Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 61


Chapter 61 Banfeng Tianlu

The seven Sect Masters know that Su Qing is powerful and is an immortal living in seclusion on Pigweed Island.

Immortal, it must be awesome.

However, there is no clear understanding of how powerful it is.

The elites of the seven sects who came to provoke the strangulation were not witnessed. Waving their sleeves to send them to Qingzhou is beyond the concept of Martial Arts. The Peak powerhouses led by the Old Ancestors were destroyed, and no one could tell.

They respect, they fear, they fear…

But in the deepest part of my heart, there is still a trace of doubt.

How powerful is the Lord of Pigweed?

The situation of Qianzhou and Qingzhou is different, they are two completely different thinking modes. Everything is justified with a big fist, and I am used to observing it from the perspective of Martial Arts. There is also the legend of the ascension of Martial Artist, the cognition of immortal is completely based on Martial Arts.

The power that Su Qing has shown has always been beyond concept and level of incomprehension.

But this time, they understood.

The iron sword cut out a sword qi.

No sound, no sunshine. Plain and unremarkable, like a breeze.

Several Sect Masters can do this kind of sword qi, even those with a lower cultivation base can do it, even better.

But the latter, no one can do it.

sword qi flew very far and landed on another mountain.

The peaks rise.

Like fallen leaves blown up by the wind, like seabirds poking across the water.

Soft, natural, dexterous, not bulky at all.

Although it was a mountain.

A mountain that was slashed by a sword.

The fracture is as smooth as a mirror.

Including the truncated peak that flew up, there was not even any debris scattered.

It’s not wrapped in some mana, but the self-consciousness that hasn’t been cut yet.

It even makes people feel that it can actually be re-bonded, and the absolutely perfect will not be found.

Looking at the half-mountain floating up, the seven Sect Masters could barely breathe.

It’s a way of strength that they can understand, but it’s beyond what the mind can handle.


I don’t know which one murmured, but all agreed from their hearts.

As for the others, they were even more stunned.

They didn’t see the immortal coming out of the sword, only the mountain suddenly flew up.

The name Double Camel Mountain can become history.

No one realizes at this moment that this is really just the beginning.

It’s not just a gift, but a mark.

Immortal scars can’t be removed with a single sword.

Su Qing held the sword with his right hand behind his back, and his left hand turned to the half-mountain that was floating.

The half peak was pulled and floated over.

“Not good!”

“Smashed over…”

Several people instinctively wanted to run, but the next moment stopped.

With sound.

The floating peaks began to crumble.

It’s not a breakdown, it’s a regular breakdown.

Like a skilled craftsman, swinging an axe and chisel silently. Make that mountain the way it needs to be.

With the sound of hua la la, the broken mountain turned into a stone road in the air. One end extends from the broken peak, and has been falling at the feet of Su Qing.

The half peak is like a mirror, and the moat runs through the sky.


Meanwhile, south of Saint Continent, deep underground.

The lava is churning and burning. A stone platform floats above the lava, with a great cauldron in the middle. There is a hole just below the great cauldron from which hot flames emerge. Wanton licking the great cauldron, burning the bottom red.

A mummified old man motionless slumped beside the great cauldron, his head bowed as if dead. However, the nose is choked, but the hot air flows out from time to time, and it seems to be breathing slowly.

Suddenly, lava suddenly swelled, and a hoarse, low voice sounded.


The mummified old man’s body trembled, but made no sound.

“jie jie jie jie…what is this…I thought you would be happy.” The hoarse voice laughed strangely. “After all, your enemy is here, you can take revenge.”

“He is not my enemy…” The old man’s voice was weak, “My enemy, it is you…”

The hoarse voice laughed strangely again: “Human Race ungrateful, I gave you everything. Even Sword Mountain Village, I gave it.”

“That’s what you lied to. I lied to all of us…” The old man raised his head, his mummified face was extremely hideous, and there was endless hatred in his voice.

“Causing me to throw my sword at him, let Sword Mountain Zhuang consigned to eternal damnation…no…you made the whole Saint Continent consigned to eternal damnation…not to be seen, to hide in the dark Planning. You are a wandering soul, an evil spirit that sees no light… woo…”

A lava splashed, like a whip on the old man.

“Don’t be too impudent.” He said in a hoarse voice, “This seat already has a new spokesperson, it is unnecessary for you to exist. It depends on your talent for having several points of pill concocting before we can save you. If you always fail to appreciate somebody’s kindness like this, you will be worse than death…”

The old man didn’t speak any more, but his face was smiling, although it was ugly.

“What are you laughing at?” The hoarse voice was a little displeased.

“As you said just now, he’s here…” the old man said faintly, “I don’t know what you want to do, and I don’t know your level. But I have seen you, and I have seen Over him. I know, you’re scared. You keep me, not with me pill concocting, but…”

“Enough!” The hoarse voice seemed a little angry. “The ants of the trifling Human Race, what do you know. You are all ants…”

lava became more and more restless, splashing like waves. In the midst of the boiling heat, a blood-red eye was faintly discernible.

Double Camel Mountain.

β€œen?” Su Qing looked south if he felt something.

The lava calmed down instantly, and the hoarse voice disappeared. Only the weak laughter of the old man was left, echoing in the hot underground cave.

β€œMonster Race.”

Su Qing pondered for a moment, then turned around and handed the sword back to Yan Zhen.

Yan Zhen subconsciously held out hands to receive, but found that he couldn’t hold it.

Iron Sword has spirituality.

Used by immortal to slash mountains, no longer willing to be driven by mortals.

“Negligence.” Su Qing threw up the sword and sank into the center of the Broken Peak. “If someone can draw the sword in the future, they can go to Pigweed to find a chance.”

Yan Zhen reacted at this time, and hurriedly fell to his knees. “Many thanks to Immortal Monarch, the Northern Sea Sword Sect will go up and down, you must keep it in mind.”

Several other Sect Masters also bowed down, but were stopped by Su Qing’s flick of his hand.

β€œYou have another chance, so you don’t need to bow down here.”

The six Sect Masters were overjoyed, and their breathing was obviously rapid.

Slashing mountains with one sword, leaving immortal scars. As long as you can comprehend the slightest bit, you are bound to benefit endlessly.

Not to mention that Northern Sea Sword Sect has a good background, even if it is completely poor. As long as there is this Banfeng Tianlu, how can it be worse in the future.

If someone draws that iron sword, the chances are even beyond the concept of Martial Arts.

They have this opportunity too!

I originally had one’s heart set on speeding home and wanted to go back and see my Sect. Now this urgency has reached its peak.

Su Qing didn’t care about the feelings of these people, and felt what the sword just brought.

It’s just an ordinary sword, nothing in itself.

It is important to leave a mark.

The fog of Saint Continent, one piece has been dispelled.

In the Sea of Consciousness, Saint Continent has opened a corner. Like a map full of fog, about one-seventh open. When the consciousness is released, it can be explored very far.

After a few casual glances, Su Qing retracted his consciousness.

I want to explore if I can’t see clearly, but it doesn’t matter if I can see clearly. Just like in the Northern Territory Green Island, if it is not for induction, it is basically impossible to observe other people’s daily life. Even the various things on Pigweed Island are too lazy to pay attention to it.

As for the will that I just noticed.

Don’t worry too much either.

The maggots are trampled to death, and the beasts are killed.

What has been decided to do will not be changed by any factor.

Saint plot against , Heavenly Emperor power.

And I am a happy fairy, everything is out of the heart.


Shuangtuo Mountain has wonderful scenery, half-peaks are flat, and the stone stacks are connected with clouds. The mountains are magnificent and the weather is amazing. It is said that in ancient times, the two peaks, the immortal sword broke one of them, and took the remnant peak to build a road, which is called the Banfeng Tianlu.

“Jianzhou Travel Notes Seven Wonders”

(end of this chapter)

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