Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Immortal fate, even close relatives can’t be taken away

County government.

“My poor child…”

Old Lady Zhao was holding the corpse and crying, Zhao Sanxi led the child to the side and sighed.

The efficiency of the yamen is very high, or the case is not complicated. The scene and the survivor’s oral, the details of the case are very clear.

Second Old Zhang lost a big bag of gold in the casino a few days ago, and he turned it over with a high-spirited and vigorous last night. He took out a bone and said it was the Immortal Treasure property to be mortgaged, and was beaten by a lunatic.

But he was not beaten to death by the casino people, but at the hands of a stranger.

Second Old Zhang, who was beaten at the time, refused to accept it and said he wanted to summon the tiger with his bones. Reciting the mantra and biting his fingers to drip blood didn’t help, and finally picked up an axe in a hurry to split the bones.

And then an old man came out of nowhere and slashed him to death with a knife.

“He shouldn’t be dead, the spirit tiger will protect… That’s right, why didn’t the spirit tiger come out?” Old Lady Zhao cried too much for a while, then suddenly reacted and grabbed Zhao Sanxi back.

“When I met a gangster before, the spirit tiger would come out. Did you give a fake to kill your younger brother?”

“Mother, what nonsense are you talking about!” Zhao San was in a hurry. “You watched me coax the pendant down, and you handed it over to the second child. The child cried for a long time about it, but you forgot?”

“Is that so?” The master came over and held the animal tooth pendant on a tray.

“That’s right, that’s it.” The old lady grabbed it and checked it over and over. “That’s right, that’s it. But how…”

“Mother, I said it yesterday.” Zhao Sanxi sighed. “This thing is not necessarily useful in the old second-hand, but you don’t listen to it. And you also heard that the second child actually took it to bet, how can he get shelter!”

“What bet, you younger Brother is not that kind of person!” The old lady cried again. “It’s clear that someone wants to rob our family’s treasure, so he deliberately made up those nonsense. My poor son…”


The hall was shocked.

“What a formality to make a fuss in the courtroom!” The magistrate’s face darkened. “This county announced that you are here to confess the corpse and investigate the case, not to make you cry!”

“Yes, my lord…” The old lady stopped crying. “I heard that the murderer was caught, so you have to decide for me…”

“What kind of leader!” the magistrate said angrily. “Your son steals Immortal Treasure first, disrespects Pigweed immortal last. Even if there is no righteous man to kill him, the county will ask him for his sin!”


Zhao Family Mother and son both stayed together.

“Sir.” Zhao Sanxi couldn’t help but ask: “You called us here, isn’t it because of my brother’s case?”

“It’s his case, but not because of my brother’s case. How did he die.” The magistrate said solemnly: “The county originally wanted to know how he stole the Immortal Treasure. But listening to your conversation just now, there seems to be something else hidden in it.”

“It is true Hidden feelings.” Zhao Sanxi quickly said: “The pendant was not stolen, but my brother asked for it and gave it to him.”

“Bold!” The magistrate slapped the table again. “How can immortal be given lightly. Even if he is exempt from the crime of stealing, he cannot escape the crime of disrespect. Attempting to use Immortal Treasure as a gambling book, or even hacking with an axe, is maddening…”

“Mr. Magistrate, are you mistaken!” Old Lady Zhao was too anxious. “My son is dead, so what are you asking about? Besides, it belongs to my family. I can give it to anyone I want.”

“Oh, what an ignorant and foolish woman.” The old man in clothes is burly and mighty. “Pigweed Immortal Treasure is about the fortune of the country, so how can you send it around, let alone a rotten gambler. If the old man didn’t come in time, you would die!”

“Who are you? “Old Lady Zhao is too unknown.

“The person who killed your son.” The old man looked indifferent. “Last night, the old man personally took action and chopped off that dog’s head!”

“Dawei slaughtered?!” Someone recognized the old man and couldn’t help but exclaimed. “…No, the Great Wei Junshen…Old General Wang…”

“Return my son’s life!” Old Lady Zhao Taike, no matter who it was, jumped up with red eyes.

“Impudent.” The old man raised his hands and threw the Old Lady Zhao out with cold eyes. “The old man fought all his life. Before the warhorse and long sword, there was no distinction between soldiers and civilians. I killed your son last night, and today I am not afraid to kill you, a foolish woman!”

Mrs. Old Lady Zhao has never seen this and the others, fell to the ground and shivered.

“Old General calm down, Old General calm down.” Zhao Sanxi kowtowed repeatedly. “My mother offended the Old General, and the young one here to make amends. I hope the Old General will calm down. It’s not good for anyone if it gets bigger.”

“The son of filial piety is unreasonable.” “Don’t think that the old man can’t hear the meaning of your words, that the spirit tiger will really protect you?”

The old man flicks with the finger, and shoots out with energy.

Zhao Sanxi only felt that his neck was cold, and a piece of flesh was scraped off. Mrs. Old Lady Zhao, who was behind her, let out a scream, and her palm was pierced by Qi Jin.

“This…” Zhao Sanxi was petrified.

“You saw it.” The old man said faintly. “Shoot you, but where is the spirit tiger?”

“Don’t hurt my father!” the little boy shouted, blocking Zhao Sanxi.


The old man, who was still fierce just now, instantly softened his attitude. Take two steps back and put on a smiley face. “Children will be beaten when they make mistakes, and adults should be taught a lesson when they make mistakes. If they rob you, I will punish you slightly.”

The boy thought for a while and said with a stern face. “That’s fine. You can’t beat people.”

The old man laughed. “Okay, not anymore.”

Old Lady Zhao was too aware of something and grabbed her grandson’s hand. “By the way, you are the one chosen by the immortal, the spirit tiger listens to you. Avenge your second uncle and avenge your grandma. Let the spirit tiger come out and kill them.”

“Grandma, you arrest them. It hurts me…” The boy was grabbed by his grandmother’s bloody hand, hurt and scared, struggling instinctively.


A tiger roar came from out of nowhere, and everyone in the hall shuddered.

I saw the white light of the animal tooth pendant shining, and a huge tiger jumped out of it.

The tiger is huge and occupies almost half of the court. Teeth like Blade Mountain, claws like sharp blades, and eyes like two large lanterns. The fur is golden with a portion of white on the neck.

“spirit tiger!” Old Lady Zhao was overjoyed, fiercely looked towards the old man.

Unexpectedly, giant tiger ignored the old man, but instead roared at her and slammed in front of her.

β€œFor, why…” Old Lady Zhao too the soul flew away and scattered.

“I don’t understand yet? What the spirit tiger protects is just this child.” The old man sneered.

“Ignore Xianwei, believe oneself infallible, and die sooner or later. The old man didn’t come here to punish him, but he didn’t want this child to leave the Heart Demon who killed his relatives, so he saved you, you ignorant fearless fool. !”

Old Lady Zhao finally understood what was wrong, looking at the murderous-looking tiger with indescribable fear in her heart. The animal tooth pendant in his hand didn’t even dare to hold it, and he threw it out with a scream.

The old man reached out his hand to catch the pendant and turned around to hang it around the boy’s neck.

The giant tiger watched the old man’s actions and finally seemed satisfied. With a low growl, it turned into a white light and flew back to the pendant.

“Good to take care of this child.” The old man said to the magistrate: “When he grows up, the old man will come and pick him up. Before that, don’t let the old man hear bad news again. .”

“Yes…” The magistrate said: “The Old General loves this child so much, why doesn’t he take him away now?”

“Because the old man is not stupid.” old man snorted. “Pigweed is willing to experience, how can the old man dare to overtake his place. When the child has his own ideas, the old man can intervene. Today, it is not a whim, but an order.”

” Your Majesty?” the magistrate startled.

“If you have an immortal under your control, you don’t have to hide it from you.” The old man said, “Your Majesty doesn’t want to at this time, allowing anyone to offend the immortal majesty. Even the slightest, it is absolutely not allowed.”

The magistrate didn’t quite understand. “Your Majesty wants to…”

“Only rateless idiots think about robbing others, and a real wise man will seek his own immortal fate.” The old man smiled slightly. “The six countries have decided to join hands to find Pigweed immortal island.”

The magistrate’s mouth is wide open. “Go, look for Pigweed?”


The old man looked into the distance.

“Going to find Pigweed.”


The Zhao family has a son and is very fond of him. The son was fond of gambling, and used animal bones for silver coins, and died in the square. The mother complained of injustice, and said that the son was harmed by others. County Magistrate said, the mother who harms the child is sentenced to the rod and blamed, and the mother will regret it.

“Ningzhou Fuzhi”

made a mistake.

I signed the contract the day before yesterday. The first time I signed the electronic contract, the ID card was not clear. The review failed and the second submission was passed, and then passed.

And then, looking at the notification of passing, I thought that the contract was successful by default, but I didn’t pay attention to the background. It wasn’t until I saw that the status of the contract had not changed, that I suddenly remembered that it had not been signed and sealed…

Finally, seeing such a tragic author, all the judges must have pity in their hearts. Will probably throw a few votes out of sympathy.

(End of this chapter)

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