Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 69


Chapter 69 Guo Canyang

verdant hills and limpid water Surrounded by a long river, a pavilion stands in front of the mountain. The building is thirty or forty feet high, all around the dwarf hall Xingluo. There is a large stone wall halfway up the mountain, with the words “Tsing Yi Building” written in big red characters.

Silk Town, Tsing Yi Building.

A pigeon flew from a distance and fell into a house. Not long after, a Disciple ran out quickly and rushed to the front of the building to report.

“Report to the landlord, the news of returning to Yan Town.”

A voice came from the building. “Is there anything I must know now?”

Tsing Yi Lou Disciple replied: “Hu Fei is back.”

There was a moment of silence in the building, and then he said: “It’s a slap in the face. That old bastard? Are you sure it’s him?”

“The old man in the town can testify that it is Hu Fei.” Disciple continued, “In addition, Meng Clan brother was captured, and the Shuanglong Gang was destroyed. Only Hu Fei’s shot alone will only take half a day.”

“Meng Clan brothers team up, and they can also fight against the second Zhuan. In this way, it should be Hu Fei.” The voice in the building became heavy. “Besides, what do you mean when you say that he is the only one who shoots? is it possible that, and there are other people walking with him?”

“There are six people, five men and one woman.” Disciple said, “Identity I don’t know, they call them brothers and they are very close.”

No one spoke in the building for a long time.

“One more thing…” Disciple hesitated, “The news is too absurd and needs to be further confirmed.”

“What news?” the person in the building asked.

“The spy reported that someone cut Huiyan East Lake open with a knife, and the water couldn’t be closed, like a shadow wall.” Disciple hesitated.

“What’s even more strange is that the spies were there to witness it with their own eyes, but later they couldn’t remember who shot it, or even if there was that person. The broken lake wall is real, it’s really unimaginable…”

There was still no answer in the building, but the sound of heavy breathing was clearly audible.

Disciple didn’t dare to make a sound, and waited silently.

I don’t know how long it took before another voice came out.

β€œIs there any news from Double Camel Mountain?”

Disciple is busy replied. “Beichuan sent a group of mobs, usually there is basically no news, usually only monthly reports. As usual, it should take a few days.”

“Don’t wait any longer, send someone to ask immediately, there is news immediately Come report me. By the way…” The people in the building asked again, “Are those people still returning to Yan Town?”

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but the Tsing Yi Lou Disciple felt a little trembling in its voice. But he didn’t think much about it, and only gave a serious answer.

“Hu Fei didn’t leave, the others left the same day.” Disciple in Tsing Yi Lou thought for a while. “The whereabouts have not been ascertained for the time being. It is suspected that the direction of Ben Xiushui Town should be Ben we are coming…”

With a bang, it seemed that something fell.

“Landlord?” Disciple was a little confused.

“I’m fine…” The tone in it was obviously different, and the order was issued hastily.

“Let the spies along the way conduct a thorough investigation, and make sure to find out the whereabouts of the other party… Wait, according to the time the news is sent back, if you really go to the Tsing Yi Building, it should be there in two days… Hurry up and check , I checked from the surrounding area and found an immediate report! Hurry up!!!”

Disciple galloped away, and a carriage came to the town.


“The old man never thought that Silk Town is so big. It is a town, bigger than many cities.”

“How can the place of Tsing Yi Building be small. Mr. Hou, you have been in the arena for so many years, but have you never been here?”

“Nonsense, when old man and Tsing Yi Building were at odds, how could it be possible? Come here…”

Su Qing drove in front as always, while a few old men strolled and chatted in the back.

“Old Chu.” Huang Songzi approached Chu Ye and asked in a low voice. “Tsing Yi Building has eyeliner spies all over the place, and there is a saying that Tsing Yi knows everything about the world. It was okay to say that Shuangtuoshan was remote, but if you leave Huiyan Town with great fanfare, are you really afraid of being discovered?”

” What I’m afraid of is that Guo Canyang won’t find it.” Chu Ye laughed. “If it’s not found, it’ll be a real headache.”

“Brother Chu, please be careful.” Huang Songzi was more cautious. “From what I saw along the way, the people under the rule of Tsing Yi Lou are stable. But the more this is the case, the greater the hidden danger.”

“What the Taoist said is right.” Xu Chuping replied, “Three Sixteen years is almost one or two generations, enough to wear off Brother Chu’s influence. As long as Guo Canyang is not too stupid, he must have already controlled the Tsing Yi Building.”

“Just wait and see. “Chu Ye was chuckled, and he seemed confident.

The Sect Master was puzzled.

Yan Zhen and Hu Fei went back to be unparalleled mowing the grass, while Chu Ye had an evenly matched opponent and had to face a real Sect. It’s unusual to be so confident.

Chu Ye has a reason for self-confidence, and more is for Su Qing to see.

It’s just that he doesn’t know, Su Qing simply doesn’t care.

It doesn’t matter if the performance of these Sect Masters is good or bad. In the previous Banfeng and Broken Lake, it was an opportunity to be able to hold it. If you can’t keep it, another destined person will take over.

However, Su Qing is a little interested in Chu Ye’s Junior Brother.

Su Qing looked forward.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way, get out of the way!!!”

There was a sudden chaos on the street.

Hundreds of Tsing Yi Building Disciples appeared ahead and quickly cleared the street in a very brutal manner.

A lot of people soon followed and started clearing the scene in the same way.

The carriage stopped slowly, and several Sect Masters moved their paces, holding different positions respectively.

The people in the car do not need their protection, but they are never allowed to be offended.

The Disciple of Tsing Yi Building was separated, and the entire group slowly approached.

The one in front was a youngster, followed by a few old men.

Chuye was immediately startled.

He knew all of these people.

Several old people were his Tsing Yi Building Disciple back then. It’s all Primordial Spirit Realm now, with two more one turn. The youngster walking in front is more familiar with his same sect Junior Brother Guo Chanyang.

Other things can be said, but Guo Chanyang is too young.

Obviously the same age as him, didn’t expect to look like this.

But Chu Ye was just curious, not surprised. It’s not that I haven’t seen recover one’s youthful vigor, so it’s not unusual.

“Junior Brother, the style is still the same.” Chu Ye took a few steps forward and greeted him proactively.

“Senior brother, you are getting old.” Guo Canyang showed no expression at all, but his eyes became more and more severe.

“So what if you’re old.” Chu Ye said, “You still have to bow your head to me.”

“Joke!” Guo Canyang sneered, “You were not as good as me back then. Today, you are even worse than me. Now that the Tsing Yi Building is under my control, what qualifications do you have to make me bow my head!”

Guo Canyang moved.

Several Sect Masters could not help but hold their breaths.

Guo Canyang’s aura is not weak, and like Chu Ye, he is the second rank of Primordial Spirit. The two of them played the same sect again, and it was hard to tell the outcome of the fight.

The Sect Masters were a little nervous, subconsciously getting ready for battle.

With so many people in Tsing Yi Building, it’s really hard to stay out of the fight.

Guo Canyang took two steps towards Chu Ye, raised his arms flat, put his hands together, and bowed his body to the end.

“Welcome to the landlord’s return.”

The Disciples in the Tsing Yi Building shouted in unison.

Chu Ye looked calm, and the Sect Masters were stunned.

“What to look at.” Although Guo Canyang bowed his body, his attitude remained as stubborn as ever. “I’m not bowing my head to him.”

Only then did several Sect Masters notice that there was something wrong with the direction of Guo Canyang’s bow.

Not to Chu Ye, but to the other side.

Disciples is calling Chu Ye, and he is worshipping Carriage.

One yard is one yard, but it’s still iron-clad.


The hero Guo Mou, loyal to his liver and righteousness, is quite famous. When he was young, he traveled abroad and returned to his hometown in his prime. The mighty power unyielding face to face, the world praises the iron bones.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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