Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 60


Chapter 60. The simple should enjoy family relationships

Seven Sect Masters In Qingzhou for 36 years, walking among the streets and markets. As for the major event Pigweed in the world, it is just like hearsay by ordinary people. For Su Qing’s move to pick up the steamed buns, there is not much association. I just feel that Immortal Monarch has a big chest and is not angry with the “Great Demon” statement.

But then again, fear is inevitable.

“There’s no need to talk about the matter of Sword Mountain Village back then…” Yan Zhen withdrew his trembling hand, as did the others.

Even if they don’t say anything, they can guess pretty close.

The simultaneous disappearance of Seven Major Sects and Sect Masters is an earth-shattering major event, and the Martial Arts community in Qianzhou is sure to respond. From what we know now, it must be a big move.

Only Xu Chuping knows how to operate it. But others can imagine the end result, even if they don’t know the details.

Seven of them will be sent away in one sleeve, and more sleeves will naturally be sent away. And everyone knew very well in their hearts, that time at Sword Mountain Village was definitely not as simple as flipping their sleeves.

The seven of them just attacked the Pigweed Island array. And Xu Laozhuang called many powerhouses, must be the owner of Pigweed himself.

The little piggy arches the butcher, courting death can’t wait to be released.

Yan Zhen calmed down. “You just need to tell us if there are survivors.”

“There are four people, two each from Sword Mountain Village and Baihemen…” Someone named four Sect Masters. The expression is very complicated.

When they were on Pigweed Island, these four guys slipped away. didn’t expect to return to Ganzhou, and luckily escaped.

I used to despise them for being cowardly, but now I know it’s a matter of time. Being able to accurately judge form and make decisions is much better than the seven of them.

β€œThe Martial Arts powerhouse is out of ten, and the chaos in Qianzhou is not difficult to predict.” Yan Zhen long sighed.

“The world is in chaos, and groups of heroes are fighting for each other. Those Martial Artists who have not been invited, and even those who are hiding from XZ, I am afraid they will come out. If I am not bad, kill me.

The Northern Sea Sword Sect is not the Beichuan faction, but the archenemy of the other Primordial Spirit Realm.”

The survivors were nodded again and again.

“The Sect Master said it well. The enemies attacked the mountain one after another, and they even united. The senior brothers and senior sisters above the Primordial Spirit Realm were all killed.”

“If it wasn’t for the loss of all elites, it wouldn’t be the Beichuan faction’s small man intoxicated by success.”

“Saint Continent is very chaotic now, there are fights everywhere and people are dying every day. The more remote, the overall better. The closer you get to the Central Plains, the more intense the fight.”

“But I don’t know the details, the news here is too closed. Those bastards from the Beichuan faction have no ambitions. I only know that it will harm the people nearby…”

The seven Sect Masters were silent, with deep worry in their eyes.

If the elites in the door are lost, the enemy will inevitably come to the door. In particular, Seven Major Sects has been pressing other Sects, and it is logical to take this opportunity to counterattack and rebound.

The Northern Sea Sword Sect has no competition in the world, and there are enemies who come to seek revenge. Other Sects have grievances and even internal problems. After so many years, the changes are hard to predict.

Of course, it’s not all good news.

Old Ancestor in the third turn is collectively dead, and the remaining expert in the second turn can be counted on one’s fingers. Seven of them, can walk unhindered in Ganzhou.

“Brother Yan, since the situation is clear, we will stay soon.” Xu Chuping cup one fist in the other hand, “We will meet again after everyone has settled the affairs in the door.”


“Okay.” Yan Zhen reluctantly laughed. “Thinking about it for the better, I’m afraid there aren’t many Rank 2s left in Nengganzhou now. The Great Sects are standing behind, and the most worrying issues are already not in. When the disputes are settled, everyone will no longer have to be scruples. “

Saying goodbye to the six Sect Masters and looking towards the Sect survivors.

There are not many in total, the old, the weak, the sick and the disabled still account for all of them. In addition to the more than 100 people who were arrested, it is the team for the reconstruction of the Northern Sea Sword Sect.

“Hey…” Yan Zhen sighed.

Although it’s not necessarily a bad thing to be broken, but there are really not many. Even if you can still accept some young Disciples, it is not enough for a few years to cultivate talents. The rebuilding of the Northern Sea Sword Sect has a long way to go.

Yan Zhen looked out, Su Qing was still under the tree. He was talking to the old man who gave the steamed buns, as if he wanted to give back the kindness.

“Old man, do you have a wish?” Su Qing asked.

“What is a wish?” the old man was puzzled.

“Wish, idea.” Su Qing said.

β€œNo.” The old man was very happy.

“…” Su Qing was speechless.

“Do you want to thank me for that steamed bun?” old man said with a smile. “No need to thank you. When you have the strength, go do some work, so as not to let people gossip.”

“It is something to do, and a thank you gift is also indispensable.” Su Qing said, “The old man is simple and honest. Enjoy Tianlun.”

“Tianlun…how can there be Tianlun.” The old man’s face darkened, “The whole family is gone, and they were all killed by those bastards…Cough, it doesn’t matter to you. It doesn’t matter. Forget it, let’s go to work.”

The old man was touched by a sad thing, turned around and left staggeringly.

After walking a few steps, my legs feel lighter and lighter. But I was feeling sad, and I didn’t think much about it. But when he suddenly looked up, he found a group of people looking at him like a ghost.

“What’s the matter? Why are you all looking at me?”

As soon as the words came out, the old man himself was startled.

The voice is no longer old and hoarse, but as loud as a youngster.

I touched my face, there was no wrinkle at all. Look at the hands and feet, as strong as when they were young.

No, not like.

He’s a youngster now.

“You’re getting younger?!!” Someone exclaimed.

Take ten steps to rejuvenate.

“The dead cannot be resurrected, which is against Yin-Yang Dao. Help you rebuild your fleshy body and marry a strong son.” Su Qing’s voice came.

Youngster didn’t even think about it, he turned around and bowed his head down. “little old man thanks immortal grace, little old man thanks immortal grace…”

Even though he is young, he is a little old man. No ridicule and ridicule, only shock and envy.

“Meet immortal.”

“Pray for immortal’s blessings…”

shuaa~, instantly fell to her knees. The regret in my heart is indescribable in words.

Isn’t it just a steamed bun, it can actually be exchanged for such a big benefit. I just hate myself for being so greedy just now, how good it would be to give one to immortal.

Some people even took out their unfinished steamed buns, wondering if they could change something.

Old man recover one’s youthful vigor, they’re halfway there.

Only the man who scolded Su Qing didn’t move forward, lying at the back of the crowd trembling. I couldn’t help but check my physical condition, wondering if I had exchanged my youth with someone else.

The seven Sect Masters were stunned, unable to speak for a long time.

At this time, they suddenly remembered the rumors they heard in the Qingzhou market.

At first, I laughed at it for a while, thinking that those people were ignorant. Of course, the Lord of Pigweed is powerful, but what kind of karma is pure nonsense. How can the immortal of aloof and remote take care of mortals.

Now they know, the legend turns out to be true.

“Yan Zhen.” Su Qing called out.

“Immortal Monarch.” Yan Zhen hurriedly ran to the front and asked respectfully. “Do you have any instructions?”

“I said that I would send a congratulatory gift.” Su Qing said, “Use a sword.”

Several other Sect Masters have He was stunned for a moment, and there was a burst of envy in his eyes. In particular, Song Yueyao, Palace Lord of Yaoyue Palace, subconsciously wiped away the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes.

Could it be like that old man, let Yan Zhen recover one’s youthful vigor?

After returning to cultivation base, I lost a lot of my old age, but my age didn’t really change. If there is an opportunity to recover one’s youthful vigor, no one will turn it down.

It’s just that they don’t understand why they need a sword.

Yan Zhen didn’t think about it, just went looking for it.

The Beichuan faction left behind many weapons, many of which belonged to the Northern Sea Sword Sect. But Yan Zhen felt that it was dirty and not worthy of Immortal Monarch.

I looked around anxiously and saw the statue in the great hall.

That was the Ancestral Master of the Northern Sea Sword Sect, holding a Great Iron Sword in his hand.

It was as sloppy as the Beichuan faction, and no one took down the sword. Yan Zhen didn’t care about 3721, he jumped over and pulled it out.

The group of old Sect elders were only in a daze, and a little suspicious that the Sect Master was crazy.

Yan Zhen held the sword and ran back again, carefully wiped the hilt with his clothes, raised it over his head with a ceremony feeling, and handed it to Su Qing.

Su Qing took the iron sword and looked at the nearby mountain.

“Look carefully.”



The elder has two buns and is craving for food. Seeing a traveler sitting under a tree for a long time is said to be hungry and powerless. Good thoughts are born in the heart, and they are divided into buns. The traveler said, those who are kind-hearted should be rewarded. When the elders are rejuvenated, they know that they meet the immortals. When the villagers heard it, they sighed and sighed, how fortunate they are.

“Qianzhou Dream Hualu”

A few words.

Qianzhou Jianghu is less flamboyant and less pleasing than the previous part. But it is only for the consideration of digging holes in the main line, not for changing maps and cutting people to upgrade. Then there are some differences appropriately interspersed, so that the plots are not boring to watch.

Old man is still a little ambitious. He wants to make the background bigger and write longer. The protagonist is at ease in the world, this world has to be interested, and it is not easy to simply push the maps one by one. Looking back after thousands of years, I will see the vicissitudes of life. The protagonist will not be Pangu, but he will leave some traces. For the time being, I can only think of this foreshadowing because of my lack of writing power, but I believe that with the company of the judges, I can make some progress and come up with better methods.

It’s the last week of the new book list. Weakly ask for a ticket, and I will be with the great gods for two more days and get involved with Immortal Qi.

(End of this chapter)

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