Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 46


Chapter 46 New Options

A tiger stands on the edge of a cliff, licking the blood on its paws.

The six Primordial Spirit Realm fell to the ground covered in blood, all of them breathless.

The battle at Primordial Spirit Realm isn’t a mountain burst and ground split, but it’s not that small either. It’s not unusual for six or seven groups to fight here and cut down the top of the mountain by a few inches.

But the fight was fast, and it wasn’t even a fight at all.

When everyone was still wondering if it was a tiger eating the master, it was over in an instant.

“How, how could it be possible…”

One person tried to struggle to get up, but vomited two mouthfuls of blood. The others were speechless, full of disbelief in their eyes.

Six Primordial Spirit Realms, instantly annihilated. By the time he realized what had happened, he had already suffered a heavy blow.

“How is it impossible?” Su Qing in the cloud shook the head.

β€œThe soul of the White Tiger can only emerge from the killing and tempering of the White Tiger. However, the destined person feeds the tiger and turns the soul into the body. The spirit tiger has the soul, which can awaken the will of the White Tiger. Trifling mortals, how can It can match. It’s just…”


The giant tiger shook his head and kept roaring. A blood mist like a flame ignited on his body, and he seemed to be in great pain.

Heaven-shaking, the roar of the Earth-shattering cry, the giant tiger’s body disappeared. It changed back to the pendant and fell, just hanging on a branch on the edge of the cliff.

Zhao Ji reappeared and fell unconscious on the ground.

“It’s a flash in the pan, momentaneous splendor. The will of the White Tiger, even the slightest, cannot be endured by a mortal soul. It’s amazing to be able to last a breath.”

On the Plains Su Qing had no intention of intervening. Regardless of whether the instigator is Zhao Ji or not, it belongs to mortals.

He is not a saviour Buddha, but an immortal who seeks karma.

Su Qing raised his hand to make a gesture, which attracted a cloud of fog and covered the cliff.


One person wakes up faintly.

It’s the Primordial Spirit Realm Martial Artist from Chu State.

Looking up all around, everyone else was still lying down. Struggling to get up to check, he found that he had died.

“I actually survived…”

Chu State Martial Artist was surprised, and then suddenly thought of something. “By the way, pendant!”

Looking around attentively, his eyes suddenly lit up. The tiger tooth pendant hangs on a branch on the edge of the cliff.

I staggered over and found that it was not easy to get.

If it is changed to normal, directly exert power to absorb it. But now the injury is so severe that it is very difficult to walk. Even Lightweight Art can’t be used, let alone sports photography.

I was about to try another way when I heard a tiger roar.

Suddenly shivered.

I looked at the sound before sighed in relief. On the opposite cliff, a tiger appeared.

An ordinary tiger, although it looks big, but the one just now has no comparability at all. Just in terms of the current body, it is enough to pose a threat to him.

The tiger growled, be eager to have a try to jump over.

Chu State Martial Artist’s heart suddenly rose to his throat.

“Death to such a fairy tiger claw would be considered a decent death. But if eaten by such a beast, it would be a real death.”

But after a closer look, I found that The distance is very far, and the tiger is impossible to come, and I am relieved.

“Stupid tiger, if you have the ability, it will jump over and kill you.”

Chu State Martial Artist cautiously supported the tree trunk on the edge of the cliff, trying to climb up and retrieve the pendant .

At this moment, the tiger on the other side snarled and actually jumped over.

I didn’t jump on the cliff, but just fell on the big tree.

The tigers baring fangs and brandishing claws struggle, and the trees seem to snap at any moment. The pendant hanging on the branch is even pushed to a farther place, and it seems that it can fall at any time.

“You bastard, do you just want to eat me!”

Chu State Martial Artist hurriedly backed away, watching the tiger and the pendant hesitate.

When he was hesitating, there was a sudden click, the branch broke, and the tiger and pendant fell together.

“Cough!” Martial Artist stomped.

The cliffs here are extremely steep and narrow as you go down. Not only can you not find a way to go down, but it is also difficult to get up if you fall.

“Fortunately, I know the location. Let’s take a look when I’m healthy.”

Chu State Martial Artist confirmed the direction and limped away.

A fog drifted past, and everything was back to normal on the top of the mountain.

The Martial Artist who had just descended the mountain lay back in the distance, the pendant still hanging from the treetops. Another person, Youyou wakes up…

The same scene, the same tiger, everyone is repeating the experience, and the choices are mostly the same. Go try to get the pendant, wait for the tiger to appear, and then back away.

The only difference is that there are two people who hate Zhao Ji and want to push his body off the cliff before leaving, but they give up in the end. Only Liang Guo’s expert didn’t take the pendant. He glanced at it and turned to go down the mountain, without even waiting for the tiger to appear.

Up to Old General Wang, there is a different choice.

“Hehe, that’s really ironic.” Old General Wang looked at the tiger struggling on the tree, and then looked back at Zhao Ji, who was unconscious, with a burst of relief in his eyes.

“The old man’s life, even if he owes you something. Having another tiger buried with him is a perfection.”

Old General Wang took two deep breaths, Running forward to the edge of the cliff, jumping up hard, jumping on the branch, reaching for the tiger tooth pendant.

The tiger hanging from the tree roared and grabbed Old General Wang’s leg with one paw.

The branches trembled and the pendant was tipped.

Old General Wang jumped forward with his eyes split open. Tiger claw grabbed a piece of flesh off the thigh, but he also grabbed the pendant.

At the same time, the big tree cracked and broke apart.

At the moment when his body fell, Old General Wang used his last strength and threw the pendant to Zhao Ji, who fell to the ground.

“You are the one chosen by the Lord of Pigweed. Don’t die so easily. For the great Wei, for the world, and for the old man…”

Old General Wang shouted hoarsely, and fell into the abyss with the tiger tree.

Then I suddenly felt my body light up, and the scene in front of me instantly changed.

No scratches on the body. Looking at the foothold, it turned out to be above the clouds.

“The person who helped and nurtured betrayed your great Wei and betrayed you. But when you were dying, you still had to fulfill him.” Su Qing stood beside him, looking at Old General Wang . “Why?”

“Because he was right.” Old General Wang bowed to Su Qing. “I have seen the Lord of Pigweed.”

“Go ahead.” Su Qing said.

“If he is just a soldier, he should die for the Great Wei. If there is an act of treason, the old man swears to kill him. But with the help of Immortal Monarch, he is no longer a Great Wei soldier.” Old General Wang sighed.

“Zhao Ji has gone through the battlefield and rarely kills the enemy with his own hands. Even if it is a spirit tiger, he seldom uses it. He used to disdain martial power, but later found out that he does not like blood. He just wants to kill with his own hands. Stop fighting, and whole world at peace.”

Su Qing asked again. “What do you think?”

Old General Wang said: “It’s not necessarily the right way, but at least he’s trying. He doesn’t waste his power on meaningless fights like we do. If you give me another choice , I might also try something.”

Su Qing said. “It is the duty of a soldier to expand the territory, protect the territory, and protect the people. You and Zhao Ji just made different choices. There is no answer to right or wrong. But if you want to try something different, this seat has a new choice for you. You.”

Old General Wang was stunned. “I dare to ask Immortal Monarch, what choice is it?”

“No hurry.” Su Qing said: “Let’s see what choice the person you agree with will make.”

Zhao Ji woke up.


The treasure hangs on the cliff. To the cliff tiger, make a flutter. One person laughs, the distance is far away, how dare a beast to pass you. The tiger jumped off the cliff in anger, and the crowd fled. The only elder greeted him and fell together with the tiger, with all his sons and nephews.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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