Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 64


Chapter 64 Steamed Bread and Stones

Hu Fei walked out of Huiyan Town with a golden blade in his hand. Behind shuaa~ followed a group of people with aggressive weapons.

Huang Songzi was startled and thought he was going to settle the account.

Hu Fei glared at Huang Songzi and really wanted to talk to this old facetious. If it wasn’t for Su Qing standing there and didn’t leave, Bachengzhen would have swung the knife.

But now he doesn’t want to talk about it, there is a real enemy waiting for him to deal with.

“Several, let you laugh.” Hu Fei came closer. “My situation here is not much better than that of Lao Yan.”

Yan Zhen’s Northern Sea Sword Sect was almost killed, leaving dozens of old, weak, sick and disabled. But from another point of view, those who died in battle also died heroically.

Huiyan Yidao Liu was the opposite, and most people survived. But these people who survived are completely suffering.

The originator, Ssangyong Gang, is a new gang. The origins of the two Gang Lords are unknown, but they should have old grudges. After killing the resisting elite disciple, he left other people’s lives as their servants.

It was better in the early years, although life was hard, but barely able to get by. But since three years ago, it has become more difficult.

It is said that the Great Gang Lord was injured in a competition with people, and he needed Pujincao to heal his wounds. So let Huiyan Town collect, peel and core as a monthly example.

The townspeople have tried refusing, or reducing some numbers. The reply of the Shuanglong Gang was very simple, and they directly shot to kill.

If Hu Fei came back a few years later, it would be difficult for anyone to return to Yanzhen. Most of them are in poison to death, and the dead will be very useless.

“I’m going to find those chops now, and I want to ask you all to help me scavenge here. If there are outsiders entering the town, please help to stop them.” Hu Fei was very sincere.

“I’m not afraid of the Ssangyong Gang, but I’m worried that someone will tip off the information. I’ll use the trick of lured the tiger away from the mountain to attack the people in the town.”

“No problem, Hu Sect Master, just go.” Huang Songzi took it all in. “Poor Daoist is guarding here, not even a single bird can fly into the town.”

“Then many thanks, Daoist.” Hu Feipi smiled.

“Hu Sect Master.” A townsman couldn’t help asking. “Are these the friends you invited?”

“I didn’t invite them, I came with you.” Hu Feidao, “Especially the Old Daoist Priest, who insisted on coming, naturally. Let him do something.”

Several Sect Masters looked confused, but the townspeople didn’t dare to take it seriously

Hu Fei didn’t tell the townspeople where they went over the years, He just said that those who want to seek revenge from the Ssangyong Gang can go with him. Those who don’t go stay in the town, and there are a few friends outside the town who can take care of them.

The townspeople were mostly curious.

Can I be friends with Hu Fei, can I be an ordinary person?

The reason why shuaa~ came out so much is partly because they want to take revenge, and partly because they want to see what kind of friends they are.

“Senior is good.”

“I have seen you senior…”

A group of people hurriedly stepped forward to say hello, but no one cared about Su Qing. In everyone’s eyes, it was a coachman.

Of course, he also asked Hu Fei intelligently.

“Is that person on the carriage your friend?”

“No!” Hu Fei shivered.

Who is qualified to be friends with that person, are you afraid that I will not die early enough?

Seeing Hu Fei’s appearance, everyone understood.

That’s right, the coachman.

How could Huiyan be friends with the coachman as a family member.

Only the girl who greeted Hu Fei in the town before was looking at Su Qing curiously.

“What are you looking at?” the young woman asked.

“Mom, I see that person, the one sitting in the car.” The little girl pointed at Su Qing. “It looks good.”

“Good-looking?” The young woman looked strange.

In the eyes of the young woman, she was an ordinary attendant, a sloppy coachman.

But in the eyes of the little girl, Yuguan Yuyi’s appearance is cold and cold, like a heaven and a man descending into the mortal world. Sitting in the car looks like a painting.

“Silly girl with dazzling eyes, holding cow dung as flowers…” A boy of the same age ran out, made faces in front of the little girl, and sang and mocked.

The girl reached out to fight, and the boy swiftly avoided it. The girl came back, and the boy came back again. The girl didn’t want to care anymore, and the boy picked up stones and threw them on the girl.

The young woman was very helpless, and said to the round-faced woman: “Second sister-in-law, let your family stop making trouble. The Old Sect Master is talking to the guest, and it looks so bad.”


“You have a lot of things to do, and the child has so much to talk about.” The round-faced woman was still angry about what happened just now. “Tell you, those grass cores are mine, and I didn’t steal yours at all.”

After he finished speaking, he ignored the woman and continued to squeeze in front of several Sect Masters.

Those few identities are not simple at first glance, and they may be of any benefit if they are close to each other.

The two children chased after each other and ran to the vicinity of the carriage. The little girl lost her strength and panted heavily while leaning on the wheel.

Su Qing is also looking at this girl.

Since coming to Saint Continent to join the world, this girl is the first person to see him as he is.


The girl made a sound in her stomach.

“Are you hungry?” Su Qing took out a steamed bun, the one given by the old man in Shuangtuoshan.

The girl’s eyes lit up, nodded. But instead of reaching out to take it, he thought about it and asked, “How many do you have?”

“One.” Su Qing replied.

“Then I don’t want it.” The girl waved her hand. “Give it to me, and you’ll be gone.”

Su Qing was about to speak when her heart suddenly moved.

The left hand is empty, and the mist is lingering.

At the same time, Pigweed Island.

The little snake was scurrying about in the spring, and two old cranes were chasing at the edge of the water angrily.

A pebble suddenly floated up from the bottom of the water and flew out from between the two sides.

The snake and the crane were startled, watching the pebble sink into the void.

The little snake hesitated, dived into the bottom of the water, entangled a big rock, and looked at the top of the apricot tree with fear.

The two old cranes called twice and flew back to the nest, closing their eyes and sleeping. The eggs under the abdomen moved, and then calmed down again.

“so that’s how it is.” Su Qing spread her palms.

The mist on the hands dissipated, and the pebble appeared in the palm of the hand.

Disappeared in Pigweed and reappeared in Dry Island.

“Look, I have another one here.” Su Qing extended the hand to the girl.

Left hand stone, right hand steamed bun.

The girl laughs. “That’s a stone, not a steamed bun.”

Su Qing looked at the girl. “So, which one do you want?”

The girl froze for a while, looking at the stone and the steamed bun, a strange feeling arose in her heart.

Now she feels no hunger, but an inexplicable thirst. That seemingly ordinary stone seems to have a great attraction.

“Can I help her choose?”

The little boy ran over and blinked at Su Qing.

Su Qing glanced at the boy: “How do you want to choose?”

“Of course choose the stone.” The boy reached out and grabbed the pebble and stuffed it into the girl’s hand, solemnly saying, “Steamed bread. After a few bites, the stone can be kept for a long time. And you look at the stone so beautiful, it is just suitable for a girl who loves beauty.”

“Well…” The girl was holding the pebble in a trance. “It’s pretty.”

“But I have to choose the steamed bun.” The boy grabbed the steamed bun and ran away quickly. “Hahaha, silly girl, you’re stupid. You can play with the stone, I’ll eat the steamed bun…”

The boy stopped after running away, deliberately biting the steamed bun at the girl.

The girl didn’t even look at it, just continued to stare at the stone.

“He’s not wrong.” Su Qing said, “A full meal for a moment will last a lifetime. But how long your life will be depends on your fate after adulthood.”

The girl seemed to understand, but Shitou let out a faint cold air. The azure black on the little hand has faded little by little.


The two children were hungry, and the traveler gave them steamed buns. A child refused, and the traveler had no food. Another child snatch, satiate and laugh at another child’s idiocy. The traveler gave the stone in return, saying that it is better to have enough food than a lifetime. Shixian divides light, dispels hundreds of poisons, and is a divide object.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

Reflection and make a record. There are few people commenting, which is more frustrating than commenting, indicating that the plot is bland, tasteless, and a little slow. Today, I have to update the bronze oneself, and I have to have a beginning and an end. If you dig a hole later, you have to change your thinking, and you still have to speed up the rhythm.

(End of this chapter)

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