Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 55


Chapter 55 Past, Present, Future

“This seat is here today, I wanted to end the fate of the year, send You go back to Saint Continent. But now it looks like you are wrong.” Looking at the trembling seven people, Su Qing lightly sighed.

“Seeing through life and realizing the true meaning, life is free and easy. Why go back to the rivers and lakes and be troubled by ordinary people.”

Su Qing didn’t say the opposite, she really felt that she shouldn’t come. It’s just that these seven people have a completely different feeling when they hear it.

“Back to Ganzhou? Can we go back to Ganzhou?”

“No, no no no… We didn’t see through anything, we just passed by.”

“We are lay people, we are willing to go back and be bothered.”

“Immortal Monarch, I’m waiting for a realm that is not as high as you, it’s good to be lay people…”

Seven People don’t know if Su Qing is speaking the opposite, but this opportunity must be seized to kill.

Who is Tamar willing to break big rocks all day and go back to be Sect Master, wouldn’t it be delicious?

Su Qing looked at a few people: “You really want to go back?”

“Yes, really willing.”

Several people nodded, little chicken Like pecking rice.

As the head of the class, Master Xu Dazhuang is even more afraid of missing this opportunity. Secretly gritted his teeth, decided to say something from his heart.

“Immortal Monarch, frankly.” Xu Chuping said, “When we were just exiled to Qingzhou, we were really frightened, but we also really had a grudge against you.”

Several other people were so frightened that they almost cursed out swear words.

“You’re crazy!”

“What nonsense!”

“Immortal Monarch, he’s so confused, don’t lower oneself to somebody’s levelโ€ฆ …”

Xu Chuping said: “In the face of existences like Immortal Monarch, any concealment is meaningless. It is better to be honest, and it can show my repentance.”

Su Qing didn’t make a statement, just looked at Xu Chuping.

“After being chased by a group of bandits for hundreds of miles, Palace Lord Song almost lost his life, and everyone was tired and vomited blood. Fortunately, the foundation was not bad, and finally escaped alive…” Xu Chuping recounted the past, other People also fall into memory

The feeling at that time was avoided a catastrophe, only to find out later that it was the beginning of suffering. The bandit is thrown away, but the problem of life cannot be solved.

The seven people are all serious bosses, and they have been focused on training talents since childhood. Kung fu is practiced every day, and life skills are basically not touched.

Even if you have traveled through the rivers and lakes, you will have no worries about food and clothing. Now this situation is completely unfamiliar.

In their capacity, they are not short of money, and things like gold and silver are universal. Even if you don’t have much cash, you can pawn something. Thinking about going through it slowly, trying to find a Disciple who had been trained in Qingzhou, and trying to find a way to go back to Qianzhou.

As a result, because there is no habit of stubbornness, at first has committed the taboo of not revealing money. He was drugged on the first stay and was looted directly.

Fortunately, the other party was only an ordinary person, and when they saw money temporarily, they ran away with the whole family without killing them.

Without money, it’s harder to find someone. Qingzhou is so big, and the vast sea of people is unfamiliar. After being hungry for a while, I had to lower the lower limit. Vegetable fields steal fruits and vegetables, and stalls steal steamed buns. After being beaten many times, he finally let go of his restraint and became an honorable member of Beggars’ Sect.

Xu Chuping talked about these past events, and everyone was touched. One by one showed sadness, and could not help but wipe away tears.

speaking of which

Someone gave a secret wink, implying not to say anything. However, Xu Chuping had fallen into memory and didn’t care at all.

“I have suffered countless hardships, and the Palace Lord Song has been stared at from time to time because of his appearance. Later, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and I almost became a concubine for a big family… oops… …”

After being twisted by Song Yueyao, Xu Chuping suddenly recovered and said quickly: “Of course, it was because the other party pushed too hard, and in the end they still held the bottom line. All these miserables are all thanks to you. Given the circumstances at the time, how could there be no resentment.”

Su Qing said: “Severe suffering will inevitably lead to great resentment, obsession with sudden enlightenment is only on the front line.”

“I sudden enlightenment, really sudden enlightenment, and so do other people. Now I really have no resentment towards you.” Xu Chuping expressed his position quickly.

“After many trials and tribulations, the seven of us have found a livelihood. Relying on our physical foundation, we can make do with it, and we will make a living by performing arts. Looking at the world and seeing the myriad forms in the world, I gradually let go of it.”

Xu Chuping revealed his heart, and others gradually let go. Thirteen Dock Boss Hou Zhen coughed and picked up the conversation.

“Strictly speaking of which, it is not about letting go, but realizing that you are too ridiculous.” The old master of Hou sighed with emotion.

“When you were expelled from Pigweed, you said that you let us experience what it is to be mortals. At the time, I thought it was a force to oppress people, but later realized the true meaning of what you said. We are all mortals.”

“Old Hou is right.” Tsing Yi Lou Chu Ye nodded agreed. “Believe oneself infallible is an expert, and see others like ants. But when you look back and think about it, isn’t it still the same in your eyes when we didn’t lose our cultivation base?”

Song Yueyao leisurely said: “Ordinary is not Sins, but should not be committed. The strong must be revered, but not bullying. All of our experiences over the years are all having only oneself to blame…”

The seven Sect Masters in Qianzhou confided their hearts in turn, Half-assertion, half-truth.

Su Qing didn’t say much, just silently watched them repent. After the chatter was over, Fang opened the mouth and said:

“Since you want to go back to Qianzhou, I will send you a ride. But looking at your current situation, I would like to remind you. If you give up something, you can It’s hard to pick it up again. Once you make a choice, the result may not be what you think.”

The seven people heard something and thought silently. Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao seemed to wake up suddenly, subconsciously looking at each other.

Su Qing said: “Tomorrow at noon, go down to the Willow Tree in the west of town. If you don’t change your mind, go find this seat.”

The seven people raised their heads again, and Su Qing had already left. go. You look at me, I look at you, with complicated expressions.

“Everyone.” Hou Zhen sighed. “I was waiting to share weal and woe in Qingzhou. In the past, the grievance was just a passing scene. But once I return to Qianzhou, many things will be involuntarily.” As far as Lou and Shisanwu are concerned, it’s not the two of us that can resolve it. Not to mention what the following Disciple thinks, the two Old Ancestors won’t let it go.”

“It’s not just the two of you, everyone Not all are the same. Even if there are no external worries, there will be internal strife. We have been missing for these years, and I donโ€™t know what the chaos will be like.โ€

โ€œThere are still two people in my door, and I used to hold them down. I haven’t been here for all these years, so I really don’t know what’s going on.”

“Actually, we are all okay, the key is Lao Xu and Sister Song. Not only did the two of them get married, but also… If we go back…”

Everyone’s eyes converged on the two of them, Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao were in pain.

“Yeah, everything else is fine, but what about Lin’er?”

“The two families already have grievances, and coupled with the particularity of Yaoyue Palace, if the People know his existence…”

While he was in a dilemma, a teenager in his teens came running with a curious look on his face.

“What are you talking about?”


The son was born in a foreign land, played in the market as a child, and became a great tool for adults. This does not mean that the pearl, the old mussels, are so rare.

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