Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 50


Chapter 50 is innocent and has a destiny

“I didn’t say that, you can’t do this to me…”

The reason why Crown Prince Wei was not dizzy was not because of his firm will, but because of the desire to be too terrifying, wanting to be dizzy but not daring to be dizzy.

Other people don’t envy them anymore, they are only afraid.

It’s not like Zhao Ji has suffered seven lives, but this one seems to be worse.

“This is not my wish, absolutely not!” Crown Prince Wei said anxiously, “You are immortal, how can you do such a thing. Aren’t you talking about fate? Aren’t you not killing? Can kill me…”

“Fate is like this, Fang is like this.” Su Qing indifferently said, “This seat will not take people’s lives at will, nor will it damage you in the slightest. Avoid plague. Although I feel hungry, I don’t eat or drink. If the destined person doesn’t come, I can live forever.”

“No…I don’t want this kind of longevity…”His Highness the Crown Prince said very much. collapse.

No matter how small the cell is, he can walk around twice, but he can’t even move his ass in such a big place.

And as I said just now, a ghost barracks will be built here. Endure hunger and see the light of day, and a group of ghosts for company. Thinking about it will collapse, not to mention immortality.

The few people next to them shrank their necks, and there was no lack of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“Congratulations to His Highness the Crown Prince, you can live here forever. Few people come to this place, and it is difficult to get to the bottom of the cliff. Live a hundred and eighty years without any problems.”

“Otherwise, it is possible for hundreds of years. I have seen this cliff, and it gets narrower as it goes down. Even if the Primordial Spirit Realm goes down, it will not be easy to come up…”

“Bastard… …No, it’s not…” Crown Prince Wei went crazy and regretted it. “Immortal Monarch is kind, Ben Gong… No, I was wrong, the villain was wrong. I am guilty, really guilty… I will never dare again, please forgive me…”

” You have no sins, this is the law of fate.” Su Qing raised a cloud under his feet and flew away.

“Congratulations to Immortal Monarch.”

“No!! You don’t go…Immortal Monarch is kind, Immortal Monarch is kind…really wrong, really wrong…”

Wei Crown Prince rattled Falling, drifting away from the fairy cloud.

Everyone looked at each other and hesitated.

The Lord of Pigweed is here, and I dare not say a lot. Now that I have left, some communication is still necessary.

“After you leave here, let’s get rid of all the grievances.” Chu State expert was the only one who kept the realm, and was the first to break the silence. “Although I have not been punished by Immortal Monarch, I have learned a lot. After I go back, I should cut with the Imperial Court and focus on Martial Arts.”

Everyone agreed and expressed their opinions.

“Although we are called the Ten Great Grandmasters, our Sects are actually serving the Imperial Court. Although the Immortal Monarch does not interfere, we are obviously going the wrong way. As for today’s difficulties.”

“I heard that Sun Sihai of the Qing Kingdom and Duke Qi of the Qi State have all retired. It seems that the two of them are thinking of our front.”

“After I go back, I will hand over the authority, and only accept a few Disciples to pass on Legacy. Walking in the rivers and lakes, killing ghosts and exorcising evil cultivators, I will live up to the advice of Immortal Monarch…”

After negotiating properly, Everyone said goodbye and left. The two Wei Country experts waited at the end, looking at the cliff with a little hesitation.

“We are still from Wei Country after all, who cares about the next one?”

“Go back and report a letter to fulfill the meaning of the last monarch and minister. .”

“Yeah, we’re not destined persons either. But then again, there won’t be many people here in the future. Old General Wang became a Ghost General, and he wants to train here.”

“Well, it’s all Ghost Soldier…”

Thinking about the future, I couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

Covering the mountains and plains are Ghost Soldier Ghost General, wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. But anyone with a normal mind would not be willing to come here.

This Siyin Mountain will be a real ghost in the future, and the destined person who can come here…

It is a real fate.

The two experts from Wei Country left in a hurry, leaving only the mountain wind blowing through the trees. And below the abyss, the sound of intermittent pleading and crying…

These have nothing to do with Su Qing. After leaving Siyin Mountain, he returned directly to Pigweed.

The tiger tooth pendant is indeed very important, and it is related to the White Tiger position of Sendai Tsui Palace. If it is really put on hold for a long time, it will cause some trouble.

Wei Crown Prince thought nothing wrong, but he didn’t put it right.

Immortal sees no time, thousands of years are fleeting. Even if the tiger teeth are idle for hundreds of years, it is not a problem in Su Qing’s eyes. Wei Crown Prince’s plans for several decades are not worth a glance.

The last words were not for Crown Prince Wei. Instead, take this opportunity to spread new conditions through those people.

However, the handling of Crown Prince Wei is real.

If you have the mind of being a fairy, you must have corresponding consciousness. The bottom of the cliff is very quiet, dozens or even hundreds of hours are very helpful for reflection.

Su Qing wanted to check the condition of the array and slowed down after leaving the coast. When we were about to get to Pigweed, I saw a boat on the sea, and the direction was also going to Pigweed.

There are many people who want to be on Pigweed these years, but Su Qing never pays attention to it. But seeing this ship, I couldn’t help but stop the cloud head.

There were two people on board, both of whom were the destined persons of the year.

Guan Zheng, Dou Qianli.

On the Immortal Path thirty-three years ago, Guan Zheng was the only one who walked past the Fuxian Pavilion. Although the immortal fate was missed, the Marital Arts Path went a long way. It was Primordial Spirit 1 turn when I left Pigweed, and now it’s a 2 turn level.

Dou Qianli’s progress was second only to Guan Zheng, and he had hoped to go to Fuxian Pavilion. But because Guan Zheng suddenly fired a knife in the pavilion, he was surprised on the mountain road, so that he slipped and was asked to leave.

These two enemies are in the same boat.

But Su Qing is not concerned about the relationship between the two, but because Guan Zheng is going to die.

Compared with the thirty-three years ago, Guan Zheng is obviously much older. There are more scars on the face, and most of the hair is gray. He was badly injured and lay on the boat as if he were going to die.

The skin is almost carbonized, and there are even pieces scattered as the waves bump. The flesh and blood of red inside was just revealed, but it quickly turned black.

Under this situation, Guan Zheng won’t be able to last for two days.

β€œThe breath of Extreme Yang True Fire?!”

Su Qing frowned.

Guan Zheng was not burnt simply, but was burned by Extreme Yang True Fire.

β€œSaint Continent?”

Su Qing closed his eyes slightly, and calculated with his fingers. Three feet of red light rose from the top of his head, and his fingertips crackled as if there were flames flashing.


Su Qing’s fingers burst into flames, and a strange color flashed through his eyes.

Guan Zheng is a destined person, and it is not difficult to count his business.

After leaving Pigweed that year, he was infatuated with Martial Arts, and gave up all the heroes who challenged all sides three years ago. After defeating Qingzhou expert, go across the sea alone and challenge Saint Continent expert with Primordial Spirit’s second-turn cultivation base.

Without turning 3 Martial Artist to play, he defeated all the opponents he encountered and once became the public enemy of martial arts in Qianzhou. He was later introduced to a Jedi and injured by some sort of mysterious earth fire.

Afterwards, Guan Zheng broke through and fled back to Qingzhou with his last breath.

In order to treat earth fire injuries, they searched for famous doctors in Qingzhou, but unfortunately they did not have the slightest effect. On the brink of death, think of Pigweed immortal island for the last ray of hope.

“There are Martial Artists in Qianzhou that are more than 3rd rank, and there are also many who have 2nd rank, but most of Guan Zheng’s opponents are 1st rank… But the strangest thing is that wall…”

If Guan Zheng’s situation can be counted, it can be inferred that Qianzhou is always blocked. It’s like there’s a wall blocking everything.

Previously, it was only regarded as injury has not recovered, and then the great power of Qianzhou concealed the secret. But this time, through the destined person, I found out that there is another mystery.

Su Qing thought for a moment, and the cloud head fell down. Phantom fog floated around his body and gradually changed his appearance.


Siyin Mountain, the land of ghosts and ghosts, where Yin Soldier resides, is hard to come by. The Crown Prince was so brave that he went alone and found nowhere.

“Wei Ji”

(end of this chapter)

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