Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Spirit root companion reading, White Tiger’s entry into the WTO

People are not envious of scholars, but extremely envious and jealous.

A businessman can carry a thousand steps on his back, while a scholar can carry more than two thousand steps on his back. Not to mention that he later helped to dig a hole and plant a tree, which must be even bigger.

β€œWhat do you want?” Su Qing asked the scholar.

The scholar was silent in thought, worrying the others.

“Be emperor!”

“Son be emperor!”

“Be emperor for generations!”

A group of people I can’t wait to answer for the middle-aged scholar.

After all, this person looks too dull and his brain is not very good. If you can help make a wish to become the emperor, you will at least be a servant of the dragon.

Just when someone was about to hold back, the scholar thought about his wishes.

“Read all the books in the world.”


The people who were about to suffocate almost vomited blood collectively.

A businessman’s wish can see wisdom, and this wish really does not see anything good.

There is something good about the book, you can buy it with money if you like it. Besides, this wish is too simple, is it worth asking immortal?

Unexpectedly, Su Qing’s answer surprised everyone.

“It’s too difficult.” Su Qing said: “Learning is endless, and books contain the past and the present. Even if you read all the old books, there will be new volumes in the future. You have read all the books in the world, and there are books from the sky to be read. “

The scholar said: “Then read books for life.”

Su Qing shook her head. “I wish I could not care about the future in this life.”

The scholar frowned and became embarrassed.

“Since I don’t have an idea, I can think of one for you.” Su Qing raised his hand and waved, Immortal Apricot spirit root flowing. After a while, there was an extra desk and a bookcase.

β€œThe bookcase contains all the books in the world. You can read the previous life here. How long this life can be and whether there is a second bookcase depends on your destiny.”

The middle-aged scholar was overjoyed, paid a deep salutation to Su Qing, then trotted all the way, and couldn’t wait to open the bookcase.

“This is the “Xingshi Hengyan” that I have been searching for, and the “Six Classics” annotated by great Confucians… Hey, you can have anything you think of? Well… hahaha, it really exists! Pre-Qin ancient scroll ah…”

The lost self-control, which is rare among scholars, laughed, almost like a lunatic.

But at this time, no one regarded him as a lunatic, and each and every one of them envy and jealous eyes almost dripped blood.

It’s not that I envy being able to read books, but the deep meaning of immortal words.

Scholars can stay on immortal island and read books indefinitely.

This is the way to become an immortal!

Not only are other people envious, but the businessmen who were already content are a little unbalanced.

“Exalted Immortal, can I change it…” The businessman said weakly: “I have fewer steps on my back than him, I don’t want one life, just several decades, a few years is fine…”

Others pleaded.

“I don’t want jewelry, I just want to serve about a year with Exalted Immortal.”

“A few months, or a few days…”

Su Qing shook her head. “Don’t force fate, and don’t be greedy. If you have greed in your heart, you will lose what you have.”

Everyone suddenly found that there were fewer gold and silver jewelry in their hands. The more you ask for, the more you reduce.

This time, without Su Qing casting spells, Qi Qi closed her mouth. Seeing the disappearing gold and silver jewelry, all of them feel distressed.

“His fate is different from yours.” Su Qing glanced at the businessman again, and said, “If you just help this seat up the mountain, no matter how much it is, it will only be the fate of the world. But planting a fairy tree spirit root, and Pigweed forged a cause and effect, naturally can stay.”

Everyone suddenly realized that, and their hearts were even more regretful.

Digging a hole and planting trees is much easier than carrying a person up the mountain. Why didn’t I help at that time? After a few digs, it will stay. Such a good thing is missed.


Suddenly someone reacted.

“Exalted Immortal, Exalted Immortal!” The old lady led the child to the front.

“Do you still have any impression of this child? He just helped dig a hole and plant a tree.”

“Yes, he helped!” The child father also ran over.

The mother and son were both excited, only the child looked blank.

As the old saying goes, when a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven, if a child can become an immortal, they must be no worse.

“Grandma, it hurts when you catch me…”

The little boy with a big head and a head doesn’t understand why grandma and father are so excited, and why others are so envious. I only knew that I was caught in pain, and I wanted to cry in pain.

“This child is indeed destined for this seat.” Su Qing sighed: “It’s just a pity that the immortal fate was cut by the world. Although this seat is intentional, it cannot keep him.”

The first half of the sentence makes mother and son happy. The next words came out, and instantly fell from the sky to the bottom of the valley. This strong gap made the two of them almost faint without feeling suffocated.

I wanted to ask for a few more words, but I could see Su Qing’s eyes and think of the punishment for greed, so I had to give up the idea.

“Mother, why did you stop him just now!” The young man couldn’t help complaining about the old lady. “Child, go dig a hole, and play if you want.”

“I, I…” The old lady was also very regretful, and straightened her hair in hatred. But after a few moments of reaction, he also complained to his son.

“You still dare to blame me for not thinking about yourself? Before, the child at the foot of the mountain asked you to carry the Exalted Immortal on your back. But you don’t care. If only your younger brother was here, He’s smarter than you…”

Su Qing ignored the mother and son and raised her hand to draw the little boy to him.

“Although immortal fate has been cut by the world, you are still connected to this seat.” Su Qing took out a few things from his arms and said, “Choose one.”

snake eggs, bird eggs, animal teeth, turtle shells, small cauldron, hoes, pestles, innate liquid.

Everyone held their breath when these things were taken out. The mother and son didn’t dare to quarrel any more, and they didn’t dare to take a breath.

Obviously, there is a chance here. It’s just that no one can guess which one to choose.

The boy looked around, pointing to the pointy teeth. “This looks good, I want this.”

Everyone looked towards Su Qing again, and the mother and son took a deep breath. As if waiting for a verdict, the heart must stop beating.

Su Qing was silent for a moment, then took the others back. Reaching out and brushing the animal teeth, there is an extra lanyard on it. After that, he helped the boy hang it around his neck and instructed: “Remember, this is for you, don’t give it to others.”

“Well, remember.” The boy obviously liked it. “I don’t want to give such a beautiful thing to others.”

“You two also remember.” Su Qing turned to the mother and son, her voice much more serious.

“This is a very evil thing, and those who are destined will be lucky. It can be donated after a year of no confusion. Whether the recipient can bear it depends on the number of lives. If it is not given, this seat will be taken back when the child’s life expires.”

The young man was a little scared when he heard the murder, and repeatedly said that he would obey.

The old lady also followed suit, but her eyes were a little erratic, and she obviously had some selfish calculations of her own.

Su Qing didn’t break it.

The Teeth are the teeth of a Great Desolate Tiger, part of which is the bloodline of the White Tiger.

The White Tiger is the main slaughter, entering the rivers and lakes can be a giant, and entering the army can be a great minister, and the road must be full of bones. If someone wants to grab this opportunity, it is destined to become part of it.

When a man attains the Dao, even his pets ascend to heaven, it is the saying of mortals. True Immortal All living things are equal, so are close relatives.

“After everything is over, I will send you a ride.”

Su Qing waved his sleeves, and everyone, together with the things they exchanged, were all involved in the disappeared fairy light.

Stay at the port where they were supposed to be when the sights appear.

People are surprised when they see people and boats that appear out of thin air. Someone I happened to know came over to say hello and ask questions.

“You, you’re still alive? Everyone thought you were dead. It’s been more than half a year since you left the sea. Where did you go?”


The fisherman goes out to sea, climbs Pigweed to find immortals, and returns in half a day. The friend asked in amazement, why he had no faith for half a year and thought he was dead.

“Jiuzhou Zhizhi Pigweed”, Vol.

(End of this chapter)

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