Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 52


Chapter 52 Heaven and Earth Formation

Guan Zheng felt that he was dead.

The burns made him excruciatingly painful, and the pain was gone. After opening my eyes, I saw two beautiful Immortal Crane. Looking at him curiously, like watching something interesting.

“Are you here to pick me up…” Guan Zheng was a little happy. “I heard that Daxian passed away, but you can ride a crane to immortalize. I never thought that I would have this blessing too…”


The two Immortal Crane looked disgusted, their heads tilted out of the tail section. He shook his wings, fanned the wind and left.

Guan Zheng was choked by the wind, and instinctively rolled over and sat up. When I opened my eyes again, I saw the all around scene, first startled slightly, and then excited again.

“This…is Pigweed?!!”

The scene here is all too familiar. Although I can’t remember the face of that one, I can’t forget the sight of Pigweed. Almost every night I see it in my dreams, but it’s never been more real than it is today.

“Yes, I got on the boat… It’s true, it’s true.” Guan Zheng squeezed himself a few times, confirming that it wasn’t a hallucination. Then I was pleasantly surprised to find that the injury was healed.

No burns can be seen on his body, and even some old wounds have disappeared. Trying to improve Qi Yungong, the whole person is overjoyed.

Not only has the status recovered, but even the stagnant realm has loosened a bit. Especially the condition of fleshy body is much better than that of pinnacle.

“The grace of the Immortal Monarch’s reconstruction will never be forgotten by Guan Zheng!!” Guan Zheng immediately fell to his knees and kowtowed towards the top of the mountain.

Su Qing’s voice came. “You burned the fleshy body for True Fire, but fortunately you didn’t hurt the Primordial Spirit. Although the fire poison has been eliminated, it still needs time to rest. But staying in Pigweed for three days is all about you and me.”

If Primordial Spirit is invaded by Extreme Yang True Fire, all you can do is find a box to sweep the dust. But Guan Zheng was only burnt by the heat, just remove the scorched flesh and musculoskeletal muscles to regenerate.

Saint Continent’s secret was unknown until Guan Zheng crossed the sea and opened a line. Let him cultivate for three days in Pigweed, which is a thank you for crossing the sea.

“many thanks Immortal Monarch, many thanks Immortal Monarch!”

Guan Zheng didn’t know about these things, but he knew he was lucky.

Three days on Pigweed Island!

If this matter is reported back to Qingzhou, I don’t know how many people will be red-eyed.

subconsciously looked towards the stone road in front of the mountain, Guan Zheng was short of breath, overwhelmed by emotions.

“I had no experience back then, and I stumbled after Fuxian Pavilion. If I walk again now…”

Guan Zheng struggled several times in his eyes, and finally sighed. sit cross-legged on the ground, meditate cultivation.

Su Qing saw it clearly, and a bit of relief appeared on his face.

β€œOnly contentment can last for a long time, and it is rare to stop greed.” Su Qing raised a point, β€œPigweed Spiritual Qi is far better than the human world, here is the cultivation twice the results for half the effort. But today you As far as I’m concerned, what I need is not realm. Take a walk, take a look, or gain more.”

Guan Zheng was stunned for a moment, and quickly said, “many thanks Immortal Monarch for your guidance.”


The meaning of the words is very clear, in this cultivation there are benefits but little significance. The real opportunity for these three days should be elsewhere.

“Take a walk, take a look…” Guan Zheng looked around. “If you can’t go up the mountain road, it’s somewhere else. But what is Immortal Monarch suggesting?”

Beautiful flowers and plants, babbling springs. Compared with the last time I came, the island has changed a lot. But it’s basically the same, nothing special.

Some kiwis look special and smell even more soothing. Guan Zheng saw a vermilion fruit that looked like a red agate.

The eye watched from a flower, turning into a red fruit at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not only is the process mysterious and miraculous, but the fruit is even more mouth-watering.

Guan Zheng had no doubts that swallowing it would be beneficial. It’s just that Immortal Monarch let him walk around and didn’t let him get anything. No matter how itchy your heart is, you have to hold back.


Guan Zheng was greedy there when two Immortal Crane suddenly flew over.

One of them flew faster and swallowed the red fruit first. The other one was suddenly anxious, and stretched out its long beak to peck. The two Immortal Crane were chasing and fighting, flying around in the sky.

“Hey, it’s better to be a bird than a human…”

Not to mention Guan Zheng’s envy, he wished he would become a bird and stay. Even if you can’t be an Immortal Crane, you can be a sparrow.

Sighed was about to leave when he was stunned.

Guan Zheng suddenly realized that Immortal Crane’s actions were a little unusual.

It seems to be just chasing and playing, but there are some special rules in it. There are some sensations that are more familiar to him.

“By the way, it’s Sword Art!” Guan Zheng thought to himself.

“The strongest one during the Saint Continent challenge, the Sword Art and Immortal Crane used at that time are very similar… No, this Immortal Crane seems to be more powerful… Besides, it seems that not only Sword Art, but also Immortal Crane. There are knives…”

Guan Zheng was standing in the grass, looking at the two Immortal Crane without blinking. After a while, the body moved involuntarily.

Watch Immortal Crane’s chase and imitate similar moves.

“I realized very quickly.” Su Qing smiled.

These two Immortal Crane are from Saint Continent, and they have good spirituality in themselves. Watching Qianzhou Martial Artist practice and fight, I wrote down a lot.

After coming to Pigweed, spiritual wisdom was opened, which made those martial arts evolve again. Although Immortal Crane is not deliberate, the artistic conception in its actions has reached a certain level.

For a Martial Artist like Guan Zheng, it is a rare treasure.

But for Su Qing, there is another message.

“Guan Zheng received the favor of Pigweed, but he can still understand the Martial Arts of Qianzhou. It shows that there is another reason for the chaos of heaven, not just because of injury.”

Su Qing left Pigweed, go straight to Saint Continent.

I didn’t make any departure arrangements this time, I just wanted to take a look from afar.

I’m not in a hurry to find the Extreme Yang True Fire for the time being, but more to find out the reason for the chaos. Even Guan Zheng has not been cut off from the fate, there is no reason to calculate things.

Su Qing did not deliberately suppress the speed, the theory can be reached with just one breath. But suddenly there was a warning sign from Lingtai, and the cloud head stopped instinctively.

“This is…”

The face seemed to be empty, but Su Qing could see a barrier.

Reached out and tried to touch it, with a real touch. If you don’t stop in time, you will definitely hit it directly.

Su Qing’s body sank, parting the sea and escaping into the seabed. Afterwards, he rode the clouds into the sky to explore the scope of the barrier.

“Up to Nine Heavens down to the Netherworld, it was completely blocked by Formation. However, it only seemed to block me.” Su Qing looked towards the fish and shrimp under the sea, passing through the barrier without any obstacle.

After pondering for a moment, Su Qing pinched a spell, and a fairy light shot out.

The barrier passed without any hindrance.

After changing several spells, there is nothing unusual. It’s like just air, everything can pass through smoothly. Only when Su Qing wants to pass, will be blocked by Formation.

“It’s not the action of the mighty, but Heaven and Earth’s self-generated. Mortals and all things are unimpeded, but they reject immortals like me.”

Su Qing understood.

It’s like going to a high-walled compound, you can throw rocks and smash the glass, but you can’t enter the gate. It is also very difficult to see what is inside.

“We have to think of a way.” Su Qing looked at Formation in thought.


Jiuzhou has bounds, the barriers of the world, and self-isolation. When people and animals communicate, only immortals are sad.

“Jiuzhou Chronicle”

(end of this chapter)

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