Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 47


Chapter 47 Someone counts the immortals

“I’m not dead?” Zhao Ji woke up very surprised.

I have been with tiger tooth pendant for more than 30 years, and many of them are mysterious comprehend. Feeding a tiger with a body to strengthen the tiger spirit should not have the possibility of surviving.

“The killing is too heavy, not recognizing one’s family, Yin Sector has no place for me.” Zhao Ji struggled to stand up and saw the body of Old General Wang, his eyes were faintly red. He walked up to him and knelt down, tears welling up from his eyes.

He can’t really let go of his emotions, he just chooses to give up for the ultimate goal. Now that the purpose has been achieved, the uncontrollable grief has come one after another.

Zhao Ji burst into tears and tried to carry the body on his back. But I found that my body was too weak, and I fell down before walking two steps.

After thinking for a moment, I picked up a weapon and found a softer place to dig.

I don’t know how much time it took to dig a hole and bury Old General Wang.

Zhao Ji didn’t mean to look for the tiger tooth pendant at all, or simply forgot about it. When I wanted to cut a piece of wood to make a monument, I found the pendant on the top of the tree.

“Right, I almost forgot about you.”

Zhao Ji looked at the pendant with a little trance.

After a long silence, I walked up to the tree. Swing the knife high, without the slightest hesitation falling.

Because I didn’t have much strength, I only cut into the very deep knife marks. But the intention is already very obvious, to cut down this tree and let the pendant fall into the abyss.

“What is he doing?” Old General Wang was so anxious that he could hardly help but want to remind him loudly.

Taking a peek at Su Qing, his face was expressionless and couldn’t see joy or anger.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps under the cliff. A group of masked black clothed persons approached, holding a sword in their hands menacingly.

“Immortal Monarch!” Old General Wang was anxious, thinking that Su Qing did it on purpose, and couldn’t help saying. “Just now, when I was in the fantasy world, there were no such people.”

“It’s not a fantasy world, but someone really came.” Su Qing said, “Someone you know.”

“I know?” Old General Wang wondered.

The black clothed persons came to the top of the cliff, and they didn’t seem to be surprised by this scene. The leader stopped his men who were about to step forward, and walked in front of Zhao Ji himself.

“Do you recognize me?” asked the leader.

“I have seen His Highness the Crown Prince.” Zhao Ji gave a symbolic salute.

“General Zhao has a lack of etiquette.” The leader took off his mask, it was the Wei Country Crown Prince. “Even if you are wearing armor, you will kneel when you see Ben Gong.”

“If you want to take my life, His Highness will take it.” Zhao Ji moved half a step quietly, blocking where the pendant was. Location. “It doesn’t matter whether it is treason or disobedience, it can be any crime. I have done what I want to do.”

“Think this palace doesn’t know anything?” Crown Prince laughed and waved his hand. Men to evacuate. After only he and Zhao Ji were left, Fang spoke again.

“Your plan is very secretive, but you can’t escape from Ben Gong’s eyes. If it wasn’t for Ben Gong’s secret cooperation, do you think you would succeed so easily? If it weren’t for the elites of Wei who could be mobilized without hindrance, Liang Chu Could it be so easy for the two countries to enter the game?”

Zhao Ji indifferently said: “The elites of the Wei Dynasty did not escape smoothly, so it should not be in His Highness’s plan.”

The Crown Prince’s expression was stiff. For a moment, there was a hint of anger in his eyes. “This matter really exceeded my expectations. But the final result was better than I thought.”


Crown Prince suddenly shot and threw Zhao Ji out. Looking at the pendant in the tree, a smile appeared on his face.

“A prophecy that can be handed over at the age of forty, a bone from Pigweed immortal island, makes the Primordial Spirit Realm as crazy as a dog. Isn’t this kind of thing terrifying?” Crown Prince Turned his head and looked towards Zhao Ji. “You’re scared, so you want to destroy it?”

“It’s just useless, I don’t want to cause trouble again.” Zhao Ji said. “No matter how ambitious His Highness is, it will be difficult to fight in several decades. The impact of this battle on Wei is not as simple as the loss of hundreds of thousands of elites.”

“You don’t need to teach these things. , Ben Gong never thought of moving one soldier and one soldier.” Crown Prince laughed. “Obviously there is a stronger power, why use those bastards to compete for the world.”

“You want to use this pendant to expand the territory?” Zhao Ji felt a little ridiculous. “If I could, do you think I would make this choice today?”

The Crown Prince laughed. “So you are stupid, and everyone in the world is stupid. Just staring at a broken bone is just a chess piece in the end. This palace can only play chess, not a chess piece.”

Zhao Ji was taken aback. “What do you mean?”

Old General Wang was also confused. “What does His Highness the Crown Prince mean?”

“It’s very simple.” Su Qing said, “Zhao Ji plots against the whole world, and he plots against this seat.”

Old General Wang shuddered.

It’s not that I couldn’t think of this possibility, but I didn’t dare to think about it at all.

“I’m crazy, you’re stupid.” Zhao Ji also thought of it and looked at Crown Prince in disbelief. “What kind of identity is that person, you dare to have such an idea!”

“The world does not dare, just because of ignorance.” Crown Prince was confident. “Bengong has collected all the information related to Pigweed since he was twelve years old. From thirty-three years ago to the present. In the end, this palace came to a conclusion that the lord of Pigweed does not care about people.”

Zhao Ji didn’t say anything because it was all nonsense.

“Of course, this is something everyone knows, but there are some things you haven’t seen.” Crown Prince looked at the tiger tooth pendant and talked.

“Everything in the world is for profit, and immortal does not give Dharma for no reason. Every time he gives something, he can bring it back. That kind of reward is beyond our comprehension, but it must be real. If there is a setback, he will be very embarrassed.”

Zhao Ji looked at Crown Prince in shock.

The Crown Prince was known as a child prodigy at an early age, and was once compared with the former King Hui. Speaking of these remarks, it is difficult to say in terms of IQ, but this courage is definitely beyond.

“What kind of broken pendant, this palace is not interested. But if no one holds it, the Lord of Pigweed must be interested. This palace judges that he can’t give it casually, but can only take it by the right person. .” Crown Prince spoke his mind directly.

“This thing, this palace will not use, and will not let anyone use it. It will only be placed in an absolutely safe place where no one can touch it. Stay there. If you come here, Ben Gong can talk about the conditional law.”

Zhao Ji looked like an idiot. “Do you think that person won’t get angry with such a coercive act?”

“He will get angry, but he won’t kill me.” Crown Prince said with a smile: “You can think about it for yourself, then Is there any act of killing in one of the legends?”

Zhao Ji thought about it carefully, and it seemed that there was really no such thing.

The Crown Prince added: “In addition, the reason why I told you so much is to make a final test. As long as I don’t rob things, I won’t break his taboo. I even do it for him. Protecting things, what reason do you have to kill me?”

Zhao Ji said. “As mortals guess what immortals think, His Highness must not be too conceited.”

Crown Prince laughed heartily. “Everyone in the world is stupid, but I am the only one who wakes up. Haven’t I heard that the ancients played against the heavens, and they were also better than the half-children of the heavens. This palace is not comparable to the great sages of the ancients, but it can be considered a fairy.”

Zhao Ji disagreed What came out, Old General Wang face white like paper.

Now his pattern is relatively big, but after all, he has been a Wei Country courtier for more than a hundred years. Very worried about immortal’s anger, so do something to Wei Country.

“He’s right, this seat won’t kill him.” Su Qing said, “But…”

Zhao Ji rushed towards the Crown Prince fiercely, like a real tiger.


There is Gu Daxian, who plays against the sky at the edge of the cliff. All the sons will be defeated, and he will kneel down with his body to win the day and half of the sons. The Crown Prince wanted to imitate it, but he was a fairy on the edge of a cliff, and lost his footing.

“Wei Ji”

(end of this chapter)

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