Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 38


Chapter 38 Pigweed Shangjun Ru decree

Nine Reasons Good Fortune On the first floor of Sendai, the nine palaces have been lit up.

Immortal Apricot spirit root in the middle palace, Azure Dragon in the east, White Tiger in the west, and spiritual spring in the Sunda Palace in the southeast.

Two big trees embraced up into the sky, Azure Dragon Phantom was weak but Spiritual Qi was alive, White Tiger gradually became murderous-looking, spiritual spring flowing water was pleasing to the heart.

Now there is one more house, the Black Tortoise in the northern Kan Palace.

A black tortoise illusory shadow emerges, with a mysterious snake wrapped around its back.

Like other palaces at dawn, Black Tortoise’s illusory shadow is extremely light. Except for the turtle’s back which can be seen clearly, the other parts are almost invisible.

As the fifth house lights up, Su Qing’s body is refreshed. Four sword shadows hanging under the Zhonggong tree, ding ding dong dong swayed.

One of the sword shadows has manifested some entities, using its sword intent to forge an apricot wood sword. As the Black Tortoise comes back to light up Cang Palace, there is another sign of materialization.

This manifestation is weak, better than nothing.

β€œIf you want the sword shadow to be fully manifested, you must light up all the nine palaces. And to really suppress it, the nine palaces need to grow enough. It’s all illusory shadow like now, it’s definitely not going to work.”


Su Qing tried to mobilize his mana, but he could still feel the obstruction. But it is much better than before, and the restricted realm is loose for the first time.

The injuries suffered in the Myriad Immortals Array are the most important of these four sword qi. As long as these four sword qi are suppressed, it is equivalent to recovering more than half.

The imprisoned mana is gushing out, and the Celestial Grotto world emerges in the look and feel. It is isolated by a stone gate-like barrier, so that consciousness cannot penetrate it.

Earth Immortal Three Flowers Gather on Crown Five Qi Towards The Origin, Heavenly Immortal starts Celestial Grotto out of Three Realms.

Su Qing was beaten from True Immortal Realm, just push the stone gate to get back to Heavenly Immortal Realm without having to go through the trouble of Heavenly Tribulation. But from the current situation, it’s still a little bit worse to push the door.

β€œThe azure snake Dragon Transformation takes years, and the White Tiger reincarnation has been killed. These two growths are extremely difficult, but they are not as difficult as Black Tortoise.”

Azure Dragon White Although Tiger’s growth is not easy, in the final analysis, it is nothing more than suffering. But Black Tortoise wants to wake up the bloodline, and it doesn’t take time to do it.

Netherworld Hell is just the beginning to balance yin and yang, and it is necessary to enter Netherworld Hell to complete True Spirit. Although Yan Chixia’s potential is acceptable, it is still unknown how far she will go.

Su Qing took back the apricot wood sword, and the tortoise shell fell into Yan Chixia’s hands.

“Since you have chosen tortoise shell, you can close Ghost Sect. But before that, you need to stabilize the realm.” Su Qing said: “Turtoise shell has Black Tortoise bloodline, which can help you complete the “Profound Abyss” “. You can go to the Gates of Hell and see if you can get anything.”


Yan Chixia came to the Gates of Hell and sat on the ground with her tortoise shell. Focused.

A moment later, Spiritual Qi appeared above his head, and many spots of light appeared in the air all around. It’s like accepting some kind of summon, a little bit of concentration.

In Yan Chixia’s Sea of Consciousness, she is even in Dark Space. Seeking light in the endless darkness, even a foothold is hard to find.

When Da Dao Guan was on the Immortal Path, it was blocked at this step.

Yan Chixia has not climbed the mountain at the moment, but the test she faces is the same.

However, Yan Chixia has an advantage. As for the horror of the unknown, it’s not a thing for a former atheist.

“Immortal Monarch.” King Hui couldn’t help but ask: “Is Brother Yan considered to be an immortal?”

“It’s too early to be a beginner.” Su Qing said : “As far as the deterrence of ghosts is concerned, it’s not even as good as you are now.”

Wang Hui was a little happy, but still asked: “What about after that?”

” In the future, you will not be able to.” Su Qing said: “The cultivator realm can be increased, while the Yin God has an upper limit. However, the power of the Yin God is related to the area under its control. If you can control a country’s Ghost God, there will not be too many human cultivators that can match. .”

“many thanks to Immortal Monarch for his guidance.”

Instead of being disappointed and decadent, King Hui gave birth to a long-awaited ambition. “I still have to fight for an early death, and I can’t fall behind too much.”

Here King Hui was as ambitious as when he was young, while Yan Chixia had already realized it. sit cross-legged Holding the tortoise shell with both hands before the ghost closes the door.

“Humans and ghosts have different paths, Yin and Yang are divided into two paths… Heaven and Earth Wuji, Borrowing the Laws of the Universe Art, Pigweed Shangjun, hastily like the law.”

“…” Su Qing was speechless.

Let you learn how to borrow before Ghost Sect, how did you borrow it from me.

Heaven and Earth are drawn by Qi, sending summons to Su Qing. There seems to be a voice asking in the middle of nowhere, waiting for Su Qing to give an answer.

β€œBorrow or not?”

Su Qing was reluctant, but still responded.


Spiritual Qi converged and merged into the tortoise shell.


The tortoise shell seems to have something open, and a huge gossip pattern is derived. The shining golden light slowly flew up, and slowly covered it on the Gates of Hell.

Gates of Hell seems to be squeezed in some way, babbling and overflowing Yin Qi. little by little, sinking into the ground.

“It’s amazing.” King Hui looked envious and felt that it was amazing. I imagined that I was about to die, and I could use this spell.

Su Qing stood there watching with a rare tangled expression.

The immortal title was introduced into the mantra, not just a few words. But the caster’s ability is not enough, and the pseudonym borrowed from Heaven and Earth. Although there will be cause and effect involved, but it is mainly the performer, and has no substantial impact on the borrowed. It’s just that it’s a bit swaggering.

One method is one hundred methods, and this method is easy to learn from. Once someone realizes other methods from this, most of them are as bad as Supreme Taoist.

The old gentleman is Saint, but I…

I feel a little guilty.

While Su Qing was struggling, Gates of Hell suddenly appeared abnormal. The sinking state stopped, replaced by a terrifying roar.

“Who dares to suppress Gates of Hell, is it really the king who can’t come to the world? If you are sensible, hurry up and don’t force this king to come out!!”

Gates of Hell Out of the gatehouse, a ghost head appeared.

A huge ghost head that fills the doorway.

The eyes are like green lanterns, and the nostrils blow out the wind-like Yin Qi. The ferocious mouth opened, revealing green gums.

Yan Chixia only felt the darkness in front of her eyes and spit out a mouthful of blood.

King Hui, who had never withdrawn the Dharma, was also dizzy for a while. Nuoda’s Shinto dharma image collapsed in an instant.

Even if you don’t understand anything, you can’t see that the power of this big ghost is no trivial matter. Just the breath of a head hurt Yan Chixia and King Hui.

“It’s still a who, it turned out to be a little Qi Refinement, and there is a Yin God who has not been canonized. If you become a climate, it will be a little troublesome. But now…he he he… …Uh…”

Gui’s head burst into a frantic smirk, and then met Su Qing’s eyes.

The eyes met each other and there was silence.

β€œGo away,” Su Qing said.

“Okay.” The ghost head retracted.

The Gates of Hell then continued to sink, countless times faster than before. One click but sou sou fast, as if there is a who, pulling desperately below.


The big ghost is rampant and wants to kill. Out of the earth, seeing the immortals, and meeting the eyes. Xian said, go. Ghost talk, here it is. Return to the ground, pick up stones to block the road, and never go out again.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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