Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 58


Chapter 58 The Return of Old Sect Master

“Let’s go, go up the mountain.”

The foot of the Twin Camel Mountain, Su Qing greets Yan Zhen.

Saint Continent’s secret is unknown, and the Northern Territory Green Island is unhindered. The teenager was looking forward to it, Su Qing had a feeling in the heart.

The child has great opportunity, and those who have great opportunity will have great suffering.

But whether it’s chance or suffering, it’s all a matter of the future. What needs to be done now is to make an imprint on Saint Continent. It is good to break through the restrictions and gain insight into the secrets.

Twin Camel Mountain is home to the Northern Sea Sword Sect, known for its camel-like back. Now that it is occupied by the Beichuan faction, Yan Zhen can recapture this place and leave the first trace.

“You, do you really want to go up with me?” Yan Cheng was frightened.

As the Sect Master of the Northern Sea Sword Sect, he certainly wants to take back the Sect foundation. By the way, I wanted to find out what happened in these years, but I didn’t even bother to ask when I was angry just now.

But didn’t expect the Lord of Pigweed to go along.

If this guy is willing to help, let alone a double camel mountain, dominating the entire Qianzhou is nothing difficult. Of course Yan Zhen didn’t dare to think that way, but he couldn’t figure out what this meant.

“This seat is just a passerby and will not interfere in human affairs.” Su Qing said, “But if you can rebuild your foundation, I can give you a congratulatory gift.”

“Really What?” Yan Zhen’s eyes lit up immediately, and he felt the blood all over his body burning.

immortal congratulations!

Not to mention that there is only one Beichuan faction on the mountain, even a hundred of them have to be shot down.

“Let’s go.” Su Qing said.

“I dare not walk in front of Immortal Monarch.” Yan Zhen stood still.

Su Qing took the lead up the mountain, and Yan Zhen followed carefully.

Yan Zhen is very cautious, always beware of anyone coming out. Although he was walking behind, if someone blocked the way, he would definitely take the shot ahead. If the opponent’s sword is pointed at Immortal Monarch, it’s not how much the opponent kills, but his sidekick.

As a result, I walked past the mountain gate and saw no one guarding it.

“What’s going on?”

Yan Zhen was extremely puzzled.

Shuangtuoshan is dangerous, and the mountain road is narrow and easy to defend and difficult to attack. In the past, he specially built some dark sentries to guard against possible foreign enemies.

When I came up, I found that the outposts were all there, but no one saw it. Even if occupied, the basic guard should be done by someone.

When I got to the main hall on the top of the mountain, I finally knew what was going on.

“Drink, give it to the uncle…hahaha…”

“My little bitch is so disobedient, I have to take the room to educate and educate, you drink first.”

“Why haven’t the people who went down the mountain for inspection come back yet, it seems that time has passed.”

“It’s better if they don’t come back, we should go when they come back.”

“If I say, there is no need to do this. There is nothing to inspect in the broken places. There is not much oil and water in the poor mountains and fields, and there is simply no one to rob…”

Yan Zhen’s face turned red. , the beard kept shaking there.

After many humiliations over the years, I thought that my heart was still water. As a result, didn’t expect to go back to his hometown, making him angry every time.

The Northern Sea Sword Sect great hall is built on a lower peak, facing another peak from a distance, and it is originally a solemn place. But what has become now, it is simply a den!

Wearing similar clothes to the Northern Sea Sword Sect, broad daylight does dirty things.

“Hey, there’s no more wine…you immortals, hurry up and get some wine…”

The people in the great hall didn’t notice anyone coming up, they just urged a few people. An old servant, go get a drink.

Yan Zhen turned his head to look, his figure trembled.

Although the clothes are ragged and senile, the pipa bone is still buckled. But still recognized at a glance, this is the Disciple of the Northern Sea Sword Sect.

In those days, these few cultivation bases were sparse, but they were very practical and dealt with many chores in the door. I didn’t expect it to be like this now.

A few old servants didn’t see Yan Zhen, and tremblingly wanted to go down to get wine. One of them seemed to be weak and accidentally fell a somersault.

When the others picked him up, he couldn’t help crying.

“Ancestral Master, Ancestral Master…Open your eyes…Look at what these beasts have ruined this place…”

The old man cried and cursed, Beichuan Disciples were not annoyed, but rather laughed heartily.

The two got up drunk and came over to punch and kick. Several other old people tried to pull, but they were all knocked down.

“Old bastard, it’s itchy skin. It’s hard to be beaten for a few days, isn’t it?”

“The Northern Sea Sword Sect used to be so beautiful, I envied it when I was young. Yeah. But thinking about it now, it’s much more interesting to step on your feet.”

“Hey, take it easy. One less of these Old Guys die, and they won’t have to play in the future.”

Yan Zhen gasped and looked towards Su Qing inquiringly.

Su Qing said: “Do it yourself.”

Yan Zhen nodded and walked forward.

“Old Guy from the Northern Sea Sword Sect, here’s another one. If you want to play, the old man will accompany you.”

Those people turned their heads and saw Yan Zhen’s appearance, once again Laugh out loud.

“Where’s the crazy old man, here’s courting death.”

“I said there are a few guards at the mountain gate, and all these messes are put on the mountain… ”

A few old people were not, rubbing their eyes vigorously.

“Palm, Sect Master?!”

The Beichuan faction didn’t realize the danger, and was still laughing drunkenly.

“Sect Master? What Sect Master? In the grave?”

“You guys just pray slowly and see if you can climb out… eh? Wait, this is The old man is a bit familiar, he seems to be from the Northern Sea Sword Sect.”

“Yes, I also have an impression. When I was young, I wanted to join the Northern Sea Sword Sect, but I was eliminated. I saw him at the selection ceremony at the time…he, he…is he Yan Zhen?!!!”

Someone who was older recognized it, and instantly soul flew beyond the heaven.

“Northern Sea Sword Sect Sect Master?! It’s not dead?!!”

Yan Zhen shot.

I didn’t point out that sword qi was hurting the enemy, and went forward and turned his head.

Since the Primordial Spirit Realm, Yan Zhen hasn’t killed anyone with his bare hands. If there is no sword in hand, kill it with sword qi.

Today is probably because of anger, and maybe several decades of market experience. Like a tiger, it rushed into the crowd, twisting one neck after another.

The Disciples of Beichuan Sect were completely sobered up and ran away in panic. There are also some who heard the movement and ran out from the apse to support. Several of them are not low in status at first glance, and they are suspected to be characters such as Elder or even Sect Master.

But the result is the same, face to face is death.

No evenly matched contests, just one-sided slaughter.

“How could such a group of trash take over my Northern Sea Sword Sect?”

It didn’t take long for his hands to be covered in blood, and he looked like a madman.

Several Northern Sea Sword Sect seniors were excited at first because their Old Sect Master was back. But looking at them, one by one showed hesitation and fear.

In their impression, Sect Master, although strong in temperament, can fight with people with great demeanor. The sword that kills is not stained with blood, and has a reputation of being a little red when he is young.

But look now, where there is a little red, it is all red. contorts one’s face in agony

“Isn’t he really crawling out of the grave…”

Return of the King turned into the dead and returned, and a few old men suddenly panicked.

I have been used to being wronged for more than 30 years, and I can’t believe that there is a miracle. Even if Yan Zhen is back now, some unreliable thoughts have arisen.

Yan Zhen slaughtered all the Disciples of Beichuan faction, and this was a sigh of relief.

Seeing blood on his hands and even brains, his expression didn’t change at all.

When I was looking for a living in Qingzhou, I caught things even dirtier than this. If it weren’t for Immortal Monarch’s presence, he would have even wanted to use more violent means.

β€œImmortal Monarch.”

Yan Zhen came to Su Qing and bowed and raised his hands in worship.

“Because of righteous indignation in my heart, the action is too cruel, please Immortal Monarch to convict me.”

Su Qing said: “I’m passing by here, I don’t care about world affairs. Just do what you want, you don’t have to. Don’t worry about this seat.”

“Yes.” Yan Zhen put down his heart, turned around and looked towards a few old people.

I thought that these old acquaintances would run over excitedly, just like he did when facing Immortal Monarch. didn’t expect the old people ran and ran, but in the exact opposite direction.

The old people did not see the awe of the immortal, only the Sect Master spoke to the air.

No doubt, it came out of the grave.


All gone.


The aliens return to their hometowns in old age, and the wild dogs chase their friends and fight against each other. The dog died at the end, with blood splashed from its body and a hideous appearance. The friend said, you are already dead, are you a ghost now? startled away. Guest sigh, sad, people are not as good as dogs.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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