Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 37


Chapter 37 Heaven and Earth Promise, Borrowing the Laws of the Universe Art

What should the immortal sword look like? Years old ghost never seen. But that kind of terrifying energy, there is no way to guess what it is.

Even Yin Sector’s most terrifying existences kept him from the soul flew away and scattered at best. And what they just saw was annihilation that completely turned into nothingness.

“Who is that?!”

“Can I still use a sword like this?”

“Is it Peng… …”

“Shut up, don’t say it.”

The four madly rushed into the Gates of Hell, swearing that they would never run out again.

As for whether you will be punished for escaping back, you don’t need to consider this at all.

If they knew it was Linfan, no ghost would think about running out again. Wouldn’t it be nice to stay honest in Yin Sector, why bother coming out courting death?

“Don’t even think about escaping!” Yan Chixia’s Hengjian stood in front of Gates of Hell.

“Get out of the way.”

“I have to go, what else do I want.”

“Why kill to the last one.”

“We will never come out again…”

Looking at Yan Chixia holding the fairy sword, how could the four old ghosts dare to break through. You can only understand the benefits and try to reason.

“Did you think something wrong?” Yan Chixia sneered. “You made it clear just now that it’s not the first time you come out. Every time you come out, you will take away many souls, and I don’t know how many lives have been killed…”

“So what?”

“You want to avenge them?”

The four old ghosts realized something.

“I just want to tell you that I, Yan Chixia, are not a gatekeeper, but a quick catcher.” Yan Chixia shook the sword in her hand. “The murderer is in the face, how can you leave!”

“Fight with him!”

“I will pull you back when I die…”

The one behind With one on his back, the four old ghosts have no time to think too much. Seeing that Yan Chixia had no intention of giving way, she immediately stepped forward and tried her best.

Hu shuaa~ After a chaotic battle, both sides were a little confused.

“Isn’t it a fairy sword? Why is there no movement?”

Yan Chixia raised the sword in front of her eyes and was dumbfounded. “Wooden sword?”

Just now, I saw the female ghost grabbing the sword and turning it into ashes, but I didn’t take a closer look at what it looked like. But in the imagination, it should be shiny, with a sword qi of 18 meters.

But now I look at it, but it is a wooden sword.

Although the craftsmanship is first-class, it even has a texture similar to metal. But saying a thousand words and ten thousand will not change the fact that this is a wooden sword.

“Is this sword the same handle? Why can’t I sense anything.”

“Not even the breath of Magical Artifact.”

“Perhaps Is it invalid?”

The four old ghosts also felt that something was wrong, and some began to stir. But given the terrifying scene just now, it was still somewhat dreaded.

“What’s going on?” Yan Chixia looked at Su Qing inquiringly.

“You are a mortal man, and your sword is a fairy weapon.” Su Qing said, “The sword has a spirit, and you don’t want to obey orders.”

“Then what use is this sword… “Yan Chixia is very discouraged.


“Kill him!”

The four old ghosts regained their energy.

The sword is still the same as before, but now it’s useless. There will be no second chance for such an extremely rare breakthrough.


The four old ghosts rushed towards Yan Chixia, obviously less scruples.

I rushed to the front of an old ghost and saw Yan Chixia greeted him with a sword. After confirming again that he could not perceive any energy, he tentatively blocked it with his claws.

Be cautious, be careful, and only use the long nails.



Bright blooming and bright.

In a sword cry, the old ghost followed in the footsteps of the female ghost.

“What’s the matter? Don’t you say it’s useless?”

“You lied to us!”

“Dangtangpeng… Whoa, damn it. .”

The remaining three ghosts were furious, but Yan Chixia calmed down.

“It does not show immortal power, but it is still an immortal sword. As long as it touches the body, it can also play a role.” Injure the enemy. Anyway, as long as you touch them, these ghosts will die.

“He just relies on the benefit of the sword edge, and it’s not a problem if he doesn’t encounter it.”

“But… that one?”

” He wanted to make a move long ago, so take this opportunity to leave quickly.”

The remaining three old ghosts also saw the problem, whistling and turning into three black mists.

Yan Chixia is a little confused.

He is experienced in dealing with able-bodied enemies, but he doesn’t know how to deal with this thing for a while.

I jumped and slashed and stabbed with my sword, with no rules at all. The three old ghosts kept trying, looking for a weak spot for breakthrough.

“If you can borrow a sword, can’t you borrow the law?” Su Qing said: “The truth of the infinite, the essence of two and five, are wonderfully combined and condensed. “

“I don’t understand what’s messed up.” Yan Chixia was very manic.

Su Qing didn’t speak any more, just continued to wait and see.

“That…Immortal Monarch…” King Hui tentatively said: “You want to make Yan brother, also…”

“His path is different from yours.” Su Qing took out the tortoise shell at some point and slowly rubbed it in his hand. “Longer, farther, and more difficult. If you can’t understand, you’ll come here.”

King Hui looked at Yan Chixia with envy in his eyes.

Yan Chixia was still chopping and chopping, looking very manic. However, his eyes were very calm, as if he was thinking about something.

“…Unlimited universe, life-changing…”

Yan Chixia murmured words he didn’t understand, but her mind was unprecedentedly clear. It felt as if something was about to be pushed away by him.

“The law is born from the heart, and the life is endless… The law is born from the heart, and the life is endless…” After murmuring a few words, Yan Chixia suddenly flashed a strange color in her eyes, and slammed her sword into the mess on the ground. Biting his fingers, he drew with blood.

β€œHeaven and Earth Promise, Borrowing the Laws of the Universe Art…sword…rise!”

The blood talisman turns into Tai Chi, and the wooden sword beeps. It rose slowly from the soil, emitting a dazzling brilliance.

β€œQi Refinement.” Su Qing smiled. “Kill the ghosts and realize the Tao, and use the method to draw air. In this Northern Territory Qingzhou, or the first cultivator.”

The floating wooden sword flew out, and it turned back again in a circle. The three black mists barely reacted, and they were directly penetrated.

Before the three old ghosts could recover their bodies, they were dispelled directly in the form of mist.

“It’s that simple?” Yan Chixia was stunned for a while when she saw the wooden sword back in front of her.

“What you just realized can be called “Profound Abyss Dharma”.” Su Qing came to the front. “Profound Abyss, Black Tortoise is also. The nine palaces are the ridges, and the four elephants are the yin. Yan Chixia, you are willing to sweep away the evil monster, and return the world to the bright world.”

“Disciple is willing.” Yan Chi Xia bowed to Su Qing.

It’s not that I couldn’t guess Su Qing’s identity before, but I just don’t want to believe that Ghost God exists. After tonight’s experience, the last obsession has been completely dispelled.

“You realize the Dao on your own, not this Disciple. You can walk for Pigweed and slay demons and subdue demons in the world.” Su Qing said: “Immortal sword, tortoise shell, keep one of the two.”

While speaking, a tortoise shell floated up in front of Yan Chixia together with the wooden sword.

“The wooden sword is taken from Pigweed apricot wood, with azure snake sloughing scales as the sheath. Holding this sword can sweep away the whole world evil spirits, and there is no one enemy when it comes to ghosts and ghosts. Tortoise shell contains Ancient Bloodline, accompanied by comprehend Dao. Although it has the effect of Magical Artifact, if you don’t understand it, it is no different from withered bones.”

Yan Chixia looked at these two distinct things and struggled in her heart.

I have seen the formidable power of Xianjian, damn it is basically a sword second. Start sweeps away the whole world, but only as tools. Tortoise shell can Cultivation, there is no use depends on the face. However, this potential is high, and the future has infinite possibilities.

“Tortoise shell.” Yan Chixia gave the answer.

β€œGood.” Su Qing smiled.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai, gave birth to mutation again.


A hero fights a ghost, but his strength is incompetent. Listening to Xianyin and realizing the Dao, and borrowing the law to punish him, is the victory.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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