Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 65


Chapter 65 Poaching

The townspeople of Huiyan Town are a little confused.

I was surrounded by a few bosses at all the stars cup themselves around the moon, but the bosses suddenly stopped talking. Old Sect Master Hu was about to leave after saying a few words, but suddenly stood there in a daze.

I followed the line of sight of the bosses, only to realize that they were looking at the driver.

Especially when a girl has a choice with a steamed bun and a stone. Several big guys even expressed all different expressions, and they all held their breaths and watched.

The townspeople didn’t understand what was going on, but they were also quite nervous. Subconsciously followed by holding his breath. When I finally can’t hold back, it’s like pulling a bunch of bellows, all of which are whirring.

“Is that girl your daughter?” Hu Fei was observant and immediately found the young woman from the crowd.

“Yes…” The young woman was a little nervous, thinking she had done something wrong.

“You raised a good child.” Hu Fei smiled. “When I clear the Shuanglong Gang, the Martial Arts field will definitely reopen. When the time comes, remember to bring the child, and the old man will accept her as a personal biography.”

“Really?” The young woman looked on Surprise, others look jealous. Some elderly townspeople couldn’t believe their ears.

Although it has been thirty-six years, the reputation of the Martial Arts field of one knife is still alive. Even the younger generation often hear the old people talk about the scenery of the Martial Arts field.

The Martial Arts field only accepts apprentices from the town, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to get in. Disciples are selected every three years, and there is no limit to the number of places enrolled each time. But it takes at least two or three selections before one person is likely to be selected.

As a result, not only was the special recruitment quota directly given, but he even promised to accept him as a direct disciple.

But since you want to accept it, why do you accept it now? If you really fancy innate talent, you should have said it since you were in town.

Those who have just seen the situation are a little suspicious of whether it is a test.

“Old Sect Master.” The round-faced woman came over and said with a smile, “What do you think about my son? He’s very kind, just kidding. And you don’t think that , is he quite clever…”

“get lost!” Hu Fei’s eyes widened. “Believing or not old man beat you up!”

He said in his heart that your child is not only clever, but he is so clever that he dared to snatch something from immortal. Being a mother is despicable, and a child is even less educated.

The round-faced woman was frightened and ran away all the way.

Hu Fei fiercely took a sip.

If it wasn’t for the underpinnings of the Ssangyong Gang, I would have the heart to strangle this woman to death.

The little girl ran over at this time and shouted in surprise: “Mother, mother, let me see your hands, I can help treat you.”

Young The woman was so happy that she grabbed her daughter’s hand. “What’s the cure, stop playing. Child, let me tell you, Old Sect Master…”

The young woman was stunned before she could finish her words.

The black and blue color on the hands faded at a speed visible to naked eyes. Even the rough skin is gone, white and tender like a girl.

“Look at you, Xiao Niang’s hand…”

“There is still a face, it has turned white! Even the brown spots are gone…”

Others exclaimed when they saw it.

“I said it can be cured.” The little girl was triumphant. “Which of you still want to be cured?”

Before he finished speaking, a group of people rushed over.

“I, I, I…”

“Xiao Ni, show my auntie.”

“Can my old cold legs be cured… …”

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, line up…”

The little girl yelled at everyone to line up, holding a stone in her left hand and touching her right hand one by one.

The round-faced woman was also among them, but the little girl raised her chin when she saw it. “Next.”

“Huh?” The round-faced woman was a little embarrassed. “little girl, you can’t be like this. I used to be so good to you…”

“You’re not good to me.” I’m healed.”

The round-faced woman was in a hurry and was about to have a seizure when she was pushed out by others. He tried to push forward, but was stopped by others.

“I haven’t contacted you about the grass core yet, so what face is there to let someone treat the disease.”

“Who said no, it wants shameless…”

A little girl can cure everyone’s virus, how can everyone tolerate her influence.

The round-faced woman was angry and aggrieved. As soon as she saw her brat, she pulled over and slapped her. “It’s all you, why are you so stupid. I don’t want a good stone, what kind of steamed buns…”

Brat was beaten and ran, and the round-faced woman chased after him.

“little girl…” the young woman wanted to persuade.

“Mother, you have to listen to me.” The little girl interrupted in advance. “I’m not being careful, it’s just that she’s too bad. She doesn’t know what’s wrong now, so she just throws her anger out there. Whenever she admits her fault, I will give her a doctor. If she doesn’t admit her fault, I will ignore her.”

The young woman hesitated for a while, but she didn’t say anything.

Hu Fei looks more and more satisfied with the girl, but it’s not easy to get too close now. Because Su Qing was already on the carriage, he went in the direction of Lake Heart Island.

“Don’t grab it, this is my discipline.” Hu Fei gave a few Sect Masters a warning glance, and quickly chased after him.

The townspeople with weapons quickly followed.

Cure can wait, revenge can’t be missed.

Watching Hu Fei run away with the carriage, several Sect Masters took action.

“little girl, would you like to be a Disciple of Poor Daoist?” Huang Songzi walked up to the little girl laughter. “There are so many beautiful Immortal Cranes in Poor Daoist, they can take you to the sky.”

“Old facetious, the little girl is a Taoist priest with you? Besides, Immortal Crane is nothing, I There are better ones there. little girl, come with me…”

“What fun is there in the sky, the wind is so strong. Good child, go with the grandfather. The grandfather has everything there, nothing I’ll grab it for you too.”

“Little Sister, don’t listen to them, you worship me as a teacher. I’m full of girls, and you’ll make a lot of friends…”

Several Sect Masters don’t care about the girl’s stone, but the girl herself.

This is someone the Lord of Pigweed values.

It’s not a loss for me to receive a recipe and a lot of meat.

As for whether Hu Fei loses or not, it is none of their business.


East Lake, Lake Heart Island.

A water village is built on the island, extending in all directions showing off talent. The sharp and sharp shadows are reflected on the lake surface, which at first glance looks like a rare beast hidden in the water.

The helm of the Shuanglong Gang.

“big brother, I’m back.”

In the central hall of the water village, there are two tiger leather chairs in the main seat. On the biggest one sat a forty-fifty-year-old bald man. A burly man in his thirties walked into the hall and sat down on the chair next to him.

Two Great Gang Lords, Meng Clan Ssangyong.

“Brother, how is this trip?” the Meng Family boss asked.

“It goes without saying, of course it’s a bumper harvest.” Meng Family’s second son said, “I just went around and paid the money obediently. I thought there would be a fight, didn’t Expect it to be so easy.”

The boss of Meng Family smiled slightly: “Since the Liu Family Five Tigers were wiped out, no one can compete with us in this film. Brother is working hard, take a good bath in a while. There will be new Pujincao tomorrow, and the old one will be thrown away today.”

The second child of Meng Family wondered: “Big brother, isn’t your injury healed? Why are you still soaking in this? What? Is it a relapse?”

The boss of Meng Family laughed: “What are you thinking, Guan Zhi and I fought each other three years ago, and the medicine efficacy of Pujincao is good, it has already been done for a long time. It’s alright. But taking a bath with the Pujincao is really comfortable, and it’s really addicting.”

“So it is.” Meng Family’s second child also laughed, “It’s easy to be poisoned when you pick it up. After a long time, I’m afraid those people in Huiyan Town won’t be able to hold on.”

“Hmph, what I want is to kill them!” A trace of hatred flashed in the eyes of the Meng Family boss.

“At the beginning, my father just killed two ordinary persons in the town, and he was chased and killed by the people of the sword for more than four years, and finally died at the hands of Hu Fei. I want them in the whole town. Buried with me to pay homage to my father’s spirit in heaven.”

The second child of Meng Family was nodded. “I only hate that Hu Fei is missing, otherwise we will be happy if our brother kills the enemy.”

“That’s not what I said.” The Meng Family boss shook his head. “It’s true that Hu Fei is an enemy, but he’s more of a Primordial Spirit 2nd turn expert. The two of us are only 1st turn, and even if we join forces, it’s hard to win against him.”

“If Hu Fei is still alive, it’s already a bad old man. fogey, why should you be afraid of him?” The second Meng Family disagreed.

“There aren’t a lot of 2nd rounds now, and there’s no one who can threaten us at all. If I tell you, we should expand northwards and destroy the Beichuan faction. Not even Primordial Spirit, We still occupy so much territory.”

“It is precisely because we are powerful that we need to be more prudent.” The Meng Family boss shook his head. “You can eat the Beichuan faction at any time, but it will inevitably cause dissatisfaction in the Tsing Yi Building. The last time you killed the Liu Family, Master Guo was not very happy.”

“Tsing Yi Building…” Meng Family The second one gritted his teeth. “Several incense owners in the gang are Primordial Spirit Realm. Our overall strength is not much worse than that of Tsing Yi Building. When our brother turns 2, we will destroy them!”

“It’s not that simple.” The boss of Meng Family shook his head, “Not to mention that there are people behind the surname Guo, the key point is that the Tsing Yi Building is not trivial. The Seven Major Sects of the year are the most complete preservation of the Tsing Yi Building and Thirteen Wharf…”

brother The two were talking, and suddenly stopped at the same time, looking at a certain direction in the distance.

Someone broke into the village.


The villagers build walls, passers-by donate jade, and the corners are beautiful. Induce the envy of the neighbors, and give birth to coveted hearts. Taking advantage of the villagers’ laymen, they would come out with pickaxes and poach corners to win each other.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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