Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 57


Chapter 57 Farewell (Modified Version)

“I actually came back…”

“No , that’s right, it’s Saint Continent, I recognize it.”

“This is the site of my Northern Sea Sword Sect, and I presided over the construction of that pier. After all these years, it’s still…”

“Brother Yan, when you arrive at your place, you have to entertain guests.”

“No problem, no problem, I won’t go home if I’m not drunk today. I just don’t know the years I’ve been away. , which brat is in charge of…”

Saint Continent, the beach by the sea. One of the seven Sect Masters is not bad, and all of them have returned to their homeland.

Su Qing glanced all around, frowned slightly.

As expected, this time it passed the continent smoothly. It is just a little surprising that the situation in Qianzhou still cannot be deduced. Even the most basic geographic location is blurred in Sea of Consciousness.

Sea beach, grassy mountains and rivers. The scenery is nothing special, very similar to the Northern Territory Green Island.

It’s just that the feeling of standing here is completely different from when I was in Qingzhou.

The range covered by divine consciousness is very narrow, and it is extremely difficult to detect every point. Just like standing in the thick fog of the quagmire, what you can see is basically what you see.

“Even if the injury is severe, it will not be impossible to overlook the mountains and rivers. The Qianzhou Formation is completely closed, and you need to step on the scars to open it up.”

Su Qing turned his eyes away. Back to Seven Sect Masters.

“The fate of these seven people is not over.”

The Sect Masters were excited to go home, not realizing what was waiting for them. His eyes were a little red, as if he could cry at any time.

But only one really cried, Song Yueyao, Palace Lord of Yueyue Palace. The eyes were swollen, and the tears were dripping down.

“I shouldn’t have left him, why should I leave him…No, I have to go back…I want to go back to find Lin’er.”

Song Yueyao didn’t want to go home cry, but cry for leaving my son.

Before leaving, Ben had already made up his mind. He specially found a kind family, left all the money, and entrusted his son to the other party.

But when I got to Qianzhou, I regretted it instantly.

“Yueyao, calm down.” Xu Chuping held Song Yueyao, “Saint Continent must come back, we have our responsibility here. We can pick him up when we settle down the affairs.”


“I could have taken him with me.” Song Yueyao choked.

“Impossible, it’s too dangerous.” Xu Chuping shook his head. “We have been missing for many years, and we will appear as a child when we come back. Someone will definitely be interested in his identity. Once discovered…”

Xu Chuping sighed: “Not to mention the grievances between Lie Sword Mountain Village and Yaoyue Palace , Yaoyuegong has served as Palace Lord, and no one is married. If people know that you and I have a child, the consequences are not something we can bear.”

Other people looked at each other and came to comfort.

“You two don’t have to be sad, there’s still us. When everything is settled, I’ll take Lin’er over.”

“Child is the one we watched grow up. Yes, I will never stand by.”

“Yes, as long as the Sect authority is taken back, and the seven of us work together, we are afraid that we will not be able to keep a child? Even the Old Ancestors… have to give some face. “

“Speaking of which is a bit of a pervert, if the Old Ancestors passed away…cough cough…after all these years…”

“Makes sense…”


Sect Master is not just talking about it casually, but really takes it seriously.

The seven people were exiled to Qingzhou for thirty-six years. Take Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao for example, it took more than 20 years to get together. Otherwise, the child will not be only eleven years old, and the old tree of eight hundred is blooming.

Being born is all the stars cup themselves around the moon, seven people dote on each other and bring them closer to each other. For example, the two bosses of Shisanwu and Tsing Yilou can resolve grievances, and raising children plays a very important role.

As everyone was appeasing Song Yueyao, dozens of silhouettes suddenly appeared on the pier in the distance.

All of them were wearing strong suits with swords on their backs, and they were scattered around, and at a glance, they knew that the people who came were not good.

“Don’t be nervous.” Northern Sea Sword Sect Sect Master Yan Zhen laughed, “This is the Northern Sea Sword Sect’s territory, they should be dressed as Disciple in the door. Don’t talk for now, I’ll go talk to them. Negotiate.”

Yan Zhen went up to him confidently, and was held against his neck by three swords.

“Old man, where did you come from? How dare you walk around here.”

Yan Zhen blushed hot, and his angry beard was raised.

“You don’t recognize me when you’re young, and you don’t lower oneself to somebody’s level. You can see that people will draw their swords, and who will give you the rules! Northern Sea Sword Sect takes etiquette first, which is the most basic Have you forgotten the sect rules?!”

Although the cultivation base has not been lifted yet, Yan Zhen’s aura is very strong. After all, he was in his own land, and his confidence was different from that in Qingzhou.

The other party was really stunned, but soon burst into laughter.

“Old man, are you confused! Where did the Northern Sea Sword Sect come from now!”

“Isn’t it just crawling out of the coffin, this memory seems to be It’s still more than 30 years ago.”

“This is the site of our Beichuan faction, and the Northern Sea Sword Sect has long been destroyed.”

I heard the other party’s mockery. , Yan Zhen both shocked and angry.

“Impossible! Impossible! The Northern Sea Sword Sect has been inherited for hundreds of years, how can it be lost in several decades. Beichuan Sect, I know, is just a small Sect attached to it. What kind of thing are you, how dare you say it is destroyed.

Drop my Sect!”

When the other party heard this, his face suddenly turned bad.

“You old man, are you the remnants of the Northern Sea Sword Sect?”

“Oh, it’s hard to say. They came back from the sea, maybe after going out for many years. I don’t know what happened.”

“Whoever he is, grab him and talk about it…”

A Beichuan sent Disciple to come forward and twist Yan Zhen’s arm directly. Yan Zhen struggled hard, but he couldn’t resist the opponent’s strength at all.

Other Sect Masters were furious at first sight.

It’s okay to be bullied in Qingzhou, how can you be so angry when you go back to your own home. He was willing to help, but he thought that he seemed to be giving it in vain.

“Immortal Monarch…you sent us back, can you show mercy again and give us back the martial arts?”

Everyone looked forward to it.

Su Qing said: “What you are waiting for is Martial Arts in the human world, and 36 years of joining the WTO is also Cultivation. When you return to Qianzhou, Cultivation expires, so why do you need this place to do it for you?”

Su Qing said. >

The eyes of several Sect Masters suddenly shined, and they hurriedly tried to adjust their breaths. Later, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the cultivation base has returned a little bit. Yan Zhen, who was playing against him, chose to shoot directly.

“What a bunch of ignorant young people, I really give you a face!”

In the swirling wind and yellow sand, Yan Zhen’s beard fluttered and stood with his hands behind his back. The Disciples of the Beichuan faction were blown to pieces by the violent energy. Many wounds were cut on his body, just like being cut by a knife.

I saw that Yan Zhen’s gray hair was reduced, and many black hairs were born. The wrinkles on the face subsided and the skin became plump. A pair of eyes is more like a sword embedded in it, making people dare not look at them.

β€œTrue Qi is like a knife, Primordial Spirit turns 2!!”

Beichuan School Disciples turned pale in fright, instinctively got up and ran.

“Want to go?!”

Yan Zhen pointed and pointed into a sword, and shot out sou sou with energy. Not a single one of the Beichuan faction Disciples were left, and all of them were pierced to death.

Afterwards, Yan Zhen dissipated his energy, turned around and bowed to Su Qing.

β€œmany thanks to Immortal Monarch for the Dharma.”

The expression is very pious and the tone is very excited. This Primordial Spirit second turn Sect Master, not only restores the cultivation base. Yan Zhen clearly felt that his realm had loosened.

Others were also aware of it, and they were all excited. Especially Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao, they were even more happy.

If you can really break through Primordial Spirit three turns, then don’t be afraid of the Old Ancestor at home. when the time comes bring my son back and see who dares to gossip.

At about the same time, in a small farmhouse in Green Island in the Northern Territory, a teenager leaned on the windowsill and looked into the distance.

“Father, mother… I will be obedient, I will be obedient… You have to come back to pick me up soon, I know you will definitely come back to pick me up…”

The boy silently Talking, keep giving yourself confidence. But his eyes were a little erratic, flickering with unease and panic.

When he said goodbye, he was very calm, hehe haha could not see the slightest sadness. The mother who patted her chest more like a Jianghu man and made her eyes reddened was strong.

These are all appearances.

He was never really separated from his family, nor was he alone through the night. Dependence on family members has been deeply rooted.

It’s just that he is afraid of disappointing his parents, and being afraid of being told that he is not strong enough.

“Sleep, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, anyway, we will meet soon.” The boy lay back on the bed, closed his eyes forcefully, and buried his head deeply into the quilt.

This night is doomed.

Su Qing looked into the distance, lightly sighed.

“Fate is also bitter.”


Men and women who have children in a foreign land may not be accepted by their elders. Send the son to the farmhouse, and return to the hometown to do business. The child raised his head day and night, looking forward to the return of his father and mother.

“Dream of Dreams of Qianzhou”

Let me explain, old man is not actually a person who listens to persuasion. Just like the previous criticism of Dihua, only the description was adjusted, and the character was not changed. The protagonist is definitely invincible, but he will not lose his awe. The writing deviation is that the author’s level is not enough, and it is absolutely impossible to change the character.

However, this chapter is different, making the mistake of outline flow. I just want to speed up the rhythm and give the small supporting roles a position. The results ignore the emotional factor, as well as the plausibility of the development of the story. In fact, not to mention the officials, the old man himself was awkward when he saw the previous paragraph. I just want to push forward quickly, I think it may not be in the way, anyway, it’s two-three hundred words. Facts have proved that the face is painful, but it is even better. Special thanks for the comments here, and even bluntly the author’s supervisor. The author is writing the book, but writing the book is not for self-entertainment. The experience of watching officials is very important, and feedback is very important. Of course, as I said before, there is no guarantee that it will be changed every time o(*οΏ£3οΏ£)o

(end of this chapter)

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