Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 43


Chapter 43 The Two Emperors

Yuan Xiangru returned home in a confused way.

He did remember the night watch, but his memory wasn’t particularly clear. Especially the mysterious man in white, who can remember even less. I just met, and I forgot what it looked like.

However, what Yuan Xiangru cared about most was the last few words of the man in white.

“What does he mean to say, deal with the wronged souls at night and avenge them during the day?” But it is precisely because of his former identity that he knows how difficult it is to do this.

“The grievances of ghosts are easy to argue, and the guilt of mortals is hard to judge. It can’t be said that ghosts provide evidence, and then go to the government to file a complaint…”

Yuan Xiangru was in a dilemma when suddenly outside There was a knock on the door. Pushing open the door, it was Eunuch Qi at the gate.

There is only half of the door left, so knock on the other half. As soon as Yuan Xiangru came out of the inner room, half the door slammed down. Eunuch Qi looked embarrassed, and the two just hit each other in the face.

“You can come in as soon as you come, why do you want to destroy my courtyard!” Yuan Xiangru cursed. “You old eunuch, you are really bully intolerably.”

“I can’t blame our family for this…” Eunuch Qi glanced at the moldy wooden door. “That’s all, we’ll pay you.”

“No need.” Yuan Xiangru continued to blackface. “I have nothing to say to you, just get out of here.”

“It’s not about you and me, but something else…” Eunuch Qi walked into the courtyard and asked tentatively, “Listen. Say that you were in the market today, and you had a conversation with someone?”

“What do you want to do?” Yuan Xiangru suddenly became vigilant. “People related to me, whether colleagues or students, have been intimidated by you. How can anyone dare to associate with me? It’s not like a passerby, you should arrest them!”

“No no. Qi Gonggong waved his hands again and again: “It’s just that some circumstances are unclear. Let me know about you. Qi Gongdian always provides evidence in his work, and never implicates innocent people.”

“Not implicated innocent people?” Yuan Xiangru opened his mouth and thought Cursed back, but suddenly my heart moved.

Although the origin of that mysterious person is unknown, his identity must be very important. If you know so much about Yin God, you are not extraordinary if you are not Divine Immortal. Qi Gongdian is very difficult to fight, but if…

“Yes, I know him!” Yuan Xiangru immediately changed his words.

“Where did he come from?” Eunuch Qi was a little excited.

“This…” Yuan Xiangru was a little embarrassed.

He has no scruples in swearing, but is inexperienced in lying. I want to make up something, but I’m afraid that Court Eunuch will see it through. After thinking about it, I decided to speak frankly.

“I do Primordial Spirit Leaving the Body every night, Divine Transformation, slaying evil and catching ghosts…”

Yuan Xiangru pointed out his own situation, as well as the mysterious person he encountered, and Today’s market appointment… Wait, wait, everything is explained again.

Looking at Eunuch Qi’s stupid appearance, he felt an unprecedented joy in his heart.

Sometimes the more you tell the truth, the less people will believe you. He didn’t want Court Eunuch to believe it, just make sure he knew that mysterious person. If you really go to find that person who is unlucky, you may be able to make Qi Gongdian unlucky.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe anything. Seeing how old Court Eunuch was being played was more relieved than scolding him directly.

“Ahhh, why didn’t I wait for you this morning…No, why didn’t I go with you…I missed such a great opportunity…”

Eunuch Qi really regretted it. He regretted it when he got the news of the tea shop.

The Lady Boss with poisonous sores on her hands and mouth, the tea lady who got the golden leaf, and the guest who no one can remember. Who else but that one?

After hearing about Yuan Xiangru again, his bowels turned blue with regret.

Drinking that person’s residual tea, they went after him. Why is there such a blessing to teach a foolish old fool?

However, it is not without some good news. Among the messages that drove him mad with jealousy, keenly caught a flash of light.

“Is what you said true?” Eunuch Qi asked tremblingly.

“Every sentence is true.” Yuan Xiangru said, “If you don’t believe me, go to the teahouse and ask.”

“I’m not asking these questions, of course I know it’s true.” Eunuch Qi excitedly said: “That gentleman, did you really mention me? If you have anything else, come and ask me??”

“Well…” Yuan Xiangru felt that something was wrong with the old eunuch, But nodded admitted and sarcastically said, “Maybe that gentleman thinks that I can’t handle those unjust cases, so let you help. Anyway, you Qi Gongdian, arresting people and murdering people never gives evidence.”

“Not bad!” Qi Gonggong suddenly stood up. “Brother Yuan, that’s all set. You take care of the ghost’s business, and I take care of the human’s business. Since it is the decree of that person, how can our family not follow it.”

Yuan Xiangru breathed a sigh of relief. Almost didn’t come up. “You, what did you say?”

“By the way, your house really needs to be repaired.” Eunuch Qi looked around. “Not only the door, the courtyard wall, the house, everything needs to be renovated. The tables, chairs, benches, etc., are all replaced with new ones.”

“No need!” Yuan Xiangru said quickly, “I don’t want your stuff. , now these are enough.”

“You are enough, I am not enough.” Eunuch Qi said with a smile: “To be honest with my old friend, I have been enjoying these years. Your yard, I still I’m really not used to it. Just make some repairs, and we can be friends.”

“Who asked you to live here!” Yuan Xiangru was furious. “The old man and you are incompatible as fire and water, how can we live together! Just looking at your face, the old man will live ten years less.”

“It’s so good.” Eunuch Qi was overjoyed. “Didn’t that person say that you will come back when your life is over. If you die early, you will be blessed. If you live for a long time, you will not be beautiful.”

“You…” Yuan Xiangru was flustered and exasperated. “Since you know who that person is and the others, aren’t you afraid of the world’s retribution?”

“he he he…I don’t know who that person is, I’m afraid it’s your old man. Poor and sour.” Eunuch Qi was not afraid at all, but laughed instead.

“I don’t know True Immortal, and I try to use my name to intimidate. Our family is not disrespectful, but you are suspected of offending. If you say the current world newspaper, our family is your current world newspaper.”

Yuan Xiangru almost didn’t vomit blood, but on second thought it seemed to be the same. He opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say, so he twitched his mouth angrily. “Retribution, it’s retribution!”

Eunuch Qi said with a laugh: “Don’t be impatient, old friends, you have to think better. Our family will serve you specially in the future, and give you your retirement.”


“Are you going to be my son?” Yuan Xiangru sneered. “Okay, then you call Dad, and the old man agrees.”

Eunuch Qi bowed to the ground. “Godfather is on top, my son greets you.”

“…” Yuan Xiangru was convinced.

To forget that this old guy has been Court Eunuch all his life, this program is not a problem at all.


The Qi State Imperial Palace.

“Hahahaha, several Qing families, come and take a look… This old rival, I have made a big mistake this time…”

Qi Di had reason to be happy, He and Emperor Qing were old rivals, and they fought each other when they were princes. Even if the two countries do not go to war, there are all kinds of intrigue.

News came from the Qing Kingdom that King Hui was madly living in the royal mausoleum. Although the Qing Kingdom strictly sealed the news, they still got relevant information.

He was in a good mood and couldn’t stop laughing.

However, the expressions of several cabinet ministers were very strange, and they didn’t dare to say anything.

“What happened to the Qing family? But what’s the problem?” Qi Di said with a smile: “Don’t worry, I’m in a good mood now. I won’t blame you for the big things. .”

Several ministers looked at each other and gathered up the courage to play.

“Your Majesty, Eunuch Qi, said that he had offended Heavenly Might for many years, and now he will retreat and resign from all errands in the court. He also recognized your teacher Yuan Xiangru as his godfather and moved to the Let’s live together and go to self-cultivation.”


Qi Di’s smile stopped and fell into a long silence.

I don’t know how long has passed, and there was an exclamation from the Imperial Palace.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty…Your Majesty, wake up…come here, tell the imperial doctor…”

Yes Duke Qi, the pillar of the country, is very important to you. However, the Duke is extremely filial, so please resign to serve your father for the rest of your life. You stayed but failed, sighed and lost an arm, sad.

“Qi Ji”

(end of this chapter)

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