixia put her hand on the handle of the knife, her eyes very firm. “Since there really are Yin-Yang two sectors, the two worlds cannot be left out of order. If ghosts really come out of it, I will make them regret coming to the world.”

“I can’t stay…” King Hui thought about peace Gates of Hell is a neighbor, and the fat on his face is shaking. “Otherwise, this king will send troops to help?”

“It’s useless.” Yan Chixia began to enter the state. “Ordinary people can’t get hurt by ghosts. If your lord is afraid, you should stay away.”

“Who said that this prince is afraid.” Prince Hui glanced at Su Qing, looked around blindly, and picked up a Root of wood weighed it, took two steps forward with his stomach straight, and stood with Yan Chixia.

“This king has been out of action for several decades, and today I will break the fast with Yin Sector’s evil ghost.”

“Okay.” Yan Chixia said: “This Yan was a boy when he was young. The dream is to be side by side with the prince, and today it can be considered a fulfillment.”

The two were enjoying ten thousand zhang, and suddenly a gloomy wind appeared. Gates of Hell wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, intensifying from far to near.

Yan Chixia clenched the knife in her hand, and King Hui swallowed again.


Su Qing said faintly, and Gates of Hell opened with a bang. A large group of evil spirits with faces looking sinister rushed out of the gate.

Yan Chixia and Hui Wang were shivered at the same time.

I originally wanted to close the door and open it, so I started to get a little misty smoke. Then the shadows appeared, and they came out in batches.

How can it be so unreasonable to think, just came out with a large group.

“Kill!!” Yan Chixia was loudly roared and rushed out with a knife.

After this period of tempering, there is no need to sacrifice blood essence. The baleful aura rises on the surface of the body, and it can slay ghosts with a single shot.

King Hui gritted his teeth and went up with a big wooden stick. But Su Qing reached out and stopped him.

“You can’t.”

“I can!” King Hui became anxious when he heard this. “Although I haven’t done it with anyone for many years, I still have the foundation of kung fu. If I don’t believe that Yan Chixia and I will fight against him, I will never lose to him.”

“You can beat Yan Chixia, but you can’t kill evil. Ghost.” Su Qing said: “Innate Martial Artist has strong qi and blood, and only with the fleshy body can slay ghosts and exorcise evil spirits. But you have been pampered for many years, and your qi and blood will be depleted and realm. If it passes, it will only add to chaos.”

King Hui was speechless and regretful. I just regret that I didn’t listen to my wife and didn’t practice kung fu properly. Even if he saw through the red dust and showed it to the person in the palace, he was really too lazy.

“Don’t worry.” Su Qing said: “Your path is different from Yan Chixia, but it’s up to you whether you can walk or not. Just sit here and see if you can help him.”


“How can I help here?” King Hui didn’t quite understand, but he sat down obediently.

A rare opportunity, don’t want to miss it again.

But what?

Wang Hui was scratching his head and scratching his cheeks in a hurry.

Unconsciously, those gases changed.


It’s so festive for King Hui to give a heavy gift. Wang Ling put on red makeup and refused white silk. After a hundred years, he will not hold a funeral, but will be buried with a wedding ceremony.

“Qing Ji Β· King Hui”

On a festive day, the title is also festive (οΏ£οΏ£) I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival.

(End of this chapter)

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