Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 48


Chapter 48 Third Type Selection

Crown Prince took precautions, but he was still thrown. Zhao Ji locked his waist with his arms and fell off the cliff together.

But then it was blown up by the wind and settled down on the top of the cliff. The dead woke up one after another, and Su Qing stood on the edge of the cliff.

All right and wrong have karma, and if you don’t allow it, you can’t die.

“I have seen the Lord of Pigweed.” The Crown Prince immediately bowed down, with a very reverent tone. It seems that it was another person who made a lot of nonsense before.

Others also reacted and bowed down one after another.

Su Qing didn’t look at the Crown Prince, but glanced at the others: “Fame, wealth and wealth can be sought, but you can’t be greedy and unbridled. Just because of a proverb, you have greed and robbing things. I was afraid and retreated. This seat takes back what I have given, and you should reflect on yourself.”

Except for Liang Guoexpert and Old General Wang who gave up the pendant, the other four Primordial Spirit Realm only felt dizzy for a while, realm fell back to Innate again, and instantly aged a lot.

“No, no…Immortal Monarch gracious…”

“Immortal Monarch, we were wrong, please have mercy…”

The four turned pale in fright, kneeling on the ground and kowtow.

The Innate Realm is also the best in the world, but not the Primordial Spirit Realm. No matter how strong the former is, it will be a powerful horse, and the latter will have the bargaining chip for dialogue. In the past thirty-three years, they have become accustomed to aloof and remote. Suddenly being knocked down, this gap is really hard to accept.

Besides, this is not just a question of strength and status. Destroying realm is equivalent to reducing lifespan. They are all old now, and if there is no realm, I am afraid that they will not have a few years to live.

“You have had the opportunity, and you have indeed seized it.” Su Qing said: “White Tiger has its own destiny, and if you seize it, you will have karma. If it wasn’t for the choice just now, he would be dead at this moment.”

Only then did the four of them understand that the illusion is an opportunity to turn back.

“The way is unforgivable, so seek liberation by yourself.” Su Qing said: “The evil spirits are rampant in the human world, and the demons can be executed as demonic cultivators. This seat only accepts the predestination method of the human world, and there is still Primordial when encountering ghosts. The power of Spirit. With time, the cultivation base may be taken back. Where to go, consider for yourself.”

“Many thanks Immortal Monarch, starting today, the demon monster and I will be absolutely irreconcilable.”

“We must make a change, and the Protector will be absolutely irresistible.”

Live up to the painstaking efforts of Immortal Monarch.”

“I swear to kill the ghosts in the world! I don’t have them, they don’t have me…”

Working for Primordial Spirit Realm for more than 30 years , the cognition of the world far exceeds that of the ordinary person. The generation of ghosts and demons has seen it more or less. There is no actual benefit in dealing with those things, and I didn’t pay attention to it in the past. But now that it has become a life-saving straw, it is natural to make an all-out effort.

The four of them made vows one after another, obviously some of their thoughts were too extreme. However, Su Qing did not mention any points, and it was up to them to comprehend by themselves.

Old General Wang couldn’t help sighed when he looked at several people.

“I climbed the Immortal Path to Primordial Spirit thirty-three years ago, and I have lost my sense of reverence. Only then did I realize how precious I already possessed.”

Su Qing turned to another person, who suddenly shivered.

It was the Chu State expert who gave up the pendant, the realm was not beaten down, and he was at a loss in his heart. Seeing Su Qing looking over, Dangdang kowtowed three times.

“Immortal Monarch, Immortal Monarch, I also wish to exorcise ghosts and exorcise evil spirits, and those things are absolutely irreconcilable…”

Su Qing said: “Although greed is born, it is reined in the precipice. In the end Always rest assured and obsessed, your life is not over. Remember what happened today, and you can do it yourself in the future.”

“Yes…” Chu State expert felt a little complicated.

It sounds like he was taking the opportunity to escape, but he was inexplicably lost in his heart. Although the other guys were knocked down by realm, Immortal Monarch at least had arrangements for them. But when it was his turn, there was nothing.

Su Qing looked towards Old General Wang again and said: “After a hundred years of killing, I still keep my heart. There is a fate in this seat, you should consider it.”

Everyone else was full of envy, and Old General Wang even opened his mouth to express his stance.

“Don’t worry, just listen to what I’m talking about.” Su Qing said: “You have expired, and you are now a ghost. If you wish to be Yin God and guard one side for the city god. If you enter reincarnation, you will be in the afterlife. You can ask for immortal fate. But what this seat wants you to consider is the third option.”

Then everyone noticed that there were actually two Old General Wangs present. One was lying under the tree on the edge of the cliff, and the other was kneeling in front of Su Qing. Everyone else survived, with the exception of Old General Wang.

Old General Wang paid homage to Su Qing again: “Immortal Monarch please show me.”

“The third option is Ghost General.” Su Qing said with a solemn expression and a heavy tone.

“The six kingdoms battle, there are countless army spirits. Today’s battle alone, there are nearly a million people. The army spirits can be Ghost Messenger when they enter the Yin Cao, and the reincarnation can enjoy a lifetime of wealth. But now the yin and yang are disordered, or the incarnation Specter, either devour it for the old ghost. So this seat wants you to stay in the world for a long time to contain and control the soul of the military.”

Old General Wang’s eyes flickered, as if he was thinking and struggling.

Other people’s eyes are shining, and they can’t wait to make a choice for Old General Wang.

Of the three options, the best is of course reincarnation.

Immortal Monarch said that immortal fate can be sought again in the next life, which means that there is a possibility of immortality. Is this still worth thinking about? You have to choose this with your eyes closed.

If you really don’t want to bet on the afterlife, then choose to become Yin God.

Although many people don’t know what it is, since it is God, it is not too bad. And there is no risk, and you can become a god directly.

The worst option, without a doubt, is Ghost General.

What Ghost General Human wealth cannot be enjoyed, and Yin Sector has no power. Immortal Monarch gave this choice to give those military souls a place to go, but it’s really not good for the individual. Carrying a bunch of bastards and wow sounds like a totally heretical path of the devils.

“Immortal Monarch, I’ve figured it out.” Old General Wang didn’t think long. “I’ve been fighting all my life, and I won’t do anything else. I’ll lead the army while I’m alive, and I’ll lead the army when I’m dead. Just treat it as repayment for what I killed in my lifetime, and I’m willing to serve Ghost General.”

Sigh, regret this choice. In my heart, there are people who are stupid, and I wish I could replace them.

“Good.” Su Qing tapped Old General Wang’s forehead.

I saw a black mist rise, turning into a black armor. The half armor of the helmet covers the face, and the position of the eyes turns out the green glow.

“The mountain range here is the land of the Siyin. After the war and killing, Yin Qi gathers together, and it can be called Siyin Mountain in the future. If you find a suitable place to set up a military camp, the nearby army souls will be attracted. Let’s take time to solidify the soul body, and then go out to search for the soul and recruit troops.”

tone barely fell , the mountain range seemed to be shaken. With a dull rumbling, as if thanking immortal for his name. Immediately, layers of dense fog appeared, and Yin Qi gathered from all directions.

“The last will obey your order.” The voice of the Four Yin Ghost General was as deep as a ghost, and with the changes in the mountain range, everyone present couldn’t help but fight a cold war. Especially a few people who were going to catch ghosts in the future suddenly thought of a question.

They go to exorcise ghosts, and Ghost General keeps ghosts. In this way, the two sides should be mortal enemies. Will they fight or catch up when they meet each other in the future?

I have the heart to ask immortal what to do, but I dare not speak rashly. I can only think hard about it in the frowned, thinking about the mystery of this arrangement.

Afterwards, Su Qing looked towards Zhao Ji.

Everyone stood up, wanting to see what kind of arrangement Zhao Ji made. As the holder of the tiger tooth pendant, there must be a better choice.

“Zhao Ji.” Su Qing said, “You know the crime.”


The veteran has been in the army for a hundred years, and he led the three armies, and died as a ghost. Lead the spirits of the six kingdoms, stationed in Siyin Mountain.

γ€ŠJiuzhou Weizhi》

(End of this chapter)

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