Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 36


Chapter 36 ghost cultivator

When King Hui condensed the Shinto dharma, most of the ghosts were suppressed. Yan Chixia did not miss this opportunity, and killed all of them.

But even if Su Qing didn’t remind her, Yan Chixia knew she wasn’t finished.

Gates of Hell has several pairs of eyes behind it, and has been standing there for a long time.

“Don’t look, come out.” Yan Chixia moved her sore wrist. “Unlike those just now, you should be able to talk to me.”

A gust of gloomy wind blew, and five ghosts floated out of the gate.

The ghosts in the past kept the same appearance as before, and their consciousness was not very clear. But these five ghosts are different, you can tell they are very old at a glance.

Wearing the exact same black robe, the head is black and difficult to distinguish. Only his eyes glowed green, and when he looked at him, his back felt cold.

The five ghosts confronted Yan Chixia for a while, and the old ghost in the middle made a sound.

“A mortal who doesn’t even have access to Innate can look me in the eye. Even if you have a pure yang baleful aura, you can do it. What’s the secret of your body?”

“I also want to know.” Yan Chixia said: “Before tonight, I didn’t believe in Ghost God. In fact, even now, I still doubt that you guys are pretending to be human.”

Five ghosts chatter and laugh.

“Simple, die here.” The old ghost in the middle is the tallest, vaguely meant to be a small boss. “Your soul is very strong, and you have the opportunity to become one of us.”

“Forget it, I still like to be a human being.” Yan Chixia slapped a knife in her palm. “Come on, one-on-one. Let’s see if the human wins over the ghost, or if the ghost wins over the human.”

The five ghosts laughed again, with mockery and disdain.

“Yin Sector is a group of ghosts eating each other, big ghosts eat little ghosts weak are prey to the strong. It’s naive to play tricks in front of us.”

“Essence and flesh and blood All to you, his soul must stay.”

“This is easy to deal with, what about that Yin God?”

The five ghosts have been hiding behind the Gates of Hell and can’t come out , not because of fear of Yan Chixia. The Yin God who shows the appearance of Shinto is the one that really makes them jealous.

“That’s nothing to worry about, I found it after I came out.” The tall old ghost in the middle said: “That’s the natural Yin God, most likely the owner of the tomb here. There is incense and the power to support it. , Fang condensed the dharma. However, he has not been sealed yet.”

“It’s useless to be sealed?” A female ghost was surprised. “Even if you have the power of incense and wish, how can you condense the Dharma without being sealed?”

“There are always some special cases, Yin Sector also has it.” The tall old ghost said: “The king once said that this kind of natural Yin God, you cannot be sealed through the mouth of mortals. If you want to truly achieve Divine Physique, you must be sealed by immortal.”

“so that’s how it is.” the female ghost said. “Unless the Lord of Pigweed comes to earth, he won’t have a chance.”

The ghosts were silent for a while, and even more subconsciously looked up at the sky. Waiting for came back to his senses, together fiercely looked towards the female ghost.

“pei pei pei, can’t you say something auspicious? If you talk nonsense again, I will swallow you.”

“It’s not good to mention who, you mention that… Wan One trick…”

“I was wrong.” The female ghost was also afraid for a while.

“Hey, I don’t blame you. In fact, everyone understands that. Since that person appeared, our life has been much sadder.”

“There was no such thing as Qingzhou before. Primordial Spirit. Hidden crowds, devouring souls, unknown and free. As a result, there have been so many filth in several decades because of that person.”

“Martial Arts is nothing terrifying, True Qi is my nemesis. The last time I came out and encountered that, I almost didn’t escape.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” The tall old ghost urged: “Although Gates of Hell is frequently opened, There is not much time for me to pass. Don’t forget, the king is still waiting. Before dawn, I have to bring back enough souls.”

“Yes, there are so many wandering souls in today. , If there is no harvest, the king will definitely be angry.”

The five ghosts didn’t take Yan Chixia seriously at all, and they rushed up together as they spoke. Martial Artist that Innate Realm can’t reach, a face-to-face thing.

The wind whistled, blade light unrolled bolt of white silk.

The five ghosts receded and floated out, and each eye showed differences. Two of them even got hit with a knife.

“This person is weird and seems to be familiar with us.”

“He killed hundreds of ghosts just now, or he has learned something.”

“Not so much. It’s simple, someone has pointed him.”

“There is a lack of memory in living souls, and the torture of catching and living is clear.”

“Chat, I’m good at this…”

The Five Ghosts attacked again.

Yan Chixia responded calmly, but was horrified.

He had fought against those ghosts before, and the feeling it gave him was not much different from that of people. When he came up, he was either grabbing or biting, and his movements were not very fast, and he was not even threatened by some gangsters. There is part of the reason for the slow reluctance to believe in ghosts.

But these five people are absolutely impossible.

At first glance, the attack routine doesn’t change, but those claws are always grabbing from impossible places. After holding on for a few breaths, he was caught several times on his body.

There was no obvious wound, and the strange stinging pain penetrated the bone marrow.

King Hui didn’t just sit back and watch, and kept yelling at him. But the five ghosts were only slightly uncomfortable and did not affect their movements at all.

“The most you’ve encountered in the past are ghosts. These five are ghost cultivators who have condensed their entities.” Su Qing said to Yan Chixia: “Pure yang baleful aura can shock wandering spirits, and yin and yang can see through them. Illusion Technique. But the ghost cultivator has already entered the Dao, and ordinary means are difficult to overcome.”


In contrast to King Hui’s huge and rich Shinto Dharma, a small Roshan sat upright. And right next to it, there seems to be a person standing.

Because the divine image is too dazzling, and the physique of King Hui is too eye-catching, I didn’t even notice it before.

Even now, it’s hard to see. Approaching a little more intentionally, but also a little dreadful.

King Hui couldn’t help but ask: “Why aren’t they afraid of my Dharma image Lei Yin?”

“Because you are not yet Yin God.” Su Qing said: “To become Yin The body of God has learned the art of attacking and cutting. These ghost cultivators who go out and enter the door are hard to be used by you.”

“So powerful?” King Hui’s eyes brightened, and his mind couldn’t help but move again. .

“Who the hell are you?”

“Hugh deliberately mystifying, get out!”

The five ghosts were both shocked and angry.

This person not only revealed their identity, but also seemed to know Yin God very well.

“Are you ready to rely on yourself?” Su Qing ignored the five ghosts and asked Yan Chixia. “When the manpower is exhausted, borrowing methods is also true. Subdue monsters and defeat demons Wei Zhengdao, why do you need to be the youngest daughter.”

“I don’t have…” Yan Chixia couldn’t help but become red Face.

“Do you want to borrow a sword?” Su Qing asked again.

“I’ll borrow it!” Yan Chixia stomped fiercely.


The apricot wood sword unsheathed and flew straight to Yan Chixia.

“Don’t think about it.” The female ghost grabbed it with her claws.

Although I don’t know who the opponent is, this sword must be weird. In any case, it must not fall into the hands of this bearded man.

“Don’t touch!!” The tall old ghost exclaimed to stop him.

It’s late.

Jianfei is not very fast, and the female ghost can easily intercept it.


Bright blooming and bright.

The flying speed of the sword didn’t even change, and it was lightly caught by Yan Chixia.

And that female ghost disappeared.

Disappeared without a trace without even screaming.


The four old ghosts turned around and ran.


Ghosts go out and choose people to eat their souls. The knight holds the sword to block, the ghost laughs and tries his edge with his hand. It will turn into ashes at a touch, and you will know the sword of immortals.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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