Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 42


Chapter 42 Fragrant Tea Banzai


It was bustling and crowded. Yuan Xiangru glanced around, Su Qing watched from a distance.

“Not bad.” Su Qing glanced at it and walked into a tea shop on the street.

The tea shop is not very big, only Lady Boss and a teenage tea lady.

“Guest, please sit down.” The tea girl greeted the guest timidly and invited Su Qing to take a seat. “What kind of tea does the guest want?”

“It’s all good.” Su Qing took a seat.

The tea lady was stunned for a moment, then walked over to the counter and asked, “Auntie, the customer said ‘all is fine’, what kind of tea is it?”

Lady Boss who is doing the billing He raised his head and said ill-humoredly: “It’s all good, it’s all good, just give him any kind. He’s a new tea customer when he hears it. He doesn’t know how to pretend to be a good face.”

The tea girl sighed, Turn around to pick out the tea leaves. Looking back at Su Qing’s appearance, he picked out a tea and brewed it and served it on the table.

Su Qing picked it up, opened the lid and flipped it twice, took a sip, and smiled at the nervous tea girl. “Very good, many thanks.”

The tea girl’s face turned red, and she turned away in a panic.

Su Qing sips tea and looks out.

Yuan Xiangru walked to the front of the shop, looking left and right as usual, his eyes stopped on Su Qing.

“This person…” Yuan Xiangru felt familiar, but couldn’t remember anything.

After hesitating for a while, he stepped into the store. “Excuse me, this gentleman, have we met?”

“If you think we have, then we have.” Su Qing replied, and then said to the tea lady, “How much money?”

Yuan Xiangru thought.

The tea lady came. “Siwen.”

Before she finished speaking, Lady Boss also came over and interrupted the tea girl. “Four taels!”

Su Qing glanced at Lady Boss.

The tea girl is in a hurry. “Auntie, it’s not that expensive, it’s just four wen.”

“What do you know?” Lady Boss scolded the tea girl and smashed a large tea pot on the table. “A bowl of tea is four wen, and this can is four taels. And it’s unopened, so I didn’t want to sell it. If you open it, of course you should count it all.”

“The store There’s no such rule…” The tea girl argued in a low voice with a blushing face. “And this pot of tea has long been…”

Lady Boss was furious, raised her hand and swiped over, but was stopped by Yuan Xiangru.

“Enough.” Yuan Xiangru was very angry. “You shrew, you clearly saw the old man talking to this gentleman, and decided that he was a foreign guest, so he was greedy and deliberately embarrassed.”

“Yo, Yuan Old Mister, don’t talk to me. .” Lady Boss mystifying, glanced at Su Qing.

“You are the one who offends the Palace of Qi Gong, whoever knows you will be unlucky. If this guest knows you, he must… If it is me, I will pay as soon as possible and leave. Come here, it’s not about four taels of tea money.”

Su Qing took out four silver taels and put them on the table, then picked up the tea pot.

“That’s right.” Lady Boss collected the money swiftly, with an instant smile on her face. “Knowing that guests don’t need these two money, you can come often when you have time. In the future, don’t talk to people who don’t know the details and cause trouble…”

“And you.” Lady Boss turned aggressively tea lady. “I don’t think you are pitiful. I don’t have enough tea here? It’s okay to be clumsy, and my elbows are still turned out. Get out, don’t let me see you again.” Head out.

Su Qing stepped outside and handed the tea pot to the tea lady. “The tea you have chosen is very good, and I will give it back as a gift. Seeing that you have a good fortune, you can try to make a living on your own.”

The tea girl subconsciously took the tea pot, rather not knowing what to do.

Su Qing stepped away, Yuan Xiangru watched from behind. Suddenly remembering something, he slapped his head violently.

“Oh, I remembered!” Yuan Xiangru picked up the tea Su Qing had drunk and drank it, chasing him out with great strides.

“It’s cheap too.” Lady Boss rolled his eyes, saw the tea pot in the tea girl’s hand again, and laughed sarcastically. “It’s so good, I can open a tea stall. The can of tea in your hand can be used as capital.” A pinch of tea leaves. “Open as soon as you open, this can of tea… eh?”

Seeing what was in her hand, the tea girl was dumbfounded.

These tea leaves, I’m afraid they can’t be washed.

Because it’s gold.

He stretched out his hand and took out a hand to take a closer look. The tea lady’s arm softened and she almost threw the jar out.

There is no tea in the jar, it’s all golden leaves in the shape of tea!

The onlookers saw it clearly, and their eyes widened in surprise.

“With so much gold, that’s a noble person just now.”

“What a noble person, immortal.”

“Yes, it’s obviously tea leaves. , how did it turn into a golden leaf…”

Lady Boss even more red-eyed and shouted loudly. “Yes, yes, I remembered. That’s the gold I saved. I took it wrong just now… uh…”

Just after shouting a few words, Lady Boss suddenly felt a sharp pain in her tongue, involuntarily spit it out. Everyone was exclaimed and looked at her in horror.

Lady Boss had a big sore on her tongue and opened her mouth.

β€œWu wu…”

The Lady Boss was in pain, wu wu, but her eyes were still fixed on the jar in the tea lady’s hand. He rushed over like crazy, trying to reach out and grab it.

Just as she stretched out her hand, Lady Boss stopped before she could touch the tea lady.

Under everyone’s terrified gaze, both hands also developed poisonous sores. Densely packed is like the skin of a toad, and even thick water flows out.

“Retribution, this is retribution.”

“I just said that the immortal was immortal, how can it be good for grabbing what Immortal gave?”

“Let’s stay away…”

The crowd dispersed in a hurry, for fear of contamination.

“wu wu wu…”

Lady Boss also realized, knelt on the ground and kept kowtow, her eyes full of pleading.

Su Qing is no longer there.

Only the tea girl hugged the jar tightly, knelt down facing Su Qing’s departure direction, and bowed her head in thanks.

There were also two ordinary passers-by, exchanging glances.

“Go to the superintendent of the report, the market is suspected of being a ghost!”


“Sir stay, sir, stay…”


Yuan Xiangru was running after Su Qing, anxious and puzzled.

The man was clearly walking, but his pace was slow. But he was running fast and jogging, so he could barely keep up.

I don’t know how long to chase, Su Qing stopped. Yuan Xiangru was gasping for breath as he approached, gasping for breath.

“You, slow down… my old bones are about to fall apart.”

“Remember?” Su Qing asked.

“I, I’ve seen you.” Yuan Xiangru barely breathed. “Last night, in a dream, in a dream…”

Su Qing asked again. “What about the others?”

Yuan Xiangru called the head. “I saw it in my dream, it’s a very important thing. But I can’t remember what it was.”

Su Qing said, “Is there any impression of this place?”

Yuan Xiangru looked at it all around, slightly stunned.

This is a family with white lanterns hanging in front of the door. It looks like someone just passed away.

He was sure he had never been there, but he felt familiar.

Seeing that the door was open, he pushed it open and walked in. When I got to the yard, I felt even more familiar. Especially an old sickle, which stung some of his memories.

“Here, here…” Yuan Xiangru rubbed his head vigorously, suddenly stunned, his eyes gradually calmed down. “I remember it, I remember it. I was here last night, I tried the case…”

“Since I remember it, that’s fine.” Su Qing said: “When your life is over, We will meet again.”

“Wait.” Yuan Xiangru hurriedly said, “You said you wanted to help me, what should I do? I still have no choice when I meet a ghost at night to take revenge.”

“One cup of clear tea, two worlds of life. Half a cup of fragrant tea, yin and yang flow.” Su Qing said: “You have walked your own way, you don’t need to ask me again. If you have any doubts, go to ask Qi Qi. Sir.”

“That old eunuch?”

Yuan Xiangru was even more puzzled, but Su Qing was nowhere to be seen. Instead, there were a few stunned catchers.

“Hey? How did you get in here, old man! This is the scene of the murder, do you know… hurry up, hurry up, get me out…”


The master and servant sell tea, and foreigners drink it. The master deceives students in different places, the servants speak out, and the master sends them. Customers buy tea, exchange gold for servants. The Lord wanted to take it, and the hands and mouths were sore. Fang knows that guests are immortals, and the gifts cannot be deceived.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Miscellaneous Notes》

(End of this chapter)

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