Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 45


Chapter 45 To Kill and Stop Ge

“The young boy of the past, the general of today. In just several decades, he grew up like a Si.”

Su Qing stood on the cloud and looked down at Luling.

Now Zhao Ji and then are completely two extremes, but in the eyes of Su Qing, not much has changed. In addition to the vicissitudes of the face and a murderous aura, the eyes are unexpectedly pure.

But looking at those eyes, Su Qing did not feel relieved.

“murderous aura is so heavy, but he doesn’t care. It wasn’t White Tiger who chose him, but he chose White Tiger.”

White Tiger main kill Cut, fortune and misfortune depend on each other. At the beginning, it was said that the gift could be transferred at the age of 40, in consideration of the young age of the destined person, leaving a chance for him. Enjoy the blessings of the king, not hurt by the baleful aura. But now it looks like it’s doing superfluous things.

Su Qing turned to the other direction and saw several other people.

“Flowers bloom and fall, and origins and demises. Although it is a gift from immortals, people can change. Since White Tiger is here, you can accompany him through this journey.”


The seeds that have been sown may be given due attention. As for the immortal person, Su Qing has no idea.

An ant wants to climb on the shoulder and look at the scenery, just pinch it off. Fighting wits and courage with such humble people is something only children do.

Three days later, the war began.

The armies from four countries surrounded the small Luling Fortress, fighting day and night.

Shouting, screaming…blood, severed limbs…

Millions of troops were strangled and strangled together, and the strength of individuals seemed extremely small. The generals present today have experienced many battles, but they did not expect the situation to be so tragic.

“What’s going on? Who asked for the general attack? Why is the cavalry going up now?”

“The longbowmen are for the use of surprise soldiers, who allows them to shoot arrows now? Yes! And the position is still so forward, isn’t it over for the opposing cavalry to charge over?”

“How could Wei Country’s heavy Armored Soldier appear in the back? Where did they hide before? Doesn’t that mean suicide? You can’t run without cover.”

“Well, this battle is impossible. Retreat, retreat, regroup!”

“No, I can’t withdraw, they are all tied together…”

The commanders and generals of various countries were furious, and this situation was not within the calculation of any party.

The millions of troops are completely entangled, and they can’t convey the order to retreat. If this continues, total annihilation seems to be the only outcome.

It is not which side is destroyed, but all who are involved in the war.

In this case, impossible is accidental. There is only one person who can play this kind of chess!

“Zhao Ji, what do you want to do?!!”

Including Wei Country’s generals, all the generals were angry at Lu Lingsai.

On the battlefield with millions of people, people are in a frenzy. In addition to the non-stop hacking and slashing, there is nothing else in his mind. Lulingsai is like a reef in the waves, and it is difficult to support it for a long time.

But from start to finish, few people dare to go to the city.

Because above the city head, stood a huge tiger.

A body of more than ten feet, with muscles like steel. The seemingly fluffy hair is like a steel needle, and the protruding sharp teeth are sharper than a sword. With bright yellow eyes like lanterns, he looked down at the entire battlefield.

Ordinary soldiers can’t threaten this giant beast, and even if there is a stray arrow, it can’t even shake the hair. The Primordial Spirit Realms who could threaten it would not dare to go deep into this most central area.

The Primordial Spirit Realm Martial Artists are not afraid of swordsmen, but they cannot ignore the Blood Fiendish Qi on the battlefield.

True Qi is a blend of Inner Strength and Spiritual Qi that is easily corroded by baleful aura. Usually, the fleshy body that is impervious to sword and spear can be hurt by ordinary swords.

In normal battles, you can rush into battle, but this is different now.

Today’s battle is so tragic that baleful aura has seen it before. Even the flowing clouds in the sky are bloody, how dare they take it lightly.

The most important thing, of course, is that they have other purposes. Except for Old General Wang, who rushed into the field, the others were reluctant to take risks lightly.

“General, a spy has sneaked in!” In Lulingsei, a colonel ran up to the city to report. “The door was opened by them, and the brothers couldn’t stop it!”

The colonel looked at Zhao Ji, and the other soldiers also looked forward to it.

They wanted the general to release the tiger to kill those who dared to offend.

Zhao Ji glanced at everyone. “Are you afraid of death?”

The soldiers shook the head.

“Then die with me.” Zhao Ji looked at the mountain range in the distance. “spirit tiger can’t be used here, it has another battlefield. Today’s battle, no one can survive.”

“May follow the general!”

The soldiers understood The meaning in the words, but still swinging the sword without the slightest hesitation.

Ren Tu’s subordinates are all dead men.

The soldiers screamed and rushed down the tower, in a death-defying assault.

Zhao Ji rolled over and jumped on the tiger’s back, and giant Tiger immediately jumped off the tower.

There is no big kill as imagined, smashing through all the things in the way, and going straight to the distant mountain range.

It looked like he was about to run away, but no one thought so.

This fierce tigerkin slaughter has no such history.

They all feel that there is some special arrangement, or that there are surprise soldiers in ambush in the mountains and forests. I feel that there must be something to stop this bloody melee.

But this time, it seems to have guessed wrong.

Zhao Ji entered the mountain without turning back, and ordinary cavalry could not catch up even if he wanted to. Only a few indistinguishable silhouettes followed the mountains like the wind.

Arriving at the edge of a deep cliff, giant tiger stopped, turned his head and looked towards the back.

A few silhouettes followed one after another, the standing position of in small groups.

“Come on.” Zhao Ji looked at a few people. “You are the only ones who can keep up with me.”

The five people who came after me were all Primordial Spirit Realm Martial Artists.

Liang Guo has two, Chu State has one, and Wei Country has two.

“You deliberately brought us here?”

“We set up such a big picture, the target turned out to be us.”

“You think Wei Country two people, and then With your tiger, can you have a chance of winning?”

“General Zhao, you have such a plan, you should tell us in advance.”

“Forget it, join forces first. Against the enemy.”

The five quickly split into two camps.

Liang Chu and the three stood together, while Wei Country approached Zhao Ji.

With a roar, the two were forced to retreat.

“General Zhao, what do you mean?”

Two Wei Country Martial Artists were surprised and angry.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you serve the Crown Prince or not.” Zhao Ji stroked the giant tiger’s hair. “Anyway, everyone will die today, including myself. I’ve been planning for this game for five years.”

“I should have thought about it.”

Another person came, Covered in blood gasping for breath, it was the old man Tu Old General Wang.

He was the only Primordial Spirit Realm to shoot on the tragic battlefield. Seeing Zhao Ji drive the tiger into the mountains, he desperately broke through and chased after him.

“You have followed me at the age of sixteen and made countless achievements for Wei.” Old General Wang had a complicated expression. “But from start to finish, your heart is not in Dawei.”

Once Old General Wang said this, everyone present was startled. Could it be that Zhao Ji, whose name has spread far and wide, is a spy from another country?

“If you think he is a spy, you will underestimate him.” Old General Wang saw everyone’s surprise, “His heart is not in any country, but in the world.”


“Old General has a high opinion of me.” Zhao Ji laughed. “You gave me my name. You asked me to be myself, so I am called Zhao Ji. I am a selfish person, not for the world, but for what I think in my heart.”

Old General Wang said : “Since the day you entered the military camp, you haven’t regarded yourself as a general of Wei.”

“Perhaps, but I did think about doing my best for Wei.” Zhao Ji said: “I think Help the Great Wei unify the Qingzhou and completely pacify the war. But later I found it was too difficult and I couldn’t do it. So, let’s take the next step and want fewer people to die.”

Someone glanced at the mountain subconsciously. Outside, I couldn’t help laughing at said with a smile: “Fewer people died? There are more than a million people outside. Those people will all die because of you!”

“In his concept, More than one million people are very few.” Old General Wang smiled bitterly.

“Using himself and the tiger tooth pendant as bait, he captured the elites of various countries, especially the Primordial Spirit Realm powerhouse. As a result, Wei Liangchu was unable to fight again in a short time, and the weak Qingqi Yan Country There will be no war if there is internal instability. He does not count the present, but the future.”

Everyone was stunned.

It’s so crazy and put into practice, how could anyone actually do it?

“From an emotional standpoint, I don’t want you to come. But from the overall point of view, this game can’t be without you.” Zhao Ji looked at Old General Wang with a calm expression. “We people, plus a million people, in exchange for peace for several decades, it’s a good deal.”

“Dream!” Someone yelled. “Do you think you can deal with the six of us with just one beast?”

“No, but adding me will do.” Zhao Ji stroked White Tiger and patted it with his hand. “Old Partner, come on. We’ve been together for so many years, it’s time to come to an end.”

spirit tiger whimpered twice, seeming hesitant. Then he suddenly opened his bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl and swallowed Zhao Ji in one bite.

The people on the ground were stunned, and Su Qing in the cloud sighed.



The Four Nationalities hunted in Luling, killing generals to lead their own army. Millions of people, blood splattered, and the sound of thunder was thundering, known as the Battle of the Five Armies in history.

“Qingzhou Chronicle”

There are too few people who watch the officials to reject the death, which does not conform to the logic of traditional cultivation, so they have to make up one million or so. In fact, this chapter was originally two chapters, and there are many descriptions of battlefield killings, the kind with rolling heads. But I didn’t feel that it matched the style of writing. It looked too watery, so I simply deleted it.

(End of this chapter)

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