Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 6


Chapter 6 I want a concubine (I want a ticket)

In the Wang Family mansion, the interrogation of two tigress continues.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with not going home for half a year?” The mother-in-law was very imposing.

“Don’t worry about it, what about child?” Song Yuan wanted to see his son.

Knowing that half a year has passed, he is very worried about his son’s condition. The wish made was about the next generation, and his son was just ten years old.

“Why don’t you hurry?!” The fat wife was furious: “If you do something that’s sorry for me, I won’t forgive you! And I tell you, the child belongs to the Wang Family, don’t worry about it!”

“It’s not too late to tell the truth.” The mother-in-law looked distrustful. “Did you go out this time to sell smuggled salt behind your back? If you do something like that, don’t implicate us.”

Song Yuan raised his eyes. “If what I’ve done in the past six months is implicated in this?”

“Then get out of here!” The mother-in-law was furious. “Wang Family don’t want a scourge like you…”

Before he finished speaking, a whirlwind rushed into the hall.

“You are the scourge of the Wang Family!” The father-in-law was old and strong, and kicked the old mother-in-law out two zhangs away.

“Father?!” The fat wife was shocked. “Why did you beat your mother?”

“By the way, I haven’t beaten you yet.” Turning around, he slapped his daughter again, and beat his daughter around three times. “Who gave you the courage to talk nonsense in front of the old man’s beloved son-in-law! He surnamed Song, and his son naturally surnamed Song, why was it my Wang Family?”

“Yes, but you said before …”

“I say what I say! I dare to falsely accuse my father of being rude!” father-in-law slapped his face. “I’m going to change the sign tomorrow, Wang Ji will change Song Ji! They are all a family, so you can tell what to do! … Love son-in-law, you say yes…”

father-in-law turned He looked at Song Yuan with a smile on his face.

Song Yuan blinked. “You already know?”

“en. “Master Wang nodded.

Song Yuan was silent for a moment, then said: “Wang Family is kind to me, I will not be ungrateful. But starting today, I will be in charge of family affairs.”

“You say What?” The fat wife got up in a daze, and when she heard this, she couldn’t care about anything else, and immediately got angry. “You are a foreigner, why…”

“Talk nonsense, where is the foreigner, they are all family!” The arm knocks the younger sister away. “Brother-in-law, starting today, I’ll give you a fight. The family’s business will be transferred to your name.”

It’s almost impossible to stop outside the gate, so be safe before confronting foreign enemies.

Song Yuan said: “The Wang Family’s family style is not right. From today onwards, we will rectify the family style. On the way back, I will draft thirty-six house rules, and I hope everyone will abide by them.”

Mother-in-law station up. “How old are you, how dare you…”

“How old are you, how dare you be disrespectful to your love-in-law! If you dare to talk too much, you will be divorced now!” father-in-law swiftly With another kick, laughed turned his head and said, “My son-in-law, not to mention thirty-six, three hundred and sixty are no problem. A thousand-year-old Aristocratic Family, you have to be careful.”

“The family grows stronger. , need to open branches and leaves.” Song Yuan said: “I want to take a concubine, add a child!”


The fat wife can’t figure out who the father and the big brother are. It’s not that he drank too much, he sat on the ground and cried. “Father, big brother! Listen, he really has someone! You can’t leave it alone, you have to decide.”

“Yes, this matter must not be sloppy!”

father -in-law and eldest brother turned their minds quickly and quickly weighed the pros and cons.

“My dear son-in-law, do you have a girl you know? Bring it back to show your father. This time I have to pick the good-looking ones, not the ugly ones.”

“Brother-in-law, I know a few good girls, they are all ladies, I will introduce them to you later. Which one you like will tell you directly, my uncle will help you with the matchmaking…”

The fat wife stopped crying and watched in horror. with father and big brother.

It’s not that I drink too much, it’s crazy.

Boom, the door was pushed open, and Lord Magistrate and the gentlemen squeezed in.

But at this time, Wang Family father and son are already smiling in victory.

The golden turtle son-in-law is stable, what can you do?

The Wang Family was a constant guest for the next period of time. Especially after Song Yuan took over the Wang Family and released the news that he wanted to take a concubine, the threshold was almost stepped on.

The real Great Aristocratic Family will be friends and will not kneel and lick without bottom line. But there are many families that are similar to the Wang Family, or even have weak foundations, and will not miss such a good opportunity.

The immortal is protected for thousands of years, and it can take off with a little help. And all they need to do is send a woman to a family.

Wang Family chooses carefully.

The master and the uncle personally selected to ensure the status of Wang Family’s wife. As for the dizzy two tigress, I don’t care to tell them any big truths.

Learn new family rules and discipline, and then make a new face.


The incense stick is figuratively formed, and Su Qing holds it in her hand.

Promise to keep peace for thousands of years, you must have inheritance first. Previously, it was said that after the calamity, the incense was lighted because Song Yuan did not have his own inheritance. But I didn’t expect it, just got home and got it.

“If you can build a family foundation so soon, the disaster in the future will not be easy. Don’t rush the incense for a while, let’s talk about it in a few years.”

Su Qing involved the incense in the Robe sleeves, glanced at Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai.

This incense is just a simple causal method, which is beneficial to Cultivation, but will not affect the creation of Sendai. However, the animal tooth pendant sent out was different.

Nine Reasons Good Fortune There are nine palaces on the first floor of Sendai, and the orientation of the middle palace is the Immortal Apricot spirit root projection. Now there is a tiger-shaped illusory shadow in the position of the west palace.

The illusory shadow did not appear when it was just sent out. Now it not only appears, but also deepens a little bit.

“The Nine Palaces of Sendai, the Central Palace, Immortal Apricot spirit root. The East, West, North, and South four palaces should be ruled by four elephants. The West is where the White Tiger is, so the tiger looks like a tiger. Animal teeth The White Tiger Bloodline is too thin, and the real White Tiger soul can be refined only after killing.”

Pendant soul, there has been killing.


Wei Country, Ningzhou Prefecture, Zhao Family Village.

A tall gated mansion, a newly built house. There were a dozen or so corpses lying outside, and the yamen’s catcher was cleaning up.

Zhao Sanxi and others went to Qingguo to sell goods, and the old lady helped to cook. My wife died early, so I brought my child with me. When you want to go home, you meet an immortal fate, and the three generations of grandparents get three green leaves.

Build a new house and land, invite the villagers to eat running water, and return to their hometown with infinite scenery. Then it started to die, with an average of two or three days.

First, the village tyrant died outside the walls of Zhao Sanxi’s house. Then a gang of gangsters in the county died on Zhao Sanxi’s way home from the county seat. Then, a group of Jianghu people of unknown origin died outside Zhao Sanxi’s house again…

Every time there were witnesses, and the deceased had malicious intentions first. The murderer is not anyone from the Zhao Family, but a tiger from nowhere.

“Big brother, can’t you see it? This thing is too ominous, so don’t bring it to the child. That tiger is killing others now, and it will devour the master one day. to subdue.”

In Zhao Family’s house, the second child of Zhao Family is persuading big brother.

“What are you talking about?” Zhao Sanxi was a little angry. “The three green leaves are all exchanged for gold, and my mother will give you 60%. I won’t say anything. But the pendant is given by immortal, and you can’t give it to anyone.”

“Boss, you are here again. What?” The old lady interrupted in dissatisfaction. “It wasn’t your younger brother who took care of the house all these years. But you’re good, you don’t even recognize your brother…”

“Mother, it’s not…” Zhao Sanxi emphasized. “immortal said that things can’t be given away.”

The old lady said, “immortal also said that it can be passed on!”

“That will have to wait for Xiaodouzi to the age of no confusion. “Zhao Sanxi explained. “It’s after the age of forty, and you have to have that fate.”

“What’s not confusing about forty, that means outsiders, there are so many things in their own family.” The old lady said: “Let’s talk about it. Now, why do you say your younger brother doesn’t have that fate?”

“Yes, my fate is very tough.” Second Old Zhang patted his chest. “Think about it, when I was a child, I fell into the river, and I was beaten by the casino… I was beaten many times and I didn’t die. My life is not impossible to subdue, and Xiaodouzi will definitely not be able to.”

“Sanxi!” The old lady’s face became more and more ugly. “I’ve talked a lot about it, why don’t you understand things. You’re a big brother, and now you’re well developed, don’t you know how to take care of Brother Gu?”

“I’m not enough to take care of… It’s okay, mother, don’t cry, just give it…but if something goes wrong, don’t blame me…”

Under the coax and pester of mother and younger brother, Zhao Sanxi finally let go mouth.

Then that night, Second Old Zhang died in the casino.


Ningzhou has tigers that eat people, and people dare not walk at night. When a son wanted to join the military, he was not afraid of tigers, and his mother praised him for his bravery. Xing and night search, buried tiger’s mouth.

“Ningzhou Prefecture Chronicle”

(end of this chapter)

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