Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 54


Chapter 54 The Seven People in Qianzhou

“We depend on our parents at home, and friends when we go out. Dear fellow villagers and elders, the seven of us are foreign visitors. Passing by this place, unfortunately, all the entanglements are exhausted, so I have to perform here, please everyone who has money buy a money market and don’t have money to support it…”

In a town market in Chu State, a group of Jianghu artists are in the market Performance.

High-altitude flipping ladders, high-speed rotation, wearing iron pipes, smashing boulders in the chest…

The people onlookers exclaimed from time to time, throwing out copper coins and even stingy. Broken silver.

In any town, it’s not hard to see performances. The content of this team’s performance is not new, but it is very popular.

Because the performers are all old people, none of them are under the age of sixty.

Some have white hair but strong bodies, while others have wrinkled faces but extraordinary temperament. Although an Old Lady is over sixty years old, it is not difficult to see that she looks good when she is young.

Such a special performance team has attracted many people to stop. Even some kung fu Martial Artists will applaud the little tricks like breaking big rocks.

When all the shows were over, the performers cup one fist in the other hand to thank them, and the crowd gradually dispersed. The entertainers started talking while packing up various items.

“I just heard someone say that there are new people entering the living tomb?” The speaker was a very old gray-clothed man, a performer who had just broken a boulder in his chest.

“Well, it’s the commander of the Western Border Army of the Qing Kingdom. It is said that Emperor Qing vomited blood that day.” The answer was a relatively young azure clothed old man, who continued high for a cup of tea. -speed rotation is a big hit.

“When the Minister of Hu went to the tomb of the living two months ago, didn’t the unfortunate emperor just vomit. He is so old, he won’t die directly.” Another Old Daoist Priest inserted Yan came in, teasing the two birds that had just performed.

“Then I don’t know, but even if he dies, he will be accompanied by Emperor Qi. Now the imperial doctor is living in the palace, and he has to go and treat him from time to time.”

This is a sturdy black clothed old man who has just played a big sword, and he is really good-looking.

“It is estimated that he will be treated again soon. Isn’t there two more Elders in the sunflower pie that Qi Gonggong has made. If there is no accident, most of them are ministers in the court. That Yuan Old Mister did the job.

Son, there are more and more.”

A thin old man seemed a little nagging, and his mouth was not idle when he was turning the plate with the rapier.

“What the people in Qingguo and Qi State are doing, I’ve become more and more incomprehensible over the years.” Old Lady was not very talkative, but just sighed with emotion.

“It’s not only them who can’t understand, there are also the four new Sects. The two Wei Country and Liang Guo, they don’t do serious business, they specialize in robbing tombs. Remember that Wei Liang is the mortal enemy, three The Siyin Mountain War was just fought a few years ago, so why are they mixed up now?”

β€œMaybe because of the Siyin Mountain War, the founders of the Four Great Sects of Tomb Robbery are said to have participated. The Sect, the famous ten Great Grandmasters. As a result, they set up another portal and engaged in tomb robbing activities.”

“Aren’t Sun Sihai and Eunuch Qi the same, they are all among the top ten Great Grandmasters. Yes.”

“There are talents in the Jianghu generation, and the ten Great Grandmasters are the old ones. Now the most famous one should be Yan Chixia. I never participate in the disputes of the rivers and lakes, but it seems that I also deal with the dead…”

“Speaking of the dead, too many people died in Siyin Mountain. It is said that now they are all wail like ghosts and howl like wolves, and Ghost Fire can be seen at night. It’s just that no one dares to approach them. It’s from a distance.”

“Now these Jianghu people in Qingzhou are also interesting. It seems that few of them are dealing with people, and they all have sex with ghosts…”

It seems to be just ordinary gossip, but the gestures are quite extraordinary. Even the idle stories that are often heard on the streets and alleys are not spoken out of these people’s mouths.

After a while, the head teacher, who had been silent for a while, spoke up, looking rather impatient.

“Do you feel that you are too idle, and you always have nothing to discuss about these and what to do? Really think that you are still a great character, and guide the country one by one.”

Several people Stop talking and burst into laughter.

“Master Xu, you are becoming more and more like a class leader. The old several brothers are talking about nonsense, you should also take care of this.”

“That’s right, let’s talk about it. These are not secrets, so what kind of guidance is there?”

“We want to talk about Qianzhou, isn’t it impossible to go back…”

I don’t know who answered the sentence. It shouldn’t be mentioned, everyone fell silent for a while.

Northern Territory Green Island, they are aliens. Saint Continent is their home.

When they just left, they were all in high spirits. The Sect Master of Seven Major Sects, what a sight.

Lie Sword Mountain Villa Master Xu Chuping, Shisanwu Boss Hou Zhen, Yaoyue Palace Palace Lord Song Yueyao, Baihemen Sect Master Huang Songzi, Northern Sea Sword Sect Sect Master Yan Zhen, Huiyan One Sword Master Hu Fei, the owner of Tsing Yi Building, Chu Ye.

But now, six old fogeys plus an old lady.

“It’s been thirty-six years, and I really want to go back and have a look. I don’t want the scenery of the past, I just want to be buried in my homeland…”

Hou Zhen, Boss of Shisanwu He is the eldest in the team, and he no longer sees the domineering spirit of the past, and some are just the homesickness of a dying old man.

“If you can’t go back, you can’t go back. It’s not like you have no relatives here. When you die one day, I will send you a funeral.” Sixtieth year. Holding Mr. Hou’s shoulder, Divine Physique’s eyes were gentle.

The old boss has red eyes, patted the landlord’s hand, and the two look at each other in friendship.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t go back.” Palace Lord Song Yueyao of Yaoyue Palace glanced at Xu Chuping, the owner of the fierce Sword Mountain village. “As long as we’re together, we’re home everywhere.”

Zhuang Zhu’s eyes softened and lightly sighed. “Yeah, I should let it go. To be with you in this life, I shouldn’t expect more.” Although other people have long been seen as commonplace, they still can’t help but feel that they have been human in two lifetimes.

Seven people were mourning their lives here when a voice suddenly interjected.

“The blue sea turned into mulberry fields The world is changing, didn’t expect a few people to have realized the true meaning. It seems a bit redundant to come here.”

Several people They were all stunned, only to realize that there was one more person who did not know when. No one noticed when the person appeared, as if at first were there.

A closer look reveals that the seven of them shivered.

Or fear, or excitement… none of them can stabilize the mind.

“Immortal Monarch…”

I don’t know which one took the lead, or at the same time, the seven people knelt on the ground, their foreheads pressed to the ground, daring not to lift the slightest bit.

Lord of Pigweed!


All corners of the world are performing arts and crafts to guide people. Seven people are more than sixty-sixth, and they can still show off their skills and crush stones. The crowd cheered and praised, and only the artists sighed. People only watch the joy, not the pain of the heart.

“Dream of Dreams of Qianzhou”

Those who have tickets will support a ticket venue, and those who do not have tickets will support a personal event. It’s Monday again, and the old man routinely sets bowls and asks for tickets.

(End of this chapter)

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