Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 41


Chapter 41 Celebrities, Court Eunuch

Yuan Xiangru, Qi State Celebrities, and mentor of Emperor Qi in his youth.

Professional trolls during the day and hunters at night.

It was the first time he was on night shift when he suddenly encountered someone talking to him.

“Who are you?” Yuan Xiangru turned back to see Su Qing, first startled, then surprised. “Are you the same as me? Hahaha, my way is not alone…”

Yuan old man laughed heartily, laughing and silent.

He couldn’t remember exactly when he started his ghost hunting business. Just know that when you sleep, you will become another person. It can recognize good and evil, cut yin and yang, and deal with ghosts wandering in the night.

The ghost will bow down to him uncontrollably, and he has the urge to bow down to the person in front of him.

“You are very courageous.” Su Qing said: “Yin God can judge and punish ghosts, but he can’t allow ghosts to kill people. Although it has not been canonized, you should know the consequences.”

“Yin Fire’s burning pain pierces my heart.” Yuan Xiangru’s face was as usual: “But since I broke it, I will not regret it. A woman murders her husband, and the deceased takes revenge.”

“Reward Good punish Evil, the party is Yin God. Self-reporting grievances, not the right way.” Su Qing said: “You can’t kill the evil spirits and become evil spirits, you can’t Samsara Reincarnation. You pay for them, but you pay for it How to deal with it.”

“I know this!” Yuan Xiangru said bitterly: “But I can’t do anything about living people, so what can I do? Things at night will be forgotten during the day. To take revenge, let those wicked people be free?”

“What if I can’t forget it?” Su Qing asked.

“What do you mean?” Yuan Xiangru was stunned for a while, then said happily: “Do you have a way to make me remember what happened at night?”

“Tomorrow’s market, noon.” Su Qing go away.

“They said they couldn’t remember what happened at night…” Yuan Xiangru wanted to chase, but found that his body seemed unable to move.

“If you have a predestined relationship, we will meet naturally. If you don’t have a predestined relationship, you can be a person in the world with peace of mind. This seat will ban your dharma and sweep away the troubles of Ye Xun for you. It is a great sin to give birth to evil spirits. Far more than Yin Fire’s burning punishment…Tomorrow at noon, remember…”

Yuan Xiangru became more and more anxious, struggled hard, and sat up abruptly. Looking up at all around, it was his dilapidated house.

“Dream again?” Yuan Xiangru wiped the sweat from his forehead, and there was a little confusion in his eyes. “But this time, it seems a little different…”

Su Qing stood on the cloud and looked down at Yuan Xiangru, who had returned to his position.

I didn’t mean to reprimand those words before, but rather admired this person. Burned by Yin Fire, immortal will suffer. It’s amazing how mortals can hold back.

But as Su Qing warns, spawning evil spirits is a big sin. Let him go on like this, it will not be as simple as Yin Fire burning.

“If you come tomorrow, there will be an extra Magistrate in the future. If you don’t come, you will wait for your mortal blessing to end before you decide whether you can be a god.”

A strand of Yin Fire, Su Qing raised his hand to wipe it out. Yuan Xiangru yawned and fell asleep again on the couch.

On the second day, Yuan Xiangru woke up at the same time, glanced at the sky, touched his body again, and was very surprised.

He had a strange disease since he was in his twenties. It is precisely because of this strange disease that he did not become an official.

Not only did I wake up early today, but I didn’t feel any discomfort.

“That’s weird.” Yuan Xiangru got up and put on his clothes, and walked around the room twice. “Could it be that the eunuch is coming, so I woke up early?”

Boiled a pot of inferior tea, sat down and looked at the door. I just feel ill at ease and seem to have forgotten something extremely important.

“Wait for that castration? No, no… It seems that I have to go out and meet people at the market… Who is…”

Seeing the sun rise higher and higher, Yuan Xiangru Getting more restless. When it was almost noon, I finally couldn’t sit still.

“Forget it, let’s take a look.”

Yuan Xiangru got up and went out, and met someone on the face.

A beardless white face in his seventies, and a python robe, but he doesn’t look regal.

The governor of the Palace of Qigong, Eunuch Qi.

“humph.” Yuan Xiangru’s face darkened immediately.

Thirty-three years ago, this was the great Court Eunuch in the palace, and he had a good relationship with Yuan Xiangru, the emperor’s teacher. But since going out to sea, everything has changed.

In the first few years, Eunuch Qi was still in the palace, and later he went out of the palace and founded the Palace of Qigong.

Although he knew that the Imperial Court was behind him, Yuan Xiangru didn’t care, and even teased an old friend for his name.

But over time, things changed.

Officials were killed under various pretexts, ranging from small officials to ministers. Later, even the senior members of Grade 1 and the royal family members, they also unscrupulously murdered.

The courtiers played the impeachment, the emperor said that it was a Jianghu organization, and the government wanted him. But the arrest warrant was issued, and no one really dared to catch it. Some people were really blind, and they all turned into corpses in the end.

As time goes by, everyone is in danger, and then no one dares provoke Qigongdian. Only Yuan Xiangru turned into a troll, giving speeches and scolding the streets.

I scolded my job and scattered my family, but I still persevered.

“Old friend, long time no see.” Mrs. Qi laughed greeting. “You can come out to greet him, so you can see that you are still thinking of your past feelings.”

“You think too much.” Yuan Xiangru ignored the old Court Eunuch. “I’m going out, I’ll scold you when I come back later.”

Eunuch Qi laughed, obviously not taking it seriously. “Our family has a lot of opportunities, so I took time to see you. Liang Guo joined forces with Qi and Chu to attack Wei, and the war is about to start. There is a major event over Qing Guo, and our family will also go there in person. If you don’t scold you now, you won’t have a chance in the future. “

“You still have to pick your day?” Yuan Xiangru sighed and walked straight out of the alley.

Qi Gonggong frowned and found that Yuan Xiangru didn’t pretend to be.

“What can you do that is more important than seeing me? You need to know that no one dares to care about you anymore. Today, it’s completely nostalgic. After today, I won’t protect you anymore. You.”

“As you wish.” Yuan Xiangru walked away without turning his head.

Watching him leave, Eunuch Qi ugly complexion.

“Master.” The middle age person who came yesterday appeared beside him. “Let me follow it?”

“Let’s go with him.” Qi Gong said: “Yuan old man turned his face with determination, perhaps because he felt that no one would hear the scolding here. I really want to go with him. It’s exactly what he wants.”

The middle age person asked tentatively: “Are you still waiting for him?”

“Wait, let’s come once, It’s already given enough face.” Qi Gong Gong said: “This time the three families attacked Wei in name, but they were actually the White Tiger pendants of Zhao Rentu. After verifying the affairs of the Qing Kingdom, our family has to go.”

middle age person shocked. “The thing that robbed Pigweed, this…”

Eunuch Qi laughed. “The Lord of Pigweed has said that when he is forty, he can pass it on. That is to say, it is not safe to take it at this time. Such an opportunity must not be missed.”

middle age person After hesitating for a while, he said, “In other words, you are not going to the Qing Kingdom?”

“I thought about it, but it was too late.” Qi Gonggong showed regret. “My family is afraid that we won’t have the chance to see his old man again, so we can only focus on other places. Hey… If there is King Hui’s luck, a pendant is nothing…”

The two of them at the same time After leaving, Yuan Xiangru also went to the market. I looked around aimlessly, looking for someone I couldn’t remember at all.


There is a sage who is hidden in the city, and Duke Qi visits him. When the wise men went to the city to see a guest, Duke Qi was displeased. A wise man sees an immortal, is arrogant and loses his predestined relationship, and regrets it later.

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