Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 5


Chapter 5 The Wang Family has a son-in-law and once met a fairy

Northern Territory Qingzhou.

The story of going out to sea and meeting immortals has spread almost all over the six countries of the Northern Territory.

A group of people who went to sea died, and family members went to the beach to pay their respects. As a result, after more than half a year, these people actually came back.

The sudden return of the dead has become topical. Not to mention the fact that those people said that they only went to sea for a few days and only stayed on the island for half a day.

In addition, some people are too ostentatious, for fear that others will not know the benefits. The bragging about seeing the immortals made the legend of Pigweed immortal island spread rapidly.

“I heard that I met immortal?”

“Hehehe, you heard about it too. Have you seen my ship? If it is not immortal, which boatman can build it? Such a good ship.”

“I saw it, it’s too cool, I’ve never seen such a big boat. Hey, you said that I didn’t go out to sea less, why didn’t you have luck What.”

“Bah! Is this called luck? This is immortal fate! How can ordinary people encounter it. Think about it, half a day on the island, half a year has passed in the world. If it weren’t for me, nostalgic for the mortal world. Refuse to stay, you will never want to see me in your life.”

“Great, if I would definitely stay. By the way, I heard that immortal gives each of you a leaf, and you can change what you want. What, let me take a look.”

“That’s called Pigweed Leaf! Everyone else has one piece, but I have two. But you don’t have to worry about it, I’ve already used it.”

“che, I’m afraid I’ll rob you.”

“It really worked, fortunately I used it. I’m not afraid to tell you, there are people who rob you. Zhenwei Escort sent a piece not long ago, and the result was The whole escort has been killed.”

“Ah, there is such a thing?”

“Look, this kind of thing is indispensable. Immortal’s baby, Imperial Capital It will be heartwarming.”

“You are still smart, and others won’t be able to grab it if you want to.”

“Cough, I’m so smart, it’s others who are really smart. For example, helping The profiteer who climbs the mountain behind his back, the advantage is that he can’t grab it if he wants to grab it…”

Qingguo, Qizhou Prefecture, Wang Family.

“Yo, do you still know how to come back? I went to the sea to buy some goods, but it took more than half a year since I left, and I thought I ran away with which vixen…”

Song Yuan was not accepted. Warm welcome, and the sturdy wife scolded me as soon as I entered the door.

Not only because he has been away from home for a long time, but also because he is a son-in-law.

Song Yuan was originally a carefree Jianghu person, but was rescued by Mr. Wang by chance. Seeing that he was upright, honest and honest, he recruited him to be his son-in-law.

At the time, I thought it was good to plug the door upside down, but later I found out that I fell into the pit.

The Wang Family is a big family in Qizhou, the eldest son is shrewd and capable, and the default family heir. The daughter is ugly and stubborn, and has been unable to marry.

The ugly wife has nothing to dislike, he is not good-looking anyway. But the life of the son-in-law was not easy at all.

The mother-in-law is not good-looking, and the uncle rolls his eyes. The wife is fierce, and the son-in-law is angry both inside and outside.

Going to sea is to hide and relax, and also want to do something to prove myself. But I didn’t expect that Immortal Island has no years, and it takes half a year to go.

“I’m back.”

The father-in-law family of three came out.

Master Wang is not bad for his son-in-law, so he nodded to him. “Just come back, let’s not eat. Let the kitchen cook some food and drink, and I won’t accompany you. Lord Magistrate will entertain celebrities, and your big brother and I will have a banquet.”

“Don’t delay, sir, Lord Magistrate holds a banquet, and I don’t invite our family every time, so I can’t go wrong…” The mother-in-law gave each other a smile, but she didn’t even glance at the son-in-law who had just returned.

“Brother-in-law, I heard that you handed over the payment to the accountant as soon as you got home, which is very good.” My uncle glanced at him: “Whether or not you were greedy half a year ago, it is not a big mistake to make up for it now. When I come back from the banquet with my father, you can explain it in detail.”

Father-in-law and uncle went out, and the face of the mother-in-law immediately sank. He and his wife are on the left and right, posing a posture of interrogation.

Meanwhile, outside the Wang Family’s door.

“Eh? Lord Magistrate? Why are you here!”

“Brother Zhang? Brother Li, you are…”

Wang Family Before going out a few steps, I ran into a large group of people.

Headed by the prefect of Qizhou, they are all local dignitaries.

“Hahaha, Mr. Wang! This is the coming of He Xi. The family has a worthy son-in-law, and the lintel is shining.”

“Yes, yes, don’t let Young Master Song hide it. Come on, come out and let everyone meet.”

“Ai, you are wrong. There is no reason to let Young Master Song come out, we should go in and meet…”

The Wang Family grandpa is confused and doesn’t know what’s going on.

Qizhou Prefecture is relatively close to the inland, so Song Yuan didn’t tell anyone his name. When the legend of Pigweed immortal island first spread, no one knew that he was also one of the seers.

However, as the person who got the second most pigweed immortal fate, his attention is not low at all. When other people who saw the immortal told the story of the merchant carrying the immortal, many people began to look for it.

A hundred years of life extension, a thousand years of Aristocratic Family. Either one can make people crazy, and the two together are even more conceivable.

Of course, the Imperial Court of Qingguo is the one who seizes the opportunity, and officials all over the country are investigating similar missing persons.

Qizhou had no clue at first, but today the prefect held a banquet, and some businessmen who were familiar with the Wang Family came. During the conversation, I learned that the Wang Family son-in-law has been out for half a year.

After pairing up all the information, it was finally determined that the lucky one was Song Yuan.

So, Lord Magistrate jumped high, a large group of people grandiose came like this.

The Wang Family grandfathers were confused, but they burst out when they understood.

I heard some rumors about Pigweed immortal fate, but didn’t expect Song Yuan among them. Of course, more importantly, they would never associate such a good thing with that useless son-in-law.

Now that I hear it, Song Yuan is not only one of those who see immortals, but has even received a promise from immortal to protect future generations for thousands of years.

“Ancestors show spirits, ancestors show spirits!” Mr. Wang was very excited. “The Wang Family is about to develop.”

“Father, not necessarily.” My brother-in-law was calm, with sweat on his forehead: “My brother-in-law just came back, and he didn’t pay much attention to him. And of course our grandfather treats him very much. Well, you should know what the mother and younger sister are like…”

“This…” Mr. Wang’s sweat also broke down.

The so-called goodness to the son-in-law is actually a matter of indifference. Not to mention my uncle, he clearly didn’t turn his face, but the soft knife didn’t stop.

“What’s the matter?” Lord Magistrate was sharp, with light flashed in his eyes. “This official has heard that this Young Master Song seems to be taken very seriously in the Wang Family.”

“Rumour!” Master Wang decisively denied it. “The old man’s beloved son-in-law is the most favored.”

“I heard no, it seems to be very angry.”

“That’s right, go to the banquet. I only saw their father and son, but not Young Master Song.”

“My lord, I remember you have a beloved daughter who has been widowed for a long time…”

“Shh, no Say it here.”

Hearing everyone’s whispers, Master Wang became more and more anxious.

“You are with Lord Magistrate and your uncles. I think of something to go back to.”

After giving his son a color, Master Wang turned around and ran into the house.

“What do you mean, let me wait in!”

“This official is the prefect!”

“Lord Magistrate, uncles, there is something at home, It’s inconvenient to see guests today.”

Everyone broke into the door, and the eldest brother and his husband were in charge.

At about the same time, in the Pigweed Peak Garden. A stick of incense manifested in the air, Faintly discernible in the presence of Su Qing.

“Huh?” Su Qing was surprised. “Is it just time to go back and start a family?”


The Wang Family has a son-in-law, a talented, ugly wife, and many pretenders. The prefect’s female widow is also interested. Unswervingly, the son-in-law refused.

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