Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 56


Chapter 56 Pigweed Descendants

While the Sect Masters were struggling to get home, they were unaware that Saint Continent had already Heaven has changed.

Saint Continent.

The palace is made of white jade, and the chairs are made of fragrant wood. There was a young man sitting on it, with a bare chest and a pale face, and his eyes were half-closed, looking at the women kneeling below.

“Palace Lord, this batch is a new trick.” A thin old man stood at the front with a flattering smile.

Inviting Moon Palace, Ancient Sect with thousand-year inheritance.

From Palace Lord to Disciple, they are all women. There has never been a history of accepting a male Disciple, and no man has ever entered the Yaoyue Palace. Even the guests of extraordinary status are received in a special guest hall outside the palace.

But now, the man who was called Palace Lord turned out to be a man who was so frivolous.

The young man took a few glances, and slowly said: “The number of new people has increased, but the previous ones seem to be less.”

The thin old man said with a smile: “This is Isn’t there a new one, those are all old, old and pearly, and reward the brother below…”

pa! Just a slap. The strong palm wind was like Oshui, and it beat the thin old man and flew out.

He slammed his head against the jade pillar and spat out a large swathe of donated blood. The blood sprayed out along the nose and mouth, and it was impossible to see people.

The young man is a Primordial Spirit 2nd ranker.

The kneeling crowd trembled, but no one dared to look up. Just hang him lower, so low that it’s completely against the floor tiles.

“How many times have I said this, don’t play tricks in private.” The young man with detailed eyes said faithfully, “This seat is the direct biography of the Lord of Pigweed, and he is the disciple of immortal. What do you think, this seat is clear. Chu!”

Su Qing, who was far away in the Northern Territory Qingzhou, raised his eyebrows, knowing that someone else was using his name.

“This time it’s very close…”

There are many mortals who say his name, and many of them are swindle. It’s just that in general, Su Qing will basically ignore it.

The cycle of cause and effect has its own set number, and there will be catastrophe if you take the title of immortal. Even if they do nothing, those people will not end well.

But there are some exceptions, the secret is deceived and so on. Fake the name, but can escape the catastrophe. If this is the case, you need to solve it yourself.

Such one appeared more than thirty years ago. It was just unexpected that the opponent’s position could not be counted.

At first I thought it was an old problem of injury has not recovered, so I thought about taking care of my body before dealing with it. Anyway, it’s not a major event, it’s just a small insect, just find it and deal with it directly.

Most recently, the induction has become stronger.

Especially after encountering Guan Zheng.

You can lock the approximate bearing and even see what the other party looks like.

There is only one reason for this to happen.

“We’re going to meet.” Su Qing looked towards the distance. “It’s no wonder that I haven’t been able to find it, but people are actually in Saint Continent. That Formation concealed a lot of things.”

The young man suddenly had an inexplicable heart palpitation and waved his hand impatiently. “Drag the corpse down and clean it up quickly. Everyone else goes down too, don’t get in the way here.”

Several people hurried out, dragged the old man’s corpse away, and quickly cleaned the blood and dirt.

Others were granted amnesty, especially those female disciples, who almost fled the great hall.

“Brother Ren, why are you so angry.”

The two walked into the great hall.

A azure clothes Young Master, a sturdy Jianghu guest.

“I have endured this old fogey for a long time.” The detailed young man said with a dark face, “These women are all prepared for me to supplement, and the original Invitation Moon Palace Disciple is the best. Other women don’t care. , he actually made the original Yaoyuegong Disciple idea.”

“hahaha, so that’s how it is.” azure clothes Young Master laughed. “In the end, the old thorn in my heart is still unremoved.”

“How many years ago, why can’t I let go?” Jianghu Ke said with ridicule.

“Back then, you fell in love with that Song Yueyao, but you failed to propose marriage, and even entered the Yaoyue Palace at night. After being captured, you were humiliated in every possible way, and then released to Qingzhou by the mainstream of Xu Laozhuang. Didn’t expect many years to pass, you Still brooding.”

“Where are you two?” “They were both exiled by Tsing Yi Lou and Thirteen Wharf, and they were both banned from the cultivation base. If it wasn’t for the Lord of Pigweed who killed those old immortals, we would only be still suffering in Qingzhou.”

The two were silent. down.

As early as more than 40 years ago, they were all contenders for the generation of Heaven’s Chosen, Sect Sect Master. But because he violated such a little sect rules, he was exiled to a foreign land in the name of experience.

It was originally Primordial Spirit Realm to the cultivation base, and was suppressed to the Innate Realm with medicine. Although he has the power to protect himself, it is not as good as his own Qingzhou Martial Artist, which is really embarrassing.

Later, Qianzhou experienced a major change, and Peak Martial Artist did not exist one out of ten. As usual, they returned to Qianzhou to report every year, only to know that there was a major event, and they did not leave after that.

Otherwise, the Great Sect Master has lived in Qingzhou for thirty-six years, and he would not have been unable to find his own people. Because as early as at first, it was perfectly staggered.

Although they also entered the WTO in Qingzhou, the situation on both sides is completely different.

The Seven Sect Masters are truly standing behind and have been beaten to the bottom to lose everything. And these three people are not up and down, and the mentality is not balanced and the resentment is deepening.

I was very quiet when I first came back, but it fell out to become hostile after recovering the cultivation base. Now Qianzhou Jianghu heroes are rising together, and they are the most powerful three parties.

“Brother Ren, let’s not mention the old things, what’s the point of you coming to us?” azure clothes Young Master said, “The love you gave Spirit Fruit has always been there, and you will definitely help when you need something. But If it’s a turf or something, Tsing Yi Lou really has no interest.”

“I’m different from Brother Guo, you can talk to Brother Ren if you have something to do.” Jianghu guest chuckled, “But if you want Shisanwu to contribute, I’m afraid that Just come up with some benefits. After all, the friendship between you and I can’t offset the 400,000 gang members.”

“You two are getting more and more unruly.” The detailed youth said indifferently: “I asked you to come. There is nothing else, I just want to set the rules. Whether it is the Tsing Yi Building or the Thirteen Docks. After today, this seat should be respected.”

azure clothes Young Master remained silent, while Jianghu guests laughed.

“Brother Ren, you’re joking a bit too much.”

“Just kidding?” The young man laughed too, “You guys who don’t know the rules all the time are really joking. .”

True Qi surging around the young man’s body, and the gust of wind blew his clothes away. The two ribs that were originally covered up suddenly saw bones and flesh.

The eyes of the other two suddenly changed, subconsciously taking two steps back.

“You went to get the earth fire?”

“That’s right.” The detailed young man jiΓ© jiΓ© sneered.

“You just ate one Spirit Fruit each, and you regained your youthful appearance. But do you know how many I ate? As long as the potency is completely absorbed in a few days, you can take the supplement and suppress it. earth fire. By then, let alone the two of you, the world is mine…”

The laughter grew louder, and True Qi became more and more violent. The surface of the young man’s body seemed to be thick with smoke, and his whole body seemed to be on fire.

“The Tsing Yi Building is the only one who will follow the lead.” The azure clothes Young Master simply bowed his hands to each other.

“Thirteen docks are also willing to obey.” Jianghuke lowered his head.

“Very good.” The Detail Youth retracted True Qi. “Today, I just want your attitude, and you don’t need to do anything for the time being. Tsing Yi Building and Thirteen Docks are still the same as before. When this seat completely suppresses the earth fire, it will not be too late for you to belong. If there is nothing else, just go down.”


The two of them didn’t dare to be as casual as before, they saluted respectfully like other subordinates, and hurriedly exited the great hall.

Walking far outside, the two wiped their sweat and looked at each other.

“We’re here because of Liwei.”

“Liwei? I think he’s crazy.”

“It’s not just crazy now. Yes, I knew that Pigweed was abnormal when I pretended to be the descendant of Pigweed. Brother Liu, what are you going to do next?”

“What should I do? Guan Zheng, you and I have witnessed the horror of that thing with our own eyes.”

“Hey, Brother Liu. Do you think it is possible that the Lord of Pigweed will come to look for his bad luck one day?”

“Impossible, it’s been so many years. So many experts were killed back then, how could it take so long to find out. I’m not sure, that battle was both sides suffering, and now it’s dead.”

The next day, all seven Sect Masters assembled, Su Qing rolled up his sleeves and went straight to Saint Continent.


There are heroes who dare to kill people, and the rivers and lakes rule the roost. Hearing this, the idle man admired him so much that he falsely called him a heroic disciple, and he was the head of the village. The villagers were afraid and dared to obey. The idle man accepts the village women, and wants to enjoy the bliss. Little did they know that the hero had already arrived at the entrance of the village upon hearing of his actions.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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