Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 53


Chapter 53 Can’t beat even snakes

It is not impossible to pass the Formation barrier, the easiest way is to press a Press realm.

But this method will never be used.

Now it can be basically confirmed that the safety index of this world is very high, but the psychological shadow of Myriad Immortals Array is not so easy to eliminate. You have already dropped two great realms, and you still need to actively press down?

So insecure way, Su Qing will not consider.

Even if you really make a fuss about realm, it is as high as possible, to the point where you can break the Formation.

Su Qing returned to Pigweed and decided to take the long view.

Three days later.

“Hahaha, Guan has turned three times!”

Guan Zheng was overjoyed.

Su Qing has not thought of a way to break through the barrier, but Guan Zheng has broken through the Martial Arts barrier. Stayed on Pigweed Island for three days, and it is already the third turn of Primordial Spirit.


Su Qing felt nothing.

Watching the Crane Dance and comprehending Martial Arts mysterious, with the assistance of Spiritual Qi from Pigweed. If you can’t turn Primordial Spirit three turns, you might as well dig a hole and bury yourself.

“It’s all thanks to the grace of Immortal Monarch.” Guan Zheng knew very well and directly kowtowed to thank him. If it weren’t for the Lord of Pigweed, he wouldn’t be able to break through in thirty years.

Su Qing said: “Now that you have turned three times, you can go.”

Guan Zheng was stunned for a while, only to know what extreme joy turns to sorrow.

“That, Immortal Monarch…” Guan Zheng said embarrassingly, “Actually, my realm is not very stable and may fall off soon.”

“It has nothing to do with realm. “Su Qing said: “You are allowed to stay in Pigweed for three days, the time has come. After one hour, this seat will send you away.” See if you can pass through the Formation barrier with Guan Zheng.


Guan Zheng’s efforts failed and he dared not say more. Lest the greed be too heavy, Immortal Monarch lowered the penalty. But thinking about the one hour, I think it can’t be wasted.

“One day in Pigweed is one year in the world. We must cherish every moment, even a quarter of an hour is extremely precious.”

Guan Zheng stared and looked around, thinking about leaving Can it be cheaper before.

I definitely wouldn’t dare to steal something, but let’s look at the head office.

The two Immortal Crane did not come out again, and the blue bird was only a glimpse. Guan Zheng looked around and suddenly found that the grass was moving.

I walked over and saw a little azure snake watching him.

The little snake was kept in the cage during this period, and Su Qing didn’t let it out when he came back. Now that Guan Zheng was about to leave, he came out to let the wind out.

The little snake is in a bad mood at the moment, and seeing strangers is very bad.

It’s just that Guan Zheng didn’t realize the danger, he just thought this little snake was very interesting.

Even young snakes don’t look cute. But this little azure snake is different, making people completely disgusted. There was no coldness in his eyes, instead, it gave a sense of purity like a baby.

“Little fellow, are you the fairy snake on the island?” Guan Zheng crouched down.

The little snake opened his mouth twice threateningly, but Guan Zheng couldn’t help laughing when he saw it.

“It doesn’t even have long teeth, it’s quite fierce.” Guan Zheng extended the hand and wanted to tease him.

The snake crawled over very cooperatively, and ao wu bit Guan Zheng’s finger. Then he threw his neck to the side, and Guan Zheng was directly thrown a somersault.

“This thing…”

Guan Zheng was startled, got up and ducked far away.

Looking at the small size but amazing strength, the moment he bites, he can’t even run True Qi. I carefully checked my fingers to make sure that there were no tooth marks, and I was relieved and even more afraid.

“Too careless, nothing on Pigweed is simple.”

little azure snake raised its head arrogantly, and made another attacking posture.

Guan Zheng swishly ducked out of the way again, and couldn’t help shouting loudly.

“Immortal Monarch, I’m fine, I can go now…”

Su Qing’s mouth couldn’t help but curl up.

The little azure snake is produced by Great Desolate, not your ordinary human worm. Guan Zheng judged the snake by its appearance, and the loss is certain.

Su Qing rolled up a gust of wind and wrapped Guan Zhengli Pigweed.

Guan Zheng couldn’t tell his direction in the air, only felt the hu hu wind in his ears. There seemed to be a pause in the middle, and then it quickly reached the land.

Open your eyes and look around, it is the port when you go to sea.

“many thanks…”

I was about to thank Immortal Monarch for sending me off, but I found that there was no sign of Su Qing.

Guan Zheng still finished the ceremony, and couldn’t help sighed afterwards.

I got Pigweed twice and stayed for three days the second time. Compared with the world of Painting of All Living Things, my karma is really not light.

It’s just that even if you control your greed, it’s inevitable that you will lose your mind. The more you know about Pigweed’s extraordinaryness, the heavier the yearning will be.

“Brother Guan, farewell every three years, I trust you have been well since we last met.”

While mourning to himself, a person came to him. gnashing teeth, red eyes.

“Brother Dou…” Guan Zheng felt helpless when he saw this person. “For the past three years, haven’t you been waiting here?”

“Nonsense, what do you think!” Dou Qianli couldn’t sleep well for the past three years, and was feeling aggrieved all the time.

But this is really no wonder Guan Zheng, he really didn’t realize it.

“It really cured you.” Dou Qianli rolled up his sleeves. “Come on, now I’m in the second rank of Primordial Spirit, and I will definitely not lose to you again.”

“I admit defeat.” Guan Zheng didn’t mention his realm, and simply conceded defeat. “If you insist on shooting, I will never fight back.”

“You…” Dou Qianli was shocked.

In Guan Zheng’s dictionary, there are no two words to admit defeat. The shock of this reply is second only to the appearance of the Lord of Pigweed.

“Just think I’m enlightened.” Guan Zheng was truly enlightened, because of a snake.

In the first three turns, this was very ambitious. Thinking of leaving Pigweed and fighting Qianzhou again, I am not afraid of crafty plots and machinations. But it was found that even a young snake could not be beaten, and suddenly there was no heart.

It is better to retreat at home than to challenge a hair.

Su Qing looked at Guan Zheng, who was underestimated in life, from the clouds, and his senses were somewhat strange.

Being able to let go of the obsession with victory and defeat does not mean the end of the Marital Arts Path. And if there is no accident, it is likely to bring it up a level in the future.

What he didn’t expect was that it was the little snake who made him realize.

However, Su Qing was also inspired by this and came up with the method of breaking through Qianzhou Formation.

“It seems that I still have to find a guide. Guan is a foreigner and can help me figure it out. But if I want to cross that wall, I still have to find a local person in Qianzhou.”

Several shadows came to mind.

“It’s been so long that I almost forgot about the seven of them.”

When Ganzhou committed Pigweed, there were two groups of people.

More than half of the first batch were strangled, and four were put back. The second batch of seven came, banned the cultivation base and exiled to Qingzhou.

Because it wasn’t a major event, Su Qing didn’t take it to heart. Like driving a few flies out of the house, who cares what happens in the future.

Su Qing suddenly remembered now. He didn’t just drive away the flies, but also cut off his wings.

“It’s been thirty-six years in the world, and it’s not gone.”


Martial Artist is aggressive, fighting for fame in the world. Pigweed encounters a snake, no more than three inches long and no thicker than the last finger. Martial Artist teases, snake bites and falls. Martial Artist is ashamed, saying that he is not as good as a snake, staying behind closed doors, and being ashamed to see others.

《Jiuzhou Chronicle·Pigweed》

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