Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 51


Chapter 51 Fisherman’s Song

β€œI must have killed you in your last life, and your skeleton doesn’t exist. If not, I really can’t think of what else I can owe you…”

Dou Qianli was at the helm, muttering. Looking at Guan Zheng lying there, resentment filled his eyes.

As partners who walked the Immortal Path together, the relationship between the two has always been very delicate.

I stumbled on the mountain road back then, although there was a reason for my mind wandering. But it was simply Guan Zheng playing a big sword, which stimulated and frightened him. Otherwise, Dou Qianli firmly believed that he would not be worse than Guan Zheng.

Leaving Pigweed with this resentment and started a journey of love and killing.

Guan Zheng likes to challenge people, and Qingzhou Martial Artist is annoying. Only Dou Qianli was different, he was the only one who took the initiative to challenge Guan Zheng.

Failed and defeated, the challenge interval will never exceed one month, as long as it is not impossible to come down. Whether or not you can beat it is secondary, the important thing is to fuck you.

Guan Zheng is annoying, but he can’t do anything about it. Dou Qianli is not as good as him, except for Lightweight Art. He can’t beat you, and it’s hard to kill him.

Later, Guan Zheng crossed the exotic challenge and was seriously injured and returned in low spirits after failing. Many people thought that Dou Qianli would be happy, and might even make up for it.

Unexpectedly, Dou Qianli was more worried about Guan Zheng than anyone else. Not only did he help stop many people who took the opportunity to seek revenge, he even took him around to find famous doctors. This time, I took the last ray of hope and sailed to the sea to find Pigweed.

“You don’t owe me anything…” Guan Zheng barely opened his eyes. “Go back, it’s useless to go to Pigweed.”

“Why is it useless?” Dou Qianli stared. “Those quacks can’t be cured, can’t immortal be cured too?”

“Pigweed doesn’t accept unlucky guests.” Guan Zheng said weakly, “You and I are all done with Pigweed, and even if we arrive, we won’t be able to go up. “

“I know.” Dou Qianli said: “Last year, the Li Family five tigers forced their way to Pigweed, and the whole ship was smashed into pieces in the heavy fog. Few of those who wanted to force their way onto Pigweed had It’s a good end.”

“Then you still…”

“I can’t let you die!” Dou Qianli aggressively said, “Because of you this bastard, I’m dead. Immortal Path. I don’t know if I owe you in my last life, but you definitely owe me in this life. If I don’t pay it off, I want to die and have your dream.”

Guan Zheng opened his mouth and thought about it. say what. But before the sound came out, he coughed up blood. After splashing onto the boat, there was smoke.

“You stop talking.” Dou Qianli rolled his eyes. “I really can’t cure it, and I can’t help it if I die. But if I die because of talking to me, then I will be suffocated to death…”

At this time, a song suddenly came from the sea.

“…In the tide, let the north and south travel with the east and the west, without getting tired and worrying… Back then, on the stone road, I stopped behind the pavilion, digging a pickaxe to dig the spring and fire, and let my sorrows disappear…”

Dou Qianli looked around and saw a fishing boat not far ahead. A fisherman with a bamboo hat was fishing, singing a fisherman’s song with a heavy accent.

“This fisherman is very leisurely, and he went to such a far place to fish.” Dou Qianli seemed to have some feelings. “When I was young, I worked for the Imperial Court, and then I roamed the rivers and lakes. It’s better to be a fisherman when I spend most of my life wandering around with you.”

Guan Zheng can’t speak now, but his expression is obviously wrong.

“The stone road, two steps behind the pavilion…” Guan Zheng instantly remembered that he was in Pigweed.

“Immortal once gave advice and told me to stop at Fuxian Pavilion and dig a spring for him. If he obeyed, how would he be in today’s situation. But how could this fisherman know about such a thing? “

The fisherman continued to sing: “Suddenly I saw the wind of the sword, I stumbled, and the world has been long for two worlds of autumn…”

Guan Zheng was shocked again.

“I was in the Primordial Spirit at Fuxian Pavilion, and I was so excited that I could not bear the knife. Dou Qianli was frightened and fell down the mountain road. If he also walked to Fuxian Pavilion, it would be a different life from now… This song is about him. Could it be that this fisherman…”

The fisherman’s singing continued. “…I live in the sea and fall down a hill, with a flat boat. I have a long silk rod in my hand, so I don’t have to worry about restraints…”

Guan Zheng pupils shrank, his chest heaving violently.

“The first people to board Pigweed said that Pigweed Island fell from the sky, like a mountain falling into the sea. This fisherman claimed to live in the sea and fell from the mountain, didn’t he mean…

Guan Zheng struggled and tried to get up.

“Hey, what are you doing? Lie down.” Dou Qianli was startled.

“Song… Fisherman’s Song…” Guan Zheng couldn’t get up, so he could only speak to remind him. It’s just that it was difficult for him to speak, and now he is impatient, and it is difficult to speak quickly.

“What brother? Who is your brother… Oh, you said a fisherman song.” Dou Qianli managed to hear it clearly.

“It’s interesting, but I don’t understand it very well, and the accent is a bit heavy. I guess, this fisherman should be from the Zhu Family Village. Among the fishing villages by the sea, the Zhu Family Village has the heaviest accent. “…”

Guan Zheng wanted to curse.

What Zhu Family Village, the pigs raised in Zhu Family Village are smarter than you. True Immortal is right in front of you, why can’t you hear it.

The two boats got closer and closer, and the fisherman stopped singing and looked towards them.

“Where are the two guests going?” the fisherman asked.

“Pigweed.” Dou Qianli said: “You are fishing in this sea, you must have heard of it?”

The fisherman did not answer directly. “Go to Pigweed, you must ask for something, what do you want?”

Dou Qianli said: “Heal my friend.”

Fisherman said: “If it is healed, I will also I have experience. If the two of you don’t dislike it, you can have a good time.”

Guan Zheng was desperately nodded, while Dou Qianli laughed for a while.

“I’m afraid you won’t be able to heal my friend’s injury.” Dou Qianli hugged a cup one fist in the other hand, “It’s your good intentions, you should continue fishing, we have to hurry.”

The fisherman asked again with a strange expression. “Your friend is willing to cross the boat, don’t you?”

Dou Qianli turned his head to look, only to find Guan Zheng that nodded. Still babbling in his mouth, trying desperately to wink at him.

“You’re confused.” Dou Qianli was annoyed. “I’ve vomited blood and foam, and I’m still there.”

The fisherman sighed: “You send your friend here, affectionate and true. If you don’t want to cross the boat, I’ll send you a herring.”



A herring was thrown over.

Dou Qianli reached out and grabbed it, sticky and a little disgusted. But on second thought, this is someone’s heart, it’s not good to really throw it away.

“many thanks, fisherman.” Dou Qianli pinched the herring, turned to Guan Zheng and said, “You have a good meal, I’ll give it to you later…”

Dou Qianli was stunned for a moment.

Guan Zheng had disappeared without knowing when. When I looked back, I saw that I was on the fisherman’s boat.

“Fuck, I know you have a problem.” Dou Qianli threw the herring on the boat, pulled out his sword, and jumped over to the fishing boat.

Dou Qianli has the confidence to stop him.

The distance between the two boats is five or six feet, and the ordinary person can jump over. Not to mention his Lightweight Art, no matter how far it is, nothing difficult.

“No matter which way you go, leave me alone!”


It fell directly into the water.

I wiped my face and saw that the fishing boat had gone a long way.

“What’s going on?” Dou Qianli jumped out of the water and hurriedly chased after him.

The fishing boats seem unhappy, but they are getting farther and farther away. Before chasing a few steps, he completely disappeared into the sea fog.

“Bastard! Where are you hiding?”

I looked around, but I was stunned to find that my boat was beside me. Just now, he was so busy that he didn’t even leave three feet away.

On returning to the boat, the herring was gone.

In its place, a green leaf.

Lonely lying on the board, shining with emerald green light.

Very familiar.

As it was then, Pigweed Leaf.

“This is…” After staring blankly for an unknown period of time, Dou Qianli slapped himself hard. He beat his chest and stomped his feet, remorseful.

“Blind, you pig!”


Martial Artist seeks out Pigweed and seeks medical treatment for a friend. When the fisherman sang, he asked them to cross the boat. Friends realized, invited Martial Artist to do the same. Martial Artist is unfamiliar with rhythm, and his friends are ridiculed. He fell into the sea trying to be rescued, and when he lifted his eyes to see the fisherman and his friends, he knew that he had met an immortal. Regret said, eyes without pearls, dolphin also.

“Jiuzhou ZhiΒ·Pigweed”

Note: The fisherman’s song in the text is changed from the ancient zither’s famous song “The Fisherman’s Questions and Answers”.

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