Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 66


Chapter 66 Look at me this blade

The shore is full of ups and downs, the lake is ups and downs, and there are fallen down everywhere Ssangyong Gang help the public.

Some are dead, some are alive.

Looking at the raging old man, the living people are also accident entirely to break.

Everyone is down to meet, no one can support two moves. Ordinary gang members are nothing, but there are also two incense owners of Primordial Spirit Realm. Even if the two Gang Lords shot, it was impossible so easily.

Who is this person?

“I’ll leave it to you.”

Hu Fei stepped on the water and ran to Dazhai.

The townspeople came out armed with hatred on their faces.

Hu Fei deliberately kept his hand, and those who were alive only had one breath left.

If it were changed to the past, even when he first returned to Qianzhou, Hu Fei would choose to kill all the people himself, just like Yan Zhen killed the Beichuan faction.

Even if you don’t kill it directly, you must investigate it first. Find out how the Ssangyong Gang came into being and what the two Gang Lords came from.

However, Hu Fei’s realm has improved a lot during his time with Su Qing.

Not the Martial Arts Realm, but the Thought Realm.

It’s not a problem to clean up these mustards at all, the key is to clean up beautifully enough. A good performance before the Lord of Pigweed is the most important major event.

Hu Fei walked unrestrainedly on the water, glancing sideways.

As far as the eye can see, a carriage is parked on the shore, and the Lord of Pigweed is standing in front of the car watching.

I gave the Northern Sea Sword Sect a gift before, which I told Yan Zhen in advance. But this time when I came to him, I didn’t mention a word.

Hu Fei was worried that He Li was not as good as Northern Sea Sword Sect, and that Immortal Monarch was too busy to forget about it. But let him take the initiative to speak, but dare not open his mouth. You can only try to use excellent performance to show your existence as much as possible.

Soon to the main entrance of Shuizhai, the two Gang Lords of the Shuanglong Gang were already waiting there. There are many gang members with weapons behind them, all of them are fierce and glare like a tiger watching his prey.

“So it’s really you two.” Hu Fei recognized the two Gang Lords of the Shuanglong Gang at a glance.

Huiyan Yidaoliu had many enemies, but not many had the ability to threaten. The number one suspect target is these two brothers, and the result is really right.

Their father was the thief Jiang Yang, who killed two people in Huiyan Town. At that time, it was not the Sect Master, but Hu Fei who was ordered to hunt them down. When the target was finally killed, the two brothers were beside him.

The two brothers are still teenagers, but they already have quite good strength. Normally it would cut weeds and eliminate the roots, but Hu Fei chose to show mercy. Let go of the words and let them come to seek revenge for themselves.

Later, the two brothers really came back and were defeated by Hu Fei again. At that time, I thought about killing it, but the two of them ran away.

“I shouldn’t have let you go in the first place.” Seeing that these two were defeated, Hu Sect Master’s confidence rose even more, and his posture brightened.

“Today, I won’t let the tiger return to the mountain again!”

Meng Clan brother was a little stunned, he couldn’t understand what style he was putting on here. But both of them recognized Hu Fei, and the fear in their hearts was also genuine.

“Aren’t you dead?” Meng Family boss complexion ashen. “Lord Guo said that you were all killed by the Lord of Pigweed, and it is impossible that you are still alive!”

“In thirty-six years and two lives, it is not bad to say that you have died once.” Hu Fei asked , “Who is the landlord Guo you are talking about?”

“The landlord of Tsing Yi Building.” Meng Family Old Avenue.

“oh?” Hu Fei couldn’t help laughing and joked. “It seems that Lao Chu has better luck than me, and there is actually a successor.”

“Lao Chu…Chu Ye?!” Bald man instantly thought of a name.

The seven Sect Masters disappeared at the same time, and now Hu Fei is back, so the others…

“Brother, you can’t fight him.” The Meng Family boss gritted his teeth, In a low voice, “Look for a chance to run.”

The second child of Meng Family started. “Big brother, it’s not necessary. A bad old fogey, even if it is the second turn, we may not have no chance of winning. Even if we really lose, we will have time to leave.”

“If only one Hu Fei, it’s not that you can’t fight. Even if you can’t beat it, it’s still too late to leave.” The Meng Family boss showed fear, β€œBut if those seven people come back, have you thought about the consequences?”

“Seven people? Which seven people? Uh, you mean…” Meng Family’s second child asked subconsciously, and then suddenly remembered, his expression changed.

When the rivers and lakes were at their peak, the seven Sect Masters were able to sit firmly in the position of the seven giants. Now that Martial Arts is in decline and the powerhouse is withering, if the seven people really come back…

“You don’t have to think about running, you can’t run away.” Hu Fei pulled out the golden blade and continued to set off the atmosphere. “You can try, if you dare to turn your backs to the old man’s knife.”

The boss of Meng Family was smiling. “Hu Daxia, look at what you said, how could our brothers dare to fight with you. You don’t remember the villain, let us go.” Yes.” The second child of Meng Family also became frivolous, “We are all juniors, don’t lower oneself to somebody’s level with us.”

“Admit defeat? Yes.” Hu Feidao: “First give up martial arts , don’t let me do it.”

“This…” The two brothers looked at each other and seemed to be struggling.

“Forget it, life is the most important thing.”

“big brother…”

The two brothers seemed to have made up their minds to move True Qi with both palms and shoot to your own spirit.

But just as they were about to hit, the two brothers changed their bodies at the same time. The four palms slammed together to form an even more powerful force, which hit Hu Fei with a bang.

β€œOld bastard, die!”

The Meng Clan brother cooperated tacitly and knew each other’s intentions with just one look.

The surging waves carried the lake water. Formed a huge wall, crushed the water village covered bridge, and headed under the cover of Hu Fei.

“I knew you were here.” Hu Fei had been prepared for a long time, and cut out a knife wind.

It seems light and airy, but in fact it has been brewing for a long time.

The knife wind is dozens of feet, dividing the water wall into two. The scattered Blade Qi shattered all around. The two brother Gang Lords flew out directly. The younger brother, who was weaker, even had one palm cut off.

If you switch to other Primordial Spirit and turn to Martial Artist, the two of them will be able to compete. But Hu Fei is an expert who has become famous thirty-six years ago, and his secular practice has reached the pinnacle.

Plus for good performance, this blade is spare no effort.

It was just a face-to-face, and the winner was decided.

Hu Fei jumped over the golden blade and swung it, cutting off the Achilles tendon of the two men neatly.

After another roar, True Qi scattered with sound waves, knocking all the Ssangyong gang members who were trying to escape to the ground.

Confirm that there are no leaks, and I feel that my performance is also good. Hu Fei took the two prisoners and came to the carriage.

“Immortal Monarch.” Hu Fei saluted respectfully and asked cheekily, “I just made the knife, what do you think?”

“I didn’t see it.” Su Qing said , “Looking at the scenery.”

“…” Hu Fei was very painful.

“You two, you shouldn’t be convinced.” Hu Fei looked towards the two prisoners. “I’ll connect your Achilles tendon and hit again?”

The two brothers had black lines on their faces.


The Martial Artist fights with people, accidentally hurts the enemy’s tendons, and keeps fighting. The enemy is angry and does not obey, and defeat cannot be humiliated. Martial Artist said, the elders swept the array, so they showed off their skills and enjoyed it. The enemy suddenly understood, so he followed his intentions and resumed the war, and the chivalrous followed his righteousness.

“Dream of Dreams of Qianzhou”

This small plot of Huiyan Town dragged the rhythm when it was cut in, and it is not easy to speed up after it unfolds. Yesterday everyone’s comments were very warm, and today I will continue to slowly circle the full stop with a cheeky face. But it won’t be slower later, and the plot will stick to the main line as much as possible. After all, it is still too difficult to update such a thing. I can only speed up the rhythm and ensure the quality more.<()>

(End of this chapter)

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