Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 59


Chapter 59 The Story Before Thirty-Six

Yan Da’s Sect Master with no difficulty regained his foundation.

The Beichuan faction is still the Beichuan faction back then, and the strongest is Innate Realm. Whether the Sect Master or the gatekeeper is a one-shot, it can be cleaned efficiently.

On the contrary, Disciple, the rescued doorman, had some unexpected troubles.

Thirty-six years is too long to believe in miracles. I can’t believe that Yan is really alive, thinking that it was reincarnated in someone else’s body to save Sect.

While everyone was grateful, they also persuaded Sect Master to return to Yin Sector. After all, people and ghosts have different paths and are not suitable for living together.

Fortunately, Su Qing also realized the problem.

It is necessary to enter the WTO to set foot on the mark, so it shows the body. After the others were rescued, they all said that they could see another person. Several old men confirmed that dim-sighted from old age, Yan Sect Master did not speak to the air, and only proved his identity as a living person.

Separate some people to clean up the corpses, and the seniors enter the great hall to report to Yan Zhen. The other six Sect Masters who had been waiting at the foot of the mountain also went up to the mountain to listen in as their vague identities as friends of the rivers and lakes.

“Although the old man left, there are still two elders with the same cultivation base. Among the second-generation Disciples, there are also seven first-ranking people. As for the Disciple of Primordial Spirit Realm, there are more Not to mention, there is also the Old Ancestor of Primordial Spirit’s third turn…”

Yan Zhen asked a question that puzzled him for a long time.

“With my background as Northern Sea Sword Sect, how could I be destroyed by the little Beichuan faction? What happened in the years I was away?!”

Surviving There are about 30 people in Beichuan Disciple, all of whom are fifty-sixty years old. In addition to those old people, there are also some entry-level Disciples of the year. Hearing Yan Zhen’s question, a group of people burst into tears.

“Sect Master, you’ve been away from too many things over the years.” A Disciple wiped away tears and said, “You’ve been missing not very long, and Old Ancestor has left. As an Elder, and an expert with 2nd rank or higher, go to Sword Mountain Village.”

Yan Zhen startled. “Sword Mountain Village?”

The seven people all looked towards Xu Chuping, Xu Chuping couldn’t help coughing.

I thought it would not be as harmonious as before after returning to Qianzhou, but I didn’t think that at first would be a big thunder.

“Yeah, it’s been almost thirty-six years. At that time, the owner of the old mansion Xu personally came forward and invited the heroes of the world to gather at the Sword Mountain Villa to discuss a major event.” Fortunately, the old man’s next words, Xu Chuping’s embarrassment was relieved.

“We are too young to know the details. But the Old Ancestors of the Seven Major Sects have gone, and almost all the experts above the second round, including some excellent first round talents. Basically it can be said that , more than 80 to 90% of the powerhouses in Qianzhou have gone.”

“Oh…” The seven people suddenly realized, and looked at Su Qing subconsciously.

The seven Sect Masters are missing, definitely a major event. But it is so popular, mostly because of Pigweed immortal island.

Su Qing did not enter the great hall, but meditated under the tree in the courtyard.

Others were carrying corpses in the yard, passing by from time to time.

Different from the awe of the seven Sect Masters, most of the others take Su Qing seriously.

Join the WTO to become a mortal person, without deliberately changing the appearance. A destined person can recognize True Immortal, and a person who is not destined will only see what is in their hearts.

Emperor, noble, civil and military officer, agricultural, industrial and commercial thief and prostitute. In my heart, I guess it is who, what is the appearance of a WTO immortal.

In the eyes of the overwhelming majority, Su Qing is the same person in distress as they are, and she is the more annoying kind. Because everyone is working, only this person is sitting all the time.

“I said the one under the tree, don’t just stay awake, come and help.” A man dragged a corpse and shouted at Su Qing.

Su Qing didn’t respond to this voice, but the seven Sect Masters shivered. Yan Zhen almost jumped up to see which unworthy descendant was doing the trouble.

“It’s not convenient.” Su Qing didn’t care.

“What is the inconvenience.” The man was very angry. “A lame leg or a broken waist?”

Yan Zhen couldn’t get up because his legs were a little soft.

“The limbs are fine, it’s just inconvenient.” Su Qing stopped talking after replying, just closed her eyes and meditated.

“You…” The man was even more angry, and he wanted to curse when he opened his mouth.

“Forget it, he may be tired.” An old man came to dissuade him and helped lift the body together. “He should have been rescued at the bottom of the mountain, and then took the Old Sect Master up the mountain. It wasn’t him who helped lead the way, we weren’t rescued so quickly.”

“Forget it, Old Sect Master It’s not that I don’t know the way.” The man didn’t buy it, but he no longer bothered, and carried the body away with the old man.

In the great hall, the seven Sect Masters let out a long sigh of relief, Yan Zhen looked towards the old man and admired it even more.

These people rescued from outside included Disciple and family members from the Northern Sea Sword Sect, and some were ordinary people who were captured. The man is a descendant of Sword Sect, and the old man is an ordinary farmer.

“Sect has been in decline for too long, one generation is not as good as one generation, and the younger generation is not as good as the old man in the field.” Yan Da Sect Master was very emotional.

“Youngster lacks experience, and is not as stable as an old man.” Xu Chuping echoed nodded. “When I was young, Old Ancestor said…”

Xu Chuping was stunned and suddenly thought of a question.

“I want to ask one thing.” Xu Chuping hurriedly asked several old men who were reporting in the great hall.

“Back then at the Sword Mountain Villa, Old Ancestor… oh, the old man Xu, who called so many experts to go. Did you invite the Martial Saint sword? And use the ancient formation?”


When asked this question, Xu Chuping was trembling personally.

“The specific details are not quite clear…” an old man recalled, “I only heard that the Martial Saint sword was indeed invited, but I don’t know if there is an ancient formation. But I heard that the experts who attended the party, It seems that they all went to the mountainside of Sword Mountain Village…”

Before the words were finished, Xu Chuping felt that his eyes were darkened.

If it wasn’t for someone around me, I would have to fall off the chair.

Yes, needless to say, I get it all.

Old Ancestor is gone.

And not only him, the Primordial Spirit Martial Artists of the cream of the crop in Qianzhou are all gone.

The narrators have no idea what the person was provoking, and continue to say what they know.

“It’s hard to know who we dealt with back then. But it’s definitely an extremely powerful Great Demon…woo.”

The mouth was covered, the seven Sect Master shot at the same time.

The old man was very frightened and looked at the seven Sect Masters, not knowing what was going on.

The seven Sect Masters were even more frightened, looking towards Su Qing in the courtyard, very afraid of what would happen next.

In the yard.

“It’s time for dinner, everyone, let’s have something to eat.”

Someone found food in the kitchen, warmed it up, put it in a basket, and distributed it to the people in the yard.

In the past, it was hard to eat after being abused, and it was even more tiring to move the corpse to work. When I saw something to eat, I hurried forward and grabbed it, and it was cleaned up in a while.

The old man who was speaking for Su Qing just now got two and squatted aside to eat. Seeing Su Qing under the tree, he walked over and handed a steamed bun.

“Eat, don’t be sorry.” The old man said, “Seeing that you have been sitting here all the time, you must be hungry and have no strength.”

Su Qing opened her eyes. Looking at the old man, he took the steamed bun.

Several Sect Masters in the house were relaxed again.

The elderly are reliable.


The passengers are in distress, and the heroes are rescued. To protect his return home, honored guests. The villagers do not know, and they are neglected with little courtesy. Hakka know heroes dare to kill people, worry about it. Fortunately, the old man gave him a great gift, and he was praised as a hero. The guest sighed and said, “The elders are wise and virtuous.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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