Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 62


Chapter 62 Crosswalk, immortal in the first

days later.

A carriage was moving slowly on the road, followed by a few elderly people on foot.

The whole Saint Continent is like a spoon, not square like the Northern Territory Green Island. The area is also much smaller, probably only equivalent to Qingzhou.

I don’t know if it’s because of Formation, Spiritual Qi is more refined. It is for this reason that the level of Martial Arts in Qianzhou is better than that of Qingzhou. Spirit Beast and the like are also more likely to appear.

The location of the Northern Sea Sword Sect is the end of the spoon handle. After half-peak marks, some nearby areas are perceptible.

There is fighting and blood everywhere, and the blade and sword collide are endless.

Several Sect Masters commented on the troubled times of Saint Continent, and they are not wrong at all. But the common people don’t seem to be surprised, they are already used to those blade light and sword shadows.

In addition to the customs, there is no difference with Qingzhou. More than 90% of landscapes, animals and plants overlap.

Su Qing has no interest in learning about human geography, but these paths are unavoidable.

Pedestrian road to do human affairs, can leave traces in Qianzhou. For the next period of time, there will be no clouds. Looking for a car and horse to drive by yourself, traveling and doing things can be considered both.

It’s just that this team is really weird.

It’s not up to the Sect Masters to decide where to go, they don’t even know where to go next.

On one principle, follow Su Qing’s car.

Where the carriage goes, where do they go. Obviously he went home by himself, but blindly wandered with outsiders. Looking at things that are not very reasonable, no one feels awkward.

Aside from the direction of travel, the team itself is strange.

The coachman shook his whip leisurely, and the carriage was empty. The few people who could have been in the car followed the carriage on foot.

Su Qing doesn’t mind being a driver, but the Sect Masters don’t have the courage to ride.

Riding on an immortal frame?

It’s not a matter of how bold you are, but how big you are.

In addition, there are not seven people accompanying, Yan Zhen stayed in Shuangtuoshan.

Although reluctantly.


Rewind time a few days ago.

“Congratulations to Master Yan Sect, the future of Northern Sea Sword Sect is promising.”

“Don’t disturb Brother Yan, I will leave after this. There will be opportunities in the future. Let me take a look at the half peak…”

“Where, I’m not in a hurry. I’m really reluctant to part with many years of love, and Yan is willing to walk with you for a while…”

Everyone wants to leave, but Yan Zhen doesn’t want to stay.

Several people staring at small eyes with big eyes, Yan Zhen is very despised.

“Old Yan, I’m afraid you didn’t miss me so much. I just waited to see Immortal Monarch’s sword, you definitely don’t want to miss other opportunities. Thinking of Immortal Monarch’s style when he shoots again. “

“Hehe, everyone has been together for more than 30 years, and I still don’t know which one is the other. Rebuilding Sect is not a one-off event, it will probably take some time.”

Yan Zhen is also magnanimous. “Frankly, I just watched Immortal Monarch’s sword, and I already got what I got. If I watch it again, I might be able to break through three turns.”

Xu Chupingshook the head. “There is no rush to rebuild the Sect, but aren’t you afraid that the enemy will come again? Disciple can be hidden, but Banfeng Tianlu can be hidden?”

“This…” Yan Zhen was at a loss for words.

“Brother Yan doesn’t need to be embarrassed, it’s useless for you to go with us.” Xu Chuping said, “I only remember the Immortal Monarch’s sword being brilliant, but I can’t remember the true meaning of it. Let’s go, I’m afraid the result will be the same.”

After this reminder, others also agreed.

“Yeah, I can’t remember it either.”

“It’s weird, how could I forget it?”

“Aiya… “

“Whoever is in favor of the law, whoever wins, Sect Master Yan should stay at home.”

Everyone sighed and left, Yan Zhen took care of Banfeng Tianlu, but did not follow. Just standing on the top of the mountain, watching everyone leave resentfully.


Still maintaining a strange way of travel, in the resentment of Yan Da Sect Master, to the second destination.

Back to Yan Yidao Liu, back to Yan Town.

Su Qing stopped at the intersection.

“Along the way, I’ve been starving and dying, and the people are struggling to live. It’s really rare to see a lot of cooking smoke only in Huiyan Town.”

“There were many jokes at that time, Brother Hu, shrinking in The town is too petty. But didn’t expect such a chaotic world, but instead kept the foundation.”

“That’s because you didn’t understand, Yidao Liu has never been small. In name, it’s just a Martial In the Arts field, everyone in the town practices martial arts. No matter men, women, or children, they can be regarded as people in the Sect.”

Several Sect Masters tsk tsk praised it, while Hu Fei was in a bad mood.

“Let me tell you a few people, what are you doing here with me? Old Chu is fine too. Going to the Tsing Yi Building is a good way to go. But Mr. Hou, Daoist Huang Songzi, you should be taking a detour when you come to me.

Don’t you worry about what’s going on in the door?”

“It’s been a long time since I came back, so the old man just turned around and recognized the way.”

“Yeah, it’s been delayed anyway. Thirty-six years. If something really happened in the door, the Poor Daoist is not bad in the past few days…”

Several Sect Masters were serious, and glanced at Su Qing surreptitiously.

It’s not that they want to run the map, but they still can’t let it go.

The words Xu Chuping and Yan Zhen said were not lies.

It’s just a matter of escorting with immortal, and you can’t find it with a lantern at ordinary times.

Even if you don’t understand anything, it’s good to serve by your side.

Let’s take a step back and say, how many people in the world can have such a blessing when you can see the immortal showing its majesty? Even if you only brag to people, it is extremely rare to talk about.

The only unhappy one is Hu Fei.

Because once Immortal Monarch leaves a gift, he must be in the same situation as Yan Zhen. I want to continue to go out and wave, but I don’t dare not stay home.

Those who go home don’t lead the way, and those who arrive home are unhappy.

“Brother Hu, don’t be unbalanced.” Xu Chuping said, “Since there is nothing to do in Yanzhen, you should hurry back and meet your discipline of grand disciples. Then…we are fine too. Continue on our way.”

“Okay…” Hu Fei glanced at Su Qing again. “But Immortal Monarch, it didn’t move. When he was in Shuangtuo Mountain, his old man was on the mountain with Yan Zhen.”

The carriage stopped at the fork, and Su Qing leaned against the car unperturbed. Looking at a lake in the distance, it seems to be enjoying the scenery.

“I don’t understand this?” said Daoist Huang Songzi of Baihemen. “The Northern Sea Sword Sect is on the top of Shuanghuo Mountain, and Immortal Monarch followed it up the mountain. Your door is in front of you, of course not. I must go in with you.”

Hu Fei suddenly realized. “That’s right, Immortal Monarch didn’t leave under the tree after going up the mountain, and then directly chopped the mountain. If you say that, where Immortal Monarch is now…”

“Go quickly when you understand. Huang Songzi urged, “It’s too long, maybe Immortal Monarch will leave.”

Hu Fei nodded hard, saluted Su Qing, and then hurried back to Yanzhen. go.

“Daoist, it’s amazing.” Xu Chuping sighed, “I don’t even dare to guess the meaning of fairy, you can guess Immortal Monarch’s mind.”

“Poor Daoist just talk about it. Yes, we can’t let Old Hu spend all the time.” Huang Songzi replied calmly, then walked to the carriage, bowed his head, and looked remorseful.

“Immortal Monarch, Xiaodao did not speculate on immortality without authorization, but just talked nonsense with old friends. If there is any offense, I hope you can forgive me.”

Xu Chuping was speechless, Several others stared.

“A bit mean.”


“Nice job.”



A distinguished guest came from the village, and the two of them competed for a dinner. Guests stand at the entrance of the village to watch the scenery, one person says to the other, when guests go to your house, they can go back to prepare wine first. The villagers left happily, and the speaker then led the guests to his house.

γ€ŠMenghua Lu of Qianzhou》

Yesterday’s chapter was quite disturbing. After seeing the reactions of the officials, I felt relieved for a while. But today

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