Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 63


Chapter 63 Grass Heart, Heart

Back to Yan Town.

There are more than a dozen large cars parked on the street, and a group of people are busy loading the cars. There are young adults, women and children, and children are also helping, busy in a frenzy.

“Everyone has a quicker hands and feet. Tomorrow is the day of delivery, and the car must be loaded today.” A man in gray clothes in his thirties wiped his sweat and greeted the crowd loudly.

The goods on the car are all small boxes, I don’t know what is inside. But it should look light enough for children to move.

“It seems that life is still difficult.” Hu Fei sighed.

The so-called Huiyan Yidaoliu is actually a Martial Arts field called Yidaoliu in Huiyan Town. The Core Disciple has less than 100 people in total. Disciples are all selected from the town, and they are not prohibited from teaching kung fu to their families, as long as it is not spread outside the town.

After a long time, everyone in Huiyan Town learned martial arts. Few people were engaged in production, and most of them made a living like darts. The surrounding towns pay tribute on a monthly basis in order to seek shelter.

Saint Continent does not have a country in the traditional sense, it is basically a division of the Great Sect. The way of life in Huiyan Town is a microcosm of the whole.

Doing business now means that the previous business cannot be done, and I have to find another way out. Of course, more importantly, the townspeople are all pale and thin, and at a glance, they know that they often don’t have enough to eat.

β€œgreat grandfather, where are you from?”

A little girl noticed Hu Fei and greeted curiously.

Hu Fei answered. “From far away.”

The little girl asked, “What are you doing here?”

Seeing that the little girl was very thin, Hu Fei felt more and more distressed, squatted down and said . “Of course I’m going home, this is the grandfather’s home.”

The adults also noticed Hu Fei, a young woman ran over and pulled the child away. A few young men also took out their weapons, jumped over to block the front, and the leading man in gray even shouted sternly.

“Where did you come from? Don’t you know that Huiyan Town is the site of the Shuanglong Gang?”

Hu Fei frowned.

He can understand the vigilance of these people, after all, the world is very chaotic now. But what is the Double Dragon Gang? When did Huiyan Town become their territory?

Just as he was about to ask, a box in the car next to him was not securely placed and rolled down. Slam the lid off, revealing what’s inside.

Hu Fei glanced casually, his pupils shrinking sharply.

“Pujincao?!” Hu Fei grabbed it and opened a few more boxes with disbelief in his eyes. “It turned out to be all peeled grass cores, you don’t know that turf is highly poisonous…”

Hu Fei stopped abruptly.

It was only then that he realized that the fingers of the townspeople were glowing black and yellow. Not only adults, but even children.

Pushkin grass is a kind of grass of Saint Continent. The grass core is golden and can be used to make medicine. But the turf is highly toxic, and the grass core is so fragile that it can only be peeled off by hand. Although there are medicines that can be cured, it is extremely harmful to the body.

“Don’t mess around, old man, this is what the Shuanglong Gang wants. When the time comes, if you can’t make it, the whole town will be unlucky.”

“If you pass by, There is an Inn to rest. Don’t mention other things.”

“Stop gossiping, everyone hurry up to work…”

The townspeople saw that Hu Fei was not malicious, Attitude has eased a lot. Except for a few young men who were still standing in the vicinity, the others began to get busy again.

“Huh? The weight of this box is not right.” The man in gray suddenly found a problem when he was moving the box, and he got angry when he opened it.

“Who handed this in, how come it’s only half?”

A few people leaned over to take a look and found that there was only a sparse layer of grass core in the small box, simply Not full.

“Hey, these two boxes are…”

Others found two more half-empty boxes.

“Whose family!” The man in gray was furious. “Isn’t there a name on the box? Let’s see who handed it in.”

“I, my family…” is the mother of the little girl from before.

The young woman panicked. “No, I’m full, how can there be only half a box?”

“What’s full, the truth is here!” The man in gray was furious. “This is not your family’s business, but the whole town’s business.”

“If the Shuanglong Gang finds fault with this, do you know how many people will die?”

” That’s right, isn’t this hurting everyone…”

The townspeople were also angry and accused the woman one after another.

“I know…but I’m really full.” The young woman cried. “For these grass cores, Xiaoni and I didn’t even dare to sleep, we peeled it day and night. Last night, the second sister-in-law even helped me check it. It’s really full…”

“Oh, I just looked at it casually, but I didn’t see it clearly.” A round-faced woman interrupted. “If you don’t pay enough, you won’t pay enough. The fact is here. But don’t complain. Fortunately, if you find it in time, just make up for it.”

“Where’s yours?” The man in gray noticed No, suspiciously looked towards the round-faced woman, “Wait, I went to your house a few days ago, and I didn’t see many grass cores…”

“I’ve already done it.” The round-faced woman People’s eyes are a little erratic. “It’s all packed, so just go to Xiaoni’s house to help. It’s not good.”

The man in gray turned around and asked the young woman, “Is there any mark on the grass core you peeled at your house?”

The young woman shook her head. “It’s all the same, there’s no mark.”

“There’s a mark,” the little girl interjected. “Mother’s hands were torn apart, and some of them were stained with blood. Although they were carefully wiped, they were not completely wiped off.” Hand in hand, aren’t you hurting people?”

The man in gray didn’t say a word, and pulled out the box from the car. Ignoring the round-faced woman’s obstruction, all of them were opened.

Between the layers of white grass cores, a little dark red can be seen faintly.

“I, my hand is also broken…” The round-faced woman raised her hand and shook it, feeling wrong and quickly retracted

There is only a lighter yellow, which is different from The color of other people’s fingers is so heavy.

The townspeople understood, and they were outraged.

“How can you take someone else’s? Who doesn’t give your life in exchange?”

“Just after peeling the grass, your fingers are all black. But your hand… “

“Steal it and steal it, and even hide it. Can you hide it from the people in the town, and can you hide it from the Shuanglong Gang?”

“It’s too much.” .”

“You…” The man in gray shivered even more, raising his hand to pull it out.

The round-faced woman screamed and ducked, crying. “What are you doing, this can’t prove anything. Whoever said I stole, you have no proof. The color of the fingers is wrong, can I recover well… When our head of the family died, we bullied our orphans and widows…”

“Isn’t Xiao Ni’s house an orphan and a widowed mother? You…”

“Okay, let’s stop arguing. Let’s help quickly and make up for the difference first. Other things, we’ll talk about it after this level.”

The townspeople were quarreling fiercely, and Hu Fei felt a burst of sadness.

In the past, when I returned to Yan Town, I dared not say that the folk customs were honest, but I did not see such despicable things. What’s even more sad is that the reason for harming friends and neighbors is just to survive.

“If I remember correctly, there should be a Martial Arts field called Yidaoliu.” Hu Fei asked with a dark face, “Is there anyone in the Martial Arts field, the old man has something to ask. .”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

“I’ve never heard of a slap in the face.”

“Let’s go, don’t talk nonsense in the future…”

The townspeople are very Panic, seems to have heard something taboo.

Just as Hu Fei’s face became more and more ugly, an old man faintly recognized this uninvited guest.

“Huh? This person seems to be Hu Sect Master?”

“It’s a bit like, but he is older, Hu Sect Master is in his prime.”

“You’ve been confused, for several decades, of course it will change.”

“Hu Sect Master, is it really you…”

“It’s me.” Looking at These familiar and unfamiliar old people, Hu Fei’s face is blue and scary. “Where is the Lao Shizi Shuanglong Gang?”

“East Lake outside the town.” Someone answered.

Hu Fei startled, thinking of Su Qing.

More and more people recognize Hu Fei, and gradually the whole town is boiling.

“So you’re not dead yet…”

“wu wu, the town is saved…”

The crowd mountain cry out and sea howl, the townspeople Excited.

Hu Fei, surrounded by the townspeople, finally thought of a question.

“It turns out that Immortal Monarch was waiting at the intersection because I didn’t go to the right place. Then why did Huang Songzi say… Damn it, you are a dead old man, and you cheat me!”



There are bandits in the village, so pay grain to avoid death. The woman stole the neighbor’s rice, filled it with earth and stone, and turned it over for her own safety. When the bandits were angry, they slaughtered the village, and the women were also unavoidable. The elder said, man-made disasters are more to blame than heaven, and selfishness is dangerous to man-made disasters.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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