Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 44


Chapter 44 The Three Families Attack Wei

I ordered an incense stick in Qingguo, and Emperor Qing had his blood pressure burst. After drinking a cup of tea at Qi State, Qi Di had a heart attack. The emperors of other countries finally realized some kind of crisis after realizing it.

Those who boarded Pigweed immortal island in those days have become the pillars of various countries. Even if he does not serve in the court, he is still very reliant on strength. But most recently, I don’t know if it’s a hit and a problem.

First, King Hui and Sun Sihai of Qing Kingdom, and then Qi Lao Court Eunuch of Qi State… According to this trajectory, where will it be next?

The remaining four monarchs are all in danger.

Relevant personnel were called into the palace to inquire, but the answers were all ambiguous.

Under this strange atmosphere, an eye-catching battle is about to begin.

Liang, Qi, Chu, three families attacked Wei.

No matter how intriguing the court is, it is the tyrant or the master who sits on the Dragon Throne. The soldiers who bleed the most are always the soldiers, and the people who suffer the most are always the people. The world is thousands and never changes.

Wei Country border town, Lulingsai.

“General, I heard that Blade God will challenge you, and the battle will not be decided for three days and three nights.”

“You also believe in the rumors in the rivers and lakes? Master Guan just saw the spirit tiger formidable. power, there is no official fight. I didn’t even enter Innate, so how can I start the challenge.”

“General, where is your tiger hiding? Can you release it for us to see?”

“The tiger will see blood when it leaves the gate, so you can’t just let it out to play. But don’t worry, you will see it soon.”

“General, Qi State will really help you. Liang Guo? They are not next to our Wei.”

β€œLiang Guo and Chu State sent troops directly, and Qi State sent a small number of elite cross-border aid. For example, their longbowmen, quite a few The threat…”

On the city wall of the fortress, the soldiers formed a group and asked all sorts of questions to a general.

The general is three eighteen-nineteen years old, with a dark face and rough skin. At first glance, he looks like a battle-hardened veteran. However, his demeanor is extremely gentle, which is a huge contrast to his appearance.

The new generation of the Great Wei Ren Tu, Zhao Ji.

Personal cultivation base is only average, but leading troops are all invincible. At the age of 16, he joined the army as Old General Wang’s personal soldier until he became the first army commander. In his 23 years of military career, he never suffered a defeat.

But what he is most famous for is not his record, but a spirit tiger he protects with him.

After chatting with the soldiers for a while, Zhao Ji held the city head and looked into the distance.

The fortress is surrounded by vast plains, except for a mountain range in the far southwest. Almost without danger, standing alone in the wilderness.

Zhao Ji looked into the distance, and there were people looking at the fortress in the distance.

There are three people in total, two from Liang Guo and one from Chu State, all of them are Primordial Spirit Realm Martial Artists.

“That’s Lulingsai, with a garrison of 800. Even if there are ambush soldiers, it will not exceed 2,000. There is no army at all, so I am enough.”

“If it’s just a general defender, of course there’s nothing to worry about. But don’t forget, Zhao Ji is in there.”

“The Innate Realm is not even there, it just depends on the spirit tiger. Don’t give him a chance to summon, He’s just a piece of shit.”

“Hey, Zhao Rentu didn’t get his name from the spirit tiger. Zhao Ji usually sits in the rear to command, and rarely goes to the front to participate in the fight. I’ve seen that tiger before. There are very few people, and he is really good at leading soldiers.”

“That’s what the Imperial Court cares about, and we all know why we came here. Pigweed immortal was offended by stealing treasure in the past, but being able to transfer it means that Fate is dead. I won’t miss this extremely rare opportunity.”

“By the way, what about the other one from your Chu State? It is said that he has changed, do you not care?”

“Hey, he only cares about Guan Zheng. Back then at Pigweed because of Guan Zheng’s mistakes, all he had in mind was revenge. Including the gang he got, it was all to make it easier for him to find someone.”

“So, one less competitor.”

“Not only is he missing, Qi State’s old Court Eunuch is not here. The reason is unclear, but it is said to be related to Immortal Monarch. “

“Whether Immortal Monarch is in the WTO or not, it has nothing to do with us. Only those detached guys can be favored. People like us can only fight on our own.”

“Everyone has their own abilities, but don’t fight infighting until you succeed. When the army starts fighting, we’ll find another chance.”

“Okay, let’s do it like this!”


In the other direction, Wei Country’s army is slowly advancing.

Old General Wang rode at the forefront, followed by eight close-fitting lieutenants.

The 100-year-old is still leading, Number One Person in the history of the Six Kingdoms. Especially a battle of this scale is the dream of every military general.

On the face of this old man Tu, there was no sign of excitement.

“The more I think about it, the more it’s wrong. Zhao Ji must have other plans.” Old General Wang was worried.

β€œNow the power balance of several parties is balanced, and it is difficult to determine the winner in a short period of time. Based on his consistent style, this kind of battle should not be fought…”

Army Followed by two people, the Jianghu people’s costumes are the other two Primordial Spirit Realms in Wei Country. Looking at Old General Wang in front, the two were also chatting quietly.

“To be honest, I still don’t know what to do. According to the information analyzed, it is a good bet to rob something. If you are really in a hurry, it is not impossible for Zhao Ji to kill. But His Highness the The Crown Prince’s kind of thinking is a bit…”

β€œHis Highness the Crown Prince is very thoughtful, and he can really catch up with the former King Hui. Besides, this has nothing to do with us, it’s His Highness the Crown Prince calls the shots.”

“It’s not like that, we are all people who have been on Pigweed. If you anger that person, the consequences are unpredictable…”

“Brother , dangerous lurks within the riches and honour. Our immortal fate is over, and all we want is wealth and honor in the world. At this time, you must not hesitate.”

“I didn’t hesitate, but I was unsteady. .”

“The arrow has to be fired on the string, and the outcome is up to you and me…”

The three Primordial Spirit Realm murderous-looking , Old General Wang is suspicious, and others have hidden murderous intentions. When Zhao Ji was in Lulingsai, his face was calm.

“As my burial place, this place seems pretty good. But this decision will disappoint Immortal Monarch…” Zhao Ji stroked the pendant around his neck, his eyes erratic. .

Vaguely, he turned into an ignorant little boy. On a mysterious island, talking with a vague figure.

In countless days and nights, Zhao Ji was regretting. It’s a pity that I was so young at the time, and I regret that I didn’t insist on planting the apricot kernel.

So after sensible adulthood, I strive to leave no regrets.

For example, the battle plan of Lu Lingsai this time. In order to achieve his final intention, he has been preparing for five years.

The Tiger Tooth Pendant is transferable after the age of forty, which means there must be a change at forty. No matter what that change is, he has to get there in time.

“I heard that Immortal Monarch is suspected of joining the WTO and appeared in the Qi State of Qing Kingdom. However, it has nothing to do with me.” Zhao Jiyou looked into the distance. “The immortal fate is over, and the battlefield is the home of the general.”

An unprecedented melee is about to begin, and Su Qing drives a cloud to the vicinity.

Glancing across the vast plains, more than a million troops were gathering, solemn killing aura diluted the clouds. Many people will die in this war.

Man’s war has nothing to do with immortals.

How mortals fight, how they kill each other, and how many lives they die are the cause and effect of their own karma. Immortal will not intervene unless doom is at stake.

But this time is different.

This war, someone plot against.

People count as immortals.

So brave.


There is a good fighting general Zhao, who expects the enemy to mutate, surprisingly infinite. However, the residue is still like water, killing people like water. Use the body as bait to kill millions of people.

“Wei Ji”

(end of this chapter)

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