Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 49


Chapter 49 The Seventh Reincarnation

With Su Qing’s light rebuke, the temperature dropped instantly. Everyone was struggling to breathe, almost breathless. The back and neck sank uncontrollably, like being crushed by something heavy.

Not some psychological pressure, but a real feeling.

Immortal might, the sun and the moon glow. Such a clear rebuke is not something that any mortal can bear.

Zhao Ji had a painful expression on his face, trying to keep his kneeling posture still.

Everyone was in shock and wondered how Zhao Ji had offended Immortal, and he was reprimanded in public like this. You know, even those who are greedy for the tiger tooth pendant, Immortal Monarch has no emotional expression.

The Wei Country Crown Prince bowed his head deeply.

He has the lowest cultivation base among the others, and is the most painful to bear this kind of pressure. However, there seemed to be no surprise in his eyes, and there was even a slight smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Zhao Ji is guilty.” Zhao Ji lowered his head and said, “A million corpses are buried, and people and gods are indignant. Not recognizing one’s family, Heaven and Earth will not tolerate.”

“The merits and demerits are right and wrong. The judgment of future generations, the justice of the battlefield, the judgment of the saints.” Su Qing said, “What you did is right and wrong, this seat has no intention to judge.”

Zhao Ji started slightly, and Wei Crown Prince was not surprised.

“It seems that Ben Gong did not miscalculate. The Lord of Pigweed still cares about that pendant. Zhao Ji tried to drop him into the abyss, how could he not move Thunder’s Fury.”

Four The Yin Ghost General was so anxious that he wanted to ask for affection but couldn’t open his mouth.

Zhao Ji thought for a while, and then said, “What Immortal Monarch bestows must not be cherished, and if you feel it is useless, you must abandon it to the abyss. The top disrespects Immortal Monarch, and the bottom is selfish. Zhao Ji, capital punishment!”

“What you give is what you give. It’s your right to deal with it.” Su Qing shook his head.

“Even if you really fall into the abyss, the fated person will take it. Whether it is abandoned or respected is up to the heart, how can this seat ask for the crime. Others conspiracy and punishment are for the greed in their hearts, and also It’s not the gift itself.”

If the punished people realized something, their eyes became much calmer.

Wei Crown Prince was surprised, but quickly relieved.

“The Lord of Pigweed is immortal and does not lie to mortals. Wherever the pendant falls, it really doesn’t matter. But using pendant as bait is like the fox which exploits the tiger’s might. If someone uses the East Palace token, this palace will also be angry.”

Zhao Ji was silent for a while, then said: “I used the pendant as a bait and used the motto of the age of perplexity to set up a situation. He committed a great murder, and even used the Immortal Monarch. Such a disrespectful crime can never be redeemed.”

Su Qing shook her head again. “I just said, what is given is yours. You only use the pendant itself when you set up a plan, and the proverb really comes from the mouth of this seat. Whatever consequences are caused by this are your fate, and this seat will blame you.”

Zhao Ji was confused, and Crown Prince Wei was frowned.

None of these three possibilities, why would immortal ask for guilt?

“Your sin lies in overestimate one’s capabilities.” Seeing that Zhao Ji couldn’t figure it out, Su Qing gave the answer directly. “To drive the spirit of White Tiger with the soul of a mortal is really audacious. It’s good that White Tiger’s will is not fully awakened, otherwise you must be signed to eternal damnation.”

White Tiger’s baleful aura is extremely heavy, destined person Sad too. But Zhao Ji’s actions are tantamount to being tied to White Tiger.

“Zhao Ji is wrong.” Zhao Ji bowed again: “No matter what kind of punishment, I’m willing to bear it.”

“You and White Tiger have been entangled with each other. Those who cannot be punished by this seat.” Su Qing said, “Three lifetimes are human beings, and they will never end well. Four lifetimes, they are beasts, suffering from foolishness and eating. If there is one lifetime that cannot be tolerated, reincarnation will be repeated in the next lifetime.”

Even the arrogant Crown Prince Wei didn’t dare to show anything, he pressed his body to the ground deeply, and a group of people listened and sucked in the air.

At first glance, it sounds like the seventh world has suffered, the third world has been human and the fourth has been the beast. These alone have shuddered, not to mention the more terrifying results. Once a lifetime cannot be endured, it is equivalent to suffering from lifetime to lifetime.

“Of course, there is another way.” Su Qing glanced at Zhao Ji. “Now let your soul die and the Dao disappear, and you will completely turn into nothingness.”

Everyone was silent, thinking this was better. Anyway, they are all dead, at least they are happy.

“My sin, I will not escape.” Zhao Ji raised his head and said, giving a different choice. “I would like to enter reincarnation and return to the cause and effect of this life.”


Su Qing was not surprised by this choice, but she was still a little gratified.

The growth of Zhao Ji is unexpected, Su Qing has more expectations. Asking for guilt today is not only a reckless act, but also a beating and an opportunity.

“Entangled with Fuzhi, success or failure does not give rise to joy. If the disaster wind is eliminated, it must also have Taitong.” Su Qing said to Zhao Ji: “Succeeding for seven lifetimes, either as a human being or as a human being.” For the beast. If you can find the fate of this world, you can come to Pigweed to see this seat.”

If Zhao Ji chooses to escape, then the soul will die and all the past will be ended. Now that he has chosen to suffer in reincarnation, Pigweed may be able to walk for another day.

“many thanks Immortal Monarch.” Zhao Ji bowed again.

When I got up after praying, there were dense cracks on my body. Then, like a statue piled up with incense ash, it quickly weathered and collapsed. A gust of wind blew by, leaving nothing behind.

The moment he fed the tiger with his body, Zhao Ji was already dead. Su Qing casts spells to keep True Spirit only for the future.

Having sent Zhao Ji away, Su Qing glanced at the pendant on the edge of the cliff and turned his gaze to Crown Prince Wei.

Wei Crown Prince has long since stood up, looking forward to it with confidence.

The people who come to this cliff have their own fate. From the point of view of order, it is basically more unusual as it goes back.

Zhao Ji seems to be suffering from reincarnation, but Crown Prince Wei sees the mystery.

The seventh reincarnation can go to Pigweed, which means there is more great opportunity. As long as you can grasp it, I am afraid it is better than the rest.

The Lord of Pigweed kept his Crown Prince for the last, one can imagine the great benefit.

Even if there is no immortal fate, at least there can be a secular fate. For example, sweeping down the Six Kingdoms to unify Qingzhou, achieving unprecedented hegemony.

Su Qing reached out and beckoned, and the tiger-toothed pendant floated up. Under everyone’s attention, it fell into the hands of Crown Prince Wei.

Wei Crown Prince was stunned for a moment, then disappointed for a while.

“Just like this? Give me this?”

For many people yearn for something even in dreams, Prince Wei actually doesn’t want it at all.

What he wants is dominance and more benefits. Looking at Zhao Ji’s experience, we can see that although his reputation has resounded throughout the six kingdoms, it is difficult to achieve his success in the world.

When I was disappointed, a cloud of azure light suddenly appeared, wrapping Crown Prince Wei. Hold up a little bit and float up, slowly fluttering.

“This is… as expected, there are other benefits…” Crown Prince Wei was a little excited and couldn’t help but said to Su Qing, “I dare to ask Immortal Monarch, what is the fate you gave to this palace? “

Most of them looked envious and admired Prince Wei very much.

Although he is young, his mind is really strong, and he has guessed the mind of the Lord of Pigweed. They desperately want more pendant, and they get it in a blink of an eye. And not just pendant, even like there are better ones.

Under the envious gazes of everyone, the Crown Prince waited in anticipation. azure light supported Crown Prince Wei, swayed and floated to the edge of the cliff, and then began to fall slowly.

“What’s this for?” Crown Prince Wei panicked.

“White Tiger’s fate in this world is temporarily discontinued, and he needs to wait for a new destined person.” Su Qing said: “Falling to the bottom of this cliff is the choice of the last destined person, and this seat will take care of him. The predestined relationship.”

β€œWhat does that have to do with Ben Gong?” Crown Prince Wei faintly felt bad.

“You said earlier that you are willing to guard this thing and wait for the destined person. This seat will do as you wish.” Su Qing said. “You have great wisdom and perseverance. Starting today, stay at the bottom of the cliff with this thing and wait for the destined person.”

“I don’t!!!”


The Crown Prince promises to keep the treasure. Those who take it will not come, and will not leave an inch. The sea is withered and the rocks are rotten, and it also stands still. Descendants cloud, the spirit of the Great Wei is also.

“Wei Ji”

(end of this chapter)

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