Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 35


Chapter 35 Shinto Dharma Statue

Wang Hui watched Yan Chixia kill ghosts from a distance, only to feel more and more dry and hot. At first I thought it was sweating in a hurry, but gradually I realized that something was wrong.

It’s not the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, and no matter how hot it is, it won’t be too hot. It’s not due to Inner Strength, it seems to be something else.

The mist changes and rises, gathering and forming faintly.

Although it still has the texture of fog, many details can already be seen.

A fat body and a majestic python robe. With a crown on the head, holding a tooth plate in hand. From the perspective of facial features, it is completely a replica of King Hui.

It’s just a lot bigger.

Ten three-four zhang tall and is a true giant.


King Hui frightened himself.

“Shinto Dharma.” Su Qing: “Unlike the Golden Body Dharma Idol of the cultivator, it is not a means of attacking in the conventional sense. But for demons and demons, it is not just in name only, but It is also the nemesis of reality.”

King Hui’s subconsciously looked towards those evil ghosts, as expected, were greatly affected. The weaker ones ducked back again and again, and the stronger ones also expressed fear.

Yan Chixia was originally surrounded by ghosts, but the location of the Shinto Dharma was instantly empty.

“Your Majesty is mighty!” Yan Chixia was overjoyed. “Come and help me, don’t let these guys run away.”

“Okay, this king is here!” King Hui was also very excited and ran over. Then, without running two steps, he ran back.

“That…how does this thing work?” King Hui looked embarrassed.

He ran over, but Dharma remained in place. It even became a little virtual, as if it was affected by something.

“Don’t move your body, focus your mind.” Su Qing said: “Try to pass on your consciousness and try again to see what you can do.”

King Hui didn’t know what to do. How to conduct, try to close your eyes and think hard. After a while, I suddenly felt saw a flash, and my body floated into the sky.

A closer look reveals that it is not the body that floats, but the consciousness entering the Dharmakaya.

“Hahaha, it’s really mysterious.” King Hui looked at his stalwart Dharma body, and the whole person was overjoyed. Looking at the evil spirits under Gates of Hell, it’s like a mice.

“Don’t be afraid of Yan brother, this king is here to help you!” King Hui, high-spirited and vigorous, wanted to come forward to capture the ghost.

It’s just that the dharma doesn’t seem to obey, and doesn’t move half an inch. However, his voice came out, and many evil spirits covered their ears.

Su Qing said: “The sound of thunder, the dharma image, is designed to defeat evil spirits.”

King Hui sudden enlightenment, opened his mouth and roared again. “Demons and monsters, kneel down with this king!”

The group of ghosts covered their ears and cried, and many knelt down shiver coldly.

Yan Chixia is more like a tiger that has grown wings.

I saw blade light flashing slaughter all sides, beheading evil spirits like chopping melons and vegetables.

But despite this, the number of demons has not decreased.

Because of the constant flow of new goblins in Gates of Hell, some of the big goblins even swallow the runaway goblins. One after another, the wind whistled, and it has several points of never giving up.

King Hui was very excited at first and didn’t care how much gushing out. No matter how many ghosts there are, they can’t stand his roar. It’s just that over time the frequency and sound start to decrease.

β€œAre you out of strength?” Su Qing asked.

“No…” King Hui hesitated. “Though these evil spirits are ferocious and violent, they basically keep the same appearance as before. Farmers, traders, old people, women and children… If they are not ghosts, they seem to be no different from ordinary persons.”

Su Qing put on a few lips Share a smile. “So what?”

“Immortal Monarch…” King Hui suddenly had a question: “Do these ghosts really deserve to die?”

“Good.” Su Qing Very pleased.

A humming sound.

Centering on King Hui’s Shinto dharma, a golden circle of halo rippling.

Congruent with Primordial Spirit in the form of True God.

Western Mountain Ghost Sect, outside the royal mausoleum, and even the county seat in the distance, all the ghosts and ghosts knelt down together. The old Yellow Ox dog also made a low whine.

The dharma body, which was originally composed of mist, gradually has color essence. Aside from a slightly stiff expression, it was completely King Hui himself, who was several times bigger.

The dharma that the spirits worship, then bow to Su Qing.

“Thank you Immortal Monarch for the Dharma.”

“The good will be reincarnated and become immortals and become Buddhas, while the evil will suffer in hell and be reincarnated as animals.” Su Qing said leisurely:

β€œNowadays, Yin Sector is disorderly, the divine way is not prosperous, and evil ghosts are killing people’s lives and causing harm to the common people. Although capturing, killing, and destroying is a must, it is not a true balance of yin and yang. Now I will help you to solidify the Dharma Prime Minister. Transcend the soul of Yin Sector.”

“Follow the Immortal Monarch decree.” King Hui hesitated, and said, “I know how to clear ghosts, how to transcend the soul?”

Su Qing said : “You will understand after you canonize Yin God.”

King Hui was puzzled. “What is Yin God?.”

Su Qing said. “Manage the celestial affairs, restrain the wandering spirits in the land. Catch evil spirits and exorcise evil monsters. Enjoy the incense of the power of wishes, and protect the peace of the world. Whether you are willing to go this way, you should consider carefully…”

“I Yes!” Hui Wang couldn’t wait for Su Qing to finish his words, and couldn’t wait to agree. “I’m asking for Immortal Monarch’s canonization.”

“This road is not as easy as you think, and the dangers in it are even more unpredictable.” Su Qing said: “immortal dao precedes the divine way, and the divine way is the smallest with Yin God. .Samsara Reincarnation has the opportunity to ask Wan Gu Changsheng, Yin God is destined to see the sun. I don’t understand these things now, but one day I will understand.”

Seeing that King Hui wanted to express his position again, Su Qing added again .

“There is a more important point, the canonization of Yin God is the responsibility of the Celestial Court.” Su Qing was very serious. “Immortal can claim the land along with the City God, but it must send a golden book to list Heavenly Emperor afterwards. If the Celestial Court does not approve it, it is a false god and ghost, and it is not tolerated by Shinto.”

Su Qing also added I didn’t say a word, I don’t know if there is a Celestial Court here, and if there is a Celestial Court, which Celestial Court would it be.

Explain the benefits and harms, but King Hui’s attitude remains the same.

“Yes.” King Hui said: “When my heart was in the temple, Xiao Wang was not a rare emperor. He was just arrogant and talented, and he could show his ambition when he was in a high position. It is far more meaningful than the emperor in the world. Besides, the emperor has lived in the deep palace for a long time, and he is not as comfortable as Yin God. As for the Celestial Court…”

Huiwang twitched his lips. “Xiao Wang only believes that you are the only True Immortal in this world. Whatever fate you give Xiao Wang, Xiao Wang will follow the fate. The Celestial Court Heavenly Emperor of Luo Shizi is no bigger than you.”

He made a mistake when he was on Immortal Path in Pigweed, how can he miss it this time. King Hui was determined to follow to the end, regardless of whether there was a flood behind him or not.

“Even if you don’t regret it, you’ll be unhurried for a while.” Su Qing didn’t say any more, but said, “The reason you can gather Shinto Dharma images is because of your high popularity. But if you want to truly enshrine Yin God, You still have to wait for you to get rid of your fleshy body at the end of your life.”

“Okay.” King Hui looked towards his fleshy body, with a murderous aura in his eyes. “Tell me, what is the right way to die. Hanging or committing suicide, I can do it.”

“You don’t think so.” Su Qing was speechless for a while. “You must die, and you must not seek death yourself.”

“Isn’t it possible…what about the accident?” King Hui was very disappointed and rolled his eyes. “For example, climbing and falling, swimming and drowning. Or joining the military and dying in chaos…”

“Is there a difference?” Su Qing said angrily: “The soul of the army can also be Yin God, but it must be the battlefield. Veteran general. Accidental death is okay, but it must be a real accident. If you deliberately seek death for the sake of Shinto, you must go to Eighteen Levels of Hell.”

“Uh, then forget it.” King Hui’s neck was cold For a moment, but the mind still did not completely stop.

Begin to remember how many enemies you have and whether the place you live in is too safe. Dismissing some of the guards to reduce the financial burden is not a deliberate attempt to die.

Su Qing glanced at King Hui, too lazy to pay attention to this fatty. Anyway, the life of this goods is still very long, whether there is a canonization or not is a matter of time.

But another candidate, but can’t drag down any further.

Yin and Yang are disordered, like a troubled world. Yin God is like a county governor, who can protect the peace of one side. If the troubled world is to be pacified, fierce generals and strong soldiers are needed.

“Yan Chixia.”

The tortoise shell rattled in his arms, and the azure sword on his waist hummed slightly.


King Hui is happy, climbing mountains and fishing is good for everything, and he often travels to dangerous places. Others often worry about its danger, but they don’t know that it will lead to longevity.

“Qing JiΒ·King Hui”

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