Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 68


Chapter 68 Broken Lake Water Wall

Su Qing did not simply strike out a knife, but left a mark in the world, gradually Break the Formation block.

The time at Double Camel Mountain was very smooth and nothing unexpected happened. But this time in Yan Town, something unusual happened. Before the knife was fired, it felt like something was going to happen. After a knife is cut out, there is indeed an abnormality.

With that knife down, Qianzhou almost cracked.

It’s not how much damage it did to Qianzhou, but the knife that shook the Formation.

Formation encloses this earth and supports this earth. Removing a small part won’t make much difference, but more will affect the overall stability.

It seems that Su Qing caused some kind of damage, but in fact there is something wrong with the land itself.

Like Pigweed immortal island, it was the Great Desolate. Absorbed Spiritual Qi of Myriad Immortals Array, and solidified with Immortal Apricot spirit root, and then had Pigweed. But if nothing is done, Spiritual Qi will dissipate as soon as it scatters.

Saint Continent is a similar situation.

Although it may not be the same as Pigweed, it is indeed a huge piece of soil, and it is only barely stabilized by Heaven and Earth Formation. This kind of natural Formation is difficult to last, and it will eventually be unsustainable one day. When the time comes this continent, it will all split up and in pieces.

Su Qing has some guesses in her heart, but it’s hard to tell right now.

“Half Peak, Broken Lake, I saw these two traces, and if I leave one, I should be able to see more.” Su Qing glanced at the separated lake, and then looked towards the remaining five Sects Master, a feeling suddenly appeared in my heart.

“Perhaps it wasn’t that I found the seven of them to lead the way here, but this land made the seven of them come to find me. The seekers are also being sought, so who is the fate? “Su Qing thought for a while, then suddenly smiled.

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter who’s fate. Since I’m here, naturally I won’t see you collapse.”

Su Qing looked at the land, Others were looking at him.

Especially the townspeople who came to make up for the knife, no one dared to believe their eyes.

When I was outside the town, I was already curious about this driver. Hu Fei showed awe, and the girl whom he talked to was favored. There is too much information, revealing the extraordinaryness of this person.

But no matter what they think, they didn’t expect to be extraordinary to this extent.

The lake was split open with one knife, and the water didn’t even close.

“Is this something that people can do? Shouldn’t this be Divine Immortal?”

After thinking about the produce transformation in their hearts, Su Qing in their eyes gradually became Not the same.

The clothes become Immortal Cloth with a jade crown on the head. Although it is still different from the original appearance, there are already six or seven similarities.

What is in the heart is ordinary, what is seen is ordinary. Suspected of immortals, what I saw was Divine Immortal.

“immortal, this is really immortal…”

The townspeople fell to their knees shuaa~.

Perhaps it doesn’t matter to them immortal or not. But just based on what he’s showing now, kneeling down is definitely not a disadvantage.

Several Sect Masters did not bow down to Su Qing.

Because I have kneeled many times, the most important thing now is Broken Lake.

A broken mountain can stand, but how can a broken lake not be closed?

The six Sect Masters pressed hard against the edge of the incision, looking for even the slightest sign of movement.

The cut sections are like two mirrors, reflecting each other.

It’s not that you don’t believe in the Lord of Pigweed, it’s purely human instinct. Subconsciously, I always feel that the lake water will change at the next moment.

“Immortal Monarch…” Hu Fei stood beside Su Qing, and finally couldn’t bear to ask. “When will the lake close?”

Su Qing said: “Blade Intent will not disperse, East Lake will not close.”

Hu Fei’s eyes shined, eager to jump down .

When will the Blade Intent go away, no need to ask this stupid question. Now all he cares about is what he can learn from the Blade Intent.

“Think clearly before you go down, this place is different from Banfeng.” Su Qing said, “The sword is the king, and Guan Hen comprehends life. “

Hu Fei was stunned and looked carefully.

The cross-section of East Lake is neat and tidy, as smooth and thorough as a mirror. Along with the rippling waves of the lake, there was an indescribable chill.

It looks like a lake, but it is actually a blade light.

“many thanks to Immortal Monarch for the guidance.” Hu Fei thanked Su Qing and turned his head to look towards Meng Clan brother.

These guys were shivered all of a sudden.

“Hu Fei, you are the Grandmaster of the senior generation in Jianghu, why are you threatening me like this?”

“If you want to kill, kill us, give us a good time. Tell you, I I’d rather bite my tongue than go down.”

They may not be afraid of death, but that doesn’t mean there is no fear. Su Qing’s knife subverted their cognition and stimulated their nerves to the greatest extent.

I thought it was two dragons, but when True Dragon came, I realized that it was a loach.

It doesn’t matter if I was killed by a blade, but I can be tortured by unknown things, which is really scary in my heart.

“Go down? What beautiful things are you thinking of?” Hu Fei was not angry. “I just want to finish your shit, so that I can free up my energy to go down and realize the Blade Intent. If anyone else dares to go down, the old man will kill him right away.”

“Brother Hu is so big. Violent.”

“If we want to go on, will Brother Hu also do it?”

Several other Sect Masters came over.

“If you guys want to go down the road, I’m really looking forward to it.” Hu Feidao, “But before that, there are some things I need to tell you about.”

” Old Hu, aren’t you so petty?” Huang Songzi said with a smile, “Poor Daoist did some nonsense before, and slandered you unintentionally. But then you asked us to stay outside the town, which should be considered a remedy.”

“It’s not about this.” Hu Fei was a little serious. “It’s the Tsing Yi Building.”

“The Tsing Yi Building?” The former owner, Chu Ye, was taken aback, and the others also looked over.

Hu Fei talked about the conversations with Meng Clan brother just now, and then said to Chu Ye: “Brother Chu, listen to their tone, it seems that Tsing Yi Building has not been impacted these years. But the landlord has changed. It is said that the surname is Guo, and I haven’t asked specifically.”

“Guo Canyang, I am Junior Brother.” Chu Ye’s expression was complicated. “I violated the sect rules back then, swallowed Suo Yuandan and exiled to Qingzhou. During the years we were in Qingzhou, I still thought about finding him. I didn’t expect him to return to Ganzhou to take over as the landlord.”

Hu Fei Q: “How strong is this person?”

Chu Ye said: “Not worse than me.”

Everyone was surprised.

Among them, Chu Ye has the highest innate talent. Guo Canyang was even stronger than him, and he was undoubtedly a formidable enemy.

Hu Feidao: “Yidaoliu and Northern Sea Sword Sect are both standing behind. Brother Yan and I are only facing some young people. But if the Tsing Yi Building is completely controlled by Guo Canyang, you will not be able to do anything when you go back. It is equivalent to facing the entire Sect.”

Hou Zhendao. “If this is the case, the old man can go to explore the way first. Anyway, Shisanwu was hostile to the Tsing Yi Building back then, so there is no need to worry about a fight.”

“many thanks Hou Lao Meiyi, but there is no need.” Chu Ye subconsciously glanced at Su Qing. “This is my business, and I don’t want others to interfere. Brother Hu and Brother Yan, both are the foundations they have taken back.”

Everyone suddenly realized that Chu Ye didn’t want to save face, but considered Pigweed’s congratulations.

From the previous two cases, the gift is not for everyone, but more beneficial to Sect. If outsiders intervene in the solution, it is likely to lose this opportunity.

“Then we won’t take action for the time being.” Hou Zhen said, “But if there is any danger, don’t blame the old man for meddling.”

“You can relax.” Chu Ye said with a smile, “Although it has been thirty-six years, my words should still work. And my Junior Brother…hehe, if he hadn’t changed, this trip might be easier than Brother Hu.”

“Brother Chu is confident.” Hu Fei said, “But please don’t rush to leave, help me stay here for a while. I’ll go back to town and I’ll be back soon.”

“What to do?” Everyone wondered.

This Broken Lake is an important place.

“Find something and build a grass hut.” Hu Fei was high in fighting spirit. “Starting today, this lakeside is my Daoist Dojo.”

All the Sect Masters looked around.

Dead and blood, silt and rotten grass.

Let’s set up a Martial Arts field here…

But look at the wall of Broken Lake not far away.

“Well, it’s a good place.”


There is a strange lake in Huiyan Town. For example, jade stone is divided into two parts, and the cross-section is like the environment. The near knife wind scrapes the bone, and it is extremely dangerous. One of the wonders of Qianzhou, the water wall of Broken Lake.

“Qianzhou Travel Notes: Seven Wonders”

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(End of this chapter)

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