Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 40


Chapter 40 Yin God, Wronged Soul

“The King of Ruin! The ministers! They are all rebellious! Rebellious!!”

Emperor Qing was crazy and scolded from morning till night.

The ministers and servants wanted to remind and tell the emperor that this was wrong. Those two weren’t conspiring against rebellion, they were just crazy.

It’s just that no one dared to speak, because the emperor was going crazy too.

Although King Hui is not in the court, his influence has always been there. Many difficult-to-implement decrees can be completed by King Hui. From time to time, the ministers of the imperial court wrote letters asking to come out, and sometimes it was actually the emperor playing tricks.

The reason why Emperor Qing did this was because of Sun Sihai’s Baishengtang.

The main helm of Baishengtang and Prince Hui’s mansion are in Huizhou, plus Sun Sihai himself. Even if King Hui really had a dissent, he would still be able to push back with thunder.

These two people are the two pillars of the Qing Kingdom, and they have always been handy to check and balance each other. Even if you conspire to rebel, you can be a little mentally prepared. But in this situation, there is nothing to think about.

No crashes, just more crashes.

Qingdi doesn’t know what blood pressure is, but he can feel that blood vessels tend to burst.

“If the bastard from Qi State knows about it, he will laugh at me.”

But Emperor Qing didn’t know, the secret mastermind that drove him crazy, at this time Also went to Qi State. Moreover, it is also eyeing the capital of Qi State.


“Rare.” Above the Qi State capital, Su Qing stopped her cloud head.

Shinto things can’t be rushed, can you find a coincidence. When passing over Qi State, Su Qing just slowed down and didn’t even drop the cloud head.

If you sense a destined person, go down and have a look. If there is nothing, it is over.

I didn’t expect that the destined person did not meet, but saw a Yin God.

Without incense, the breath of willpower is weak, but it is real.

Su Qing’s eyes sank, passing through the hustle and bustle of fireworks, and landed in a busy market. A thin Old Mister was cursing.

“The eunuch is in power, but the country will not be the country. The Duke of Qi’s palace is incapable of discipline, and he acts against the law and framed Zhongliang. Especially the governor of the Duke of Qi, who was originally a rootless eunuch, was actually called the Grandmaster. Only I hate that the people are ignorant, but he was blinded by him…”

Old Mister was wearing a worn Confucian robe with patches everywhere. But it was very clean and the crown was neat. Standing in the middle of the market, yelling and scolding, people coming and people going around are far away.

The two officials were standing not far from each other and had no intention of taking care of them. Only when passersby stopped curiously, would they be reprimanded and driven away.

“Although the divine way is not prosperous, it doesn’t hinder people’s self-improvement. I never imagined that there would be such a person in this capital.”

Su Qing’s eyes were locked on the old man.

At the time of the Western Mountain Royal Tomb, the ghost said that King Hui was born Yin God. In fact, King Hui only has potential, and it is difficult to form a dharma without Su Qing’s enlightenment.

Not so with this old man.

With the body of a mortal condensing the dharma of Shinto, the daytime is the yin for the mortal and the dream is the real Yin God.

“It’s hard to show the Dharma in the daytime, so I’ll have to wait to see it at night.”

Su Qing is not in a hurry, and sits in the cloud head and waits.

The old man scolded for a long time and his mouth was dry. He went to the next tree to pick up the bottle gourd and took a sip. Seeing that it was getting late, and there were fewer and fewer people on the road, they walked away with the bottle gourd behind their backs.

The two officials were relaxed and turned away quickly.

The old man walked around in front of a dilapidated old house. Judging from the situation, this was where he lived. And right at the gate, someone was waiting for him.

The person who came was a middle age person in his forties. His clothes were very similar to official robes, but without the unique embroidery of official robes. Seeing this person, the old man immediately lowered his face.

“get lost! old man The lackeys of the Qigong Palace are not welcome here!”

“Yuan Old Mister, you should be acquainted.” The middle age person said: “I have always been to you. Laissez-faire is not because you were an imperial teacher, but because the governor and you are old friends.”

“Bah!” Shame. Trying to keep the old man’s mouth shut, unless he kills the old man.”

middle age person sighed. “Others don’t understand, you should understand. The Governor is extremely loyal to the Imperial Court. The Qigong Palace is the palace of the Qi State, not the name of the Governor. It’s just that the kings are not powerful enough, so the Governor has to…”

“Fart, don’t think old man doesn’t know anything!” The old man yelled. “Now you are planning to abolish the Crown Prince and bring the three-year-old Seventh Prince to the throne. Doing these things is clearly paving the way.”

The middle age person said: “Whatever you say, come today. Yes. The lord will come back to see you tomorrow, I hope you must be at home.”

“Oh?” The old man was not surprised but delighted. “Okay, the old man won’t go out tomorrow, just wait at home. What’s the point of scolding you guys, it’s fun to scold that Old Dog face to face.”

“One last reminder.” middle age person frowned: “The governor’s patience is limited, and the old man’s coming is the last persuasion. If you are still like this, I will not protect you in the future. When the time comes, there are many people who want your life!”

The middle age person flung his sleeves and left, and the old man also entered the hospital and slammed the door. However, the door was so badly damaged that half of it fell off.

The old man ignored it and went straight into the house. Deduct some broken rice from the rice jar and boil some porridge. When it was thin, I filled it with water and fell asleep after reading a few books.

Su Qing had been watching in the cloud, but something abnormal happened when she waited.

The mist flowed from the old man’s body, and gradually gathered the dharma images.

The facial features are exactly similar to those of the elderly, but the body is more burly. And he was wearing an official robe and holding a chain in his hand.

Su Qing’s eyes were complicated. “There is no shortage of arresting and judging ghosts, but…”

The dharma of Shinto is not static, it will constantly change according to the behavior of Yin God. If he often kills evil spirits, he will look like a military attachΓ© with armor and armor. If sin is often judged, it will be the dress of a civil servant.

The old man’s official robe and iron rope show that he often beheads ghosts after conviction.

The old man seemed to get used to it after the appearance of the dharma, and after a glance at his body, he floated out. Floating in the air and looking around, locked in a position and headed for the light.

It was an ordinary person’s house, just finished white affairs. Coffins are parked in the courtyard, and paper lanterns hang from the doors.

A young woman is on the wake, dozing off a post. A floating ghost shadow was at the base of the wall, staring at the young woman with malice.

The old man floated to the roof, watching the ghost shadow. Su Qing stood on the cloud, looking down at the old man.

After a while, the ghost shadow moved.

It is a male ghost who looks like the man in the coffin. With difficulty, he grabbed a sickle in the corner and stumbled towards the woman.

The old man shook the chain in his hand, and oh la la locked the ghost shadow.

The male ghost looked up in shock.

The old man floated into the courtyard, and the male ghost was trembling and could not stand.

The Shinto method has its own coercion relative to the ghost, and the male ghost has no room to resist.

“Sir…Please…this slut…harmed me…I…killed him…revenge…”

The male ghost couldn’t stop begging.

The old man said: “You can still be reincarnated now, but if you kill people, you will become a ghost. You will completely lose your mind and kill people indiscriminately. The old man has no other choice but to kill you.”


“Okay, okay…” The male ghost’s eyes flashed. “I killed her… revenge…you…kill me…”

The old man said: “Old man kills you, the soul flew away and scattered, and there is no chance of reincarnation.”


The male ghost did not hesitate. “But…you can…not reincarnated…as long as…revenge…”

The old man sighed and retracted the chain.

The male ghost picked up the scythe again, wandered to the woman’s side, and cut his throat with a knife.

The drowsy woman woke up, clutching her neck in astonishment, and fell to the ground constantly struggling. With the gurgling blood, the eyes lost their vigour a little bit.

The woman’s ghost slowly drifted away from her body, and when she was still ignorant, the male ghost rushed up and devoured her.

There was a struggle in the old man’s eyes, but he never lifted the chain. It wasn’t until the male ghost’s resentment increased and his eyes became more fierce that he shook out the chain.


Locking the male ghost, the chains tightened, the soul flew away and scattered.

The old man let out a long sigh, and the Shinto dharma slowly floated up. While waiting to inspect other places, a voice came to my ears.

“Yuan Xiangru, you are so bold.”


Ghost Messenger Night patrol, see ghosts and women, want to stop. The ghost says that the woman is harmed, and the party repays the grievance. Ghost Messenger looks on, treats the woman as a ghost, and recaptures the ghost.

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