Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 67


Chapter 67 Slaying the Lake, Earthquakes

The two brothers have inexplicable grief and anger, and Hu Fei looks tangled and depressed.

I worked hard for a long time, but I didn’t even see it. If I had known earlier, the battle would not have ended so quickly. After three days and three nights of fighting, Immortal Monarch didn’t give him a second glance.

However, leaving the two alive is not entirely for e’s show off, but for Chu Ye’s Tsing Yi Building.

When I just came back, I just thought that with the identities and strengths of a few people, I could just go home and get it done without any information. But in view of the current situation, it is necessary to understand.

I have had a good relationship with Lao Chu all these years. If the old facetious ponderosa pine is replaced, it is sure to ignore him.

“Immortal Monarch…” Hu Fei was a little discouraged, ready to say hello to Su Qing, and then returned to town with the people.

Su Qing extended his hand to him before he could finish speaking.

Hu Fei was a little stunned and stretched out his hand.

Saint Continent doesn’t have a handshake, it’s purely human instinct.

“Knife.” Su Qing said. “If you don’t need it, this seat can be changed to another place.”

“I want to…” Hu Fei suddenly woke up, hurriedly turned the knife, and handed it over excitedly. The whole person didn’t know what to do, and the trembling almost didn’t throw it away.

Su Qing took the golden blade and glanced at the two brothers.

The two brothers of the Ssangyong Gang were a little flustered.

I was still guessing the identity of this person just now, but now I see Hu Fei’s excited look.

Is it a specially hired executioner?

Saint Continent had a similar tradition, with someone responsible for the execution of murders. But it’s all a matter of the older generations, and now is this to take back the tradition?

“Come on, slash on the neck. Blink your eyes, I was born to you.”

“Hahaha, my brother has been free for so many years. But my neck is hard. , you have to use some strength.”

The two felt that they couldn’t be cowardly, and they had to die hard. Straighten his neck and scream, like a sacrificed warrior.

Su Qing didn’t answer, she just felt a little in the way. After taking two steps, I went to the front and looked at the lake in front of me.

Hu Fei immediately reacted and hurriedly greeted the townspeople who were still in the water village to evacuate. If this blade is chopped down, I am afraid that the entire water village will be turned into ashes.

Su Qing held the knife and closed his eyes to perceive Heaven and Earth.

I used to make a sword at Shuang Tuo Mountain before, but I just had a feeling in the heart and I cut it out without thinking too much. But this time it was a little strange, I always felt that something would happen after the knife was fired.

“Finally caught up.”

“Almost got caught by Old Hu this bastard.”

“What kind of home do you have for him? Missed the major event…”

“Shh, don’t talk, Immortal Monarch is about to move.”

Several Sect Masters flew in.

After agreeing to help Hu Fei look at the townspeople, he always felt that something was wrong. Later, I realized that there was also the matter of Immortal Monarch giving gifts.

I was attracted by that little girl, but I forgot what was really important.

With their cultivation base, from here to Huiyan Town is nothing but a breather. Even if there are voices attacking from the east to the west, it is completely too late to return to the rescue.

But now they don’t care about the theory with Hu Fei, because the Lord of Pigweed is about to shoot.

“Because of this, there is no need to disturb yourself.”

Su Qing opened his eyes and spread his arms out.


A sharp blade light was cut out, just as ordinary as the double camel mountain. And the speed is surprisingly slow, which is many times slower than the sword in Shuang Tuo Mountain.

The water village was split.

Meng Clan brother twitched his lips.

“That’s it?”

Executioners sometimes try their swords to deter the ceremony of the dead. But in the eyes of the brother, this level is really not very good.

Hu Fei and several Sect Masters ignored the two brothers and stared at them without blinking.

The blade light is still sinking, cutting through the water.


Meng Clan brother opened his eyes slightly.

“To be able to cut water with this attitude, you should have the level of Primordial Spirit Realm.” Meng Clan’s second son commented.

Hu Fei grabbed a stone and stuffed it into his mouth.

The ramble, too affecting the observation.

But even if he doesn’t, Meng Clan brother won’t talk anymore.

The blade light continued to fall slowly, and the lake water was separated by a foot.

The lake water without body is cut neatly like a solid state.

Because the speed of the blade light is very slow, the speed of the lake is also slow. It was like a highly skilled tailor who was slowly cutting a piece of silk.

Several Sect Masters held their breaths again, and Meng Clan brother’s eyes widened.

It is not difficult for them to cut the water, but the way of tearing it like a cloth is completely beyond their understanding.

The lake is continuously divided downwards, finally revealing the riverbed below.

Shrimp and crabs, aquatic plants, silt…

A young crab, crawling out of the silt, held Zhang Xi with tongs.

It seems to be wondering why the lake suddenly disappeared.

The position where it stops is exactly where the blade light falls.

The crab also seemed to notice that something was falling.

It didn’t run away, but raised its pliers.


Everyone was speechless.

Mayfly shaking a tree is ridiculous, this little crab is even more stupid.

The blade light disappeared instantly, and the crab held its claws.

One by one, they were triumphant, and they got into the mud again.

The Sect Masters and Meng Clan brother were staring.

The crab won?

Wait, why can I still see that crab.

The blade light has disappeared, but the lake has not closed.

Like two huge transparent and crystal gems, they are still in the original position of the lake.

A hundred zhang wide blank area appeared in the middle, which neatly divided the huge lake into two parts.

There are no knife marks on the river bed, nor any damage to the shore. The separated lake water continued to rippling, but not a single drop of water splashed on the middle end.

The earth seemed to react with a dull rumble.

It’s not yet visible near the lake, but the farther away it gets worse. Especially on the coastline, a heaven overflowing giant wave is set off. The reefs on the sea cliffs were also cracked and scattered.

Shuangtuoshan half-peak, Yan Zhen is enlightened.

Suddenly found that the mountain range and the ground were shaking, only the half-peak where he was located was completely motionless.

Yan Zhen couldn’t help sighing. “Earth Dragon rolls over and doesn’t move halfway. Immortal Monarch is really extraordinary.”

The other place is the pavilion square. Hundreds of Tsing Yi Disciples danced swords, and one person sat in a chair to supervise.

Suddenly the attic shook and the square shook. Disciples wobbled, exclaimed and ran wild.

“The ground is just moving, why are you so panicked! Everyone goes back to their original positions and continue to practice.” The person in the chair calmly got up and walked to the open space.

People in many other places were also in disbelief.

Su Qing shook his hand and threw the golden blade.


The entire blade is submerged in the middle of the riverbed.

A ring of ripples visible to the naked eye rippling, radiating in all directions, extending to places invisible to the naked eye.

The earth returned to calm, and the rumbling completely disappeared.

The sun shines through the lake and sprinkles on the exposed riverbed.

Meilun Meiyang is like a dream.

Su Qing was not in the mood to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but instead relaxed for a long time as if something had just been stopped.


Saint Continent, nearly cracked.


In July of the first year of the Holy Land, Earth Dragon turned over, covering thousands of li. There is a sound like thunder, and waves in the sea. The grass and trees are shaken, and the animals in the valley are frightened away.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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