Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 39


Chapter 39 The wise king has good ministers

The Gates of Hell have completely disappeared, and the royal mausoleum has returned to peace. Except that the red lantern and the red ribbon are still weird, it already looks like a normal mausoleum.

Su Qing wanted to kill the big ghost, but then changed his mind.

Yin Sector is not managed by Yin God. It is better to have a big ghost to suppress it than chaos. Moreover, the big ghost seems to be aware of the appearance, and he will restrain him when he returns.

As for Yan Chixia, Su Qing said nothing. Yan Chixia didn’t ask anything, he knew exactly what to do. After Gates of Hell disappeared completely, he kowtowed three times to Su Qing and left.

“It’s a very good walk in the world.” Su Qing commented.

This person recognized by him has never been on Pigweed. But there is no need for that, and one day I will come back on my own.

“What about me?” King Hui stretched out his fat face.

“You’re not too bad.” Su Qing glanced at King Hui. “If you don’t change your mind at the end of your life, this seat will enshrine you.”

“many thanks, shangjun, many thanks, shangjun.” After receiving good reviews, King Hui admitted that he belonged to Pigweed, and changed his tune happily. Kowtow thank you.

Su Qing was already disappeared when King Hui raised his head again.

Black Tortoise has joined the WTO, so it’s time to meet White Tiger.

Although it joined the WTO first, it has grown rapidly in recent years. But the child holding the tiger-tooth pendant is just fate, not Pigweed’s world.

The White Tiger kills, and the destined person must go through danger. Before the age of 40, bad luck can be turned into good luck, and then it will depend on the destiny.

In human time, the little boy was thirty-nine years old. At the age of 40, the tiger teeth can be donated to decide whether to continue to carry this condition.

The little boy is in Wei Country, and you must first pass from Qing to Wei. Su Qing was about to slow down and take a look at Qi State.

There is no Shinto in the world, and Yin God is not seen in the underworld. To prepare Yin God like King Hui, you need to prepare a few more.

At least the Northern Territory, the six countries of the Green Island, each find a big butt to sit in. Otherwise, even if Su Qing did it himself, the big and small ones would have to keep him busy.

As for Celestial Court or something, it doesn’t count. Observe for a while and see, if no one cares, seal it first. Even if there are 100,000 heavenly soldiers or something, let Yin God accept the recruitment.

“Only one of the destined persons who landed on the island was from Qi State. But…” Su Qing pinched his fingers. “This doesn’t seem to work.”

Su Qing flew away in the sky, and King Hui stayed in place in a daze. The joy and excitement are long gone, and there are only bursts of loss in my heart.

When Shangjun was there, he only wanted to give the Dharma. But after he left, he realized that this was not what he cared about the most.

“This is the place where Shangjun helps to condense the Dharma of Shinto, and it is also the last place where Shangjun stops…”

King Hui glanced all around and made a decision.


“My lord, what do you mean… You, don’t you feel uncomfortable… Come on, go and invite a doctor, and get all the doctors in Huizhou Please come, and send someone to the capital to call for a doctor…”

“Aiya, are you bothered. This king is just moving a house, so why should I hire a doctor?”

“My concubine doesn’t object to moving, but where are you moving… How could anyone live in the mausoleum…” land.

It’s all because Prince Hui is going to move, and he wants to move into his own royal mausoleum.

When I first said it, it scared a group of people, thinking that the prince was going to die. It was only later that I found out that I actually wanted to live there.

So I don’t think that the prince is dead, but think that something is wrong with his brain.

“By the way, there is one more thing you can help me with. Take out 70% of the treasury, and use all of it to help the people.” King Hui explained to the princess again.

“Run a drugstore, rice shop or something, and sell it to the common people at the cost price. But be careful not to take advantage of others, every penny is spent in the right place… Oh, and, I heard about the trouble before. The disaster, let’s see which prefectures are there to set up a porridge factory…”

The princess looked shocked, and she was more and more sure that the lord’s mind was not working well.

“This… Your Majesty, are you not afraid of Your Majesty’s suspicion? Before, even if you did disaster relief, it was in the name of others. Now it’s such a big fanfare…”

“I was afraid before, but now I am not afraid. That’s it.” King Hui stared. “This king has already lived in the royal tomb, so there is nothing to be suspicious of. Whoever lives in the tomb of a living person can inherit the throne? It’s not bad luck.”

“Yes, you really are. Living in the royal mausoleum, even those ministers who support you…” The princess suddenly realized that she burst into tears.

“My lord, the concubine understands. You are so considerate to the people. In order to relieve disasters and save the people, you are willing to do this to yourself. Since this is the case, the concubine will go out and join you.”

“Go go go, don’t make trouble. Does that mean that you can live there if you want? Are you worthy? Do you have that fate? Go to the capital to find your son to stay after you finish your business, don’t make trouble for me here.”

Prince Hui was impatiently arranging the affairs behind him, when Hall Master, the general manager of Baishengtang, came again.

“My lord, I heard that you are moving?” Sun Sihai smirked.

“What’s the matter, you want to be with me too?” King Hui rolled his eyes. “This king is going to live in the grave, are you going?”

“Go!” Sun Sihai nodded.

King Hui staggered.

“To tell you the truth, this time I have made up my mind.” Sun Sihai said: “Wherever you are, my lord, I will be there. Live in the same room, die in the same cave.”

“President Sun, Hall Master, please think again.” King Hui was a little scared.

“I’ve thought about it for a long time, but I just hate that it’s too late to make up my mind.” Sun Sihai was very resentful.

“I only found out later that you and Immortal Monarch went to the royal tomb that night. Although I don’t know what happened, it must have been a great opportunity. Now that you live in the royal tomb again, there must be more to come. I have something to do.”

“You…cough, let’s talk to you.” King Hui was helpless. “There is a chance, but you can’t touch it…”

King Hui concealed the matter of going to Yan Chixia, and briefly talked about the matter of becoming Yin God after his death.

“That’s it…” Sun Sihai was still very envious. “You don’t live as an emperor, you die as Yin God. Lord Hui, you are really tall. Life is only several decades, and where you go after death is really long.”

“That’s natural.” Hui Wang was proud and a little regretful. “This king only wants to see through too late, otherwise it’s more than enough.”

Sun Sihai rolled his eyes, and immediately cup one fist in the other hand said: “I mark Sun Sihai, who originally entered the royal mausoleum with him. Servant, hold the whip for the lord after his death.”

King Hui coughed for a while.

I want to be buried alive.

But on second thought, Shangjun said to let him travel to Divine Land in moderation. After Sun Sihai is dead, maybe he can really be named a general or something.

“Okay, but you don’t want to die in front of this king, otherwise you may not be able to catch up.” King Hui said:

“Your Majesty said, I can become Yin only after I die. God. But you can’t commit suicide or deliberately cause an accident, you can only die of old age. I calculated before, at least 47 years before I die at the age of 107.”

“There is such a thing as What?” Sun Sihai suddenly felt a little tricky. “Primordial Spirit Realm has a long life. Old General Wang of Wei Country is over 100 years old and still growing strong. But I am now 70 years old, and I will be 120 years later in 47 years… Can I live to that age?”

“It should be possible to take good care of it.” King Hui said: “This king has a lot of experience in maintaining health.”

Sun Sihai nodded. “Then I, the Hall Master of Yushengtang, can’t do it. The risk of licking blood is too high. Recently, I have had a fight with Qi State, and I have fought with the old Court Eunuch’s Qi Gongdian several times… But the top priority is still the prince, you have to Die early, or you won’t be sure.”

“It’s very true.” King Hui agreed. “I have to die sooner, but it’s hard.”

“Yes, it’s really hard…”

King Hui has a worthy reputation, a hero Sun Clan to vote. The ruler and the ministers get along with each other, and the ups and downs are measured. Wang died and Sun Clan died. Everyone sighs, this is also the minister of the virtuous death festival.

“Qing Ji Β· King Hui”

(end of this chapter)

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