Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 70


What happened in Chapter 70

Ever since he knew that Tsing Yi Building was in charge of Guo Canyang, Chu Ye had almost no worries. He really knows too much about his Junior Brother.

Ordinary people were exiled to other places, and when they came back, they found that they were all dead.

But Guo Canyang is different. Even if he really becomes a king, he is definitely a king who is as stable as a dog.

He would think about why those people died, and would be terrified of that reason.

Guo Chanyang has many shortcomings.

He is stubborn and bad-tempered, greedy for life and shameless…

But he has one of the biggest advantages, that is, he is very aware of current affairs. In the face of people who are stronger than you, you will put your face down without hesitation.

The reason why I was exiled back then was that I ran away many times. As long as the enemy is likely to pose a threat, even if the realm is inferior to him, it will give up without the slightest hesitation.

The seven Sect Masters are back in Saint Continent, and the news alone has made him murmur. Coupled with the news of Banfeng Tianlu and Broken Lake Water Wall, if you don’t think about it, it will be a ghost.

The only thing Chu Ye worries about is that Guo Canyang has changed over the years. But now it seems that he is still the same as before.

“Junior Brother, you really haven’t changed at all.” Chu Ye smiled. “It seems that you have already heard about the Northern Sea Sword Sect and Huiyan Town.”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Guo Canyang walked to Chu Ye and lowered his voice, “Carriage up That one?”

The information on Shuangtuoshan and Huiyan Town has been collected, and Banfengtian Road and the water wall of Broken Lake have been confirmed to exist. Elders recover one’s youthful vigor, girls heal wounds, these are also briefed in detail.

In all the information, the most crucial part is missing.

It is said that Banfengtian Road and the water wall of Broken Lake were cut down by people, but no one remembers who that person is, and cannot even confirm whether they exist. How the elderly and girls have changed, no one can tell. Apart from knowing that it is related to steamed buns, there is nothing useful at all.

But for Guo Canyang, this information is enough.

He doesn’t need to know the truth, just fear.

Anyone who can’t be remembered, but who else?

At this moment, in Guo Canyang’s eyes, Su Qing’s star robe is silver-haired and white-bearded. Although not true, but more like Divine Immortal than true. Because in Guo Canyang’s concept, Divine Immortal should look like this.

“You can ask yourself.” Chu Ye said, “Or you can clarify your own affairs first, and then I will tell you the origin of that person.”

“Threat me?” Guo Canyang stared.

“Yes.” Chu Ye nodded.

“Impossible to tell you now.” Guo Canyang is still stubborn. “There are too many people, let’s go back and talk about it!”

The two brothers were about to return to the Tsing Yi Building, but they didn’t leave first. Instead, let the Tsing Yi Building Disciple get out of the way, and they will only follow when the carriage moves.

Residents of Silk Town saw a strange sight.

A carriage is running normally, a driver is ordinary.

And the Tsing Yi Building, known as the Three Great Influences in Qianzhou, goes from the main building to the pawns. They were lined up in neat formations, and they followed behind like a valet.

Chu Ye was not as thick-skinned as Guo Canyang, so he couldn’t bear it after walking for a while. “The guy in the car doesn’t like this kind of pomp.”

Guo Canyang snorted and turned around to explain a few words. With a bang, grandiose’s team dissipated in an instant.

It has changed back to the original team when I first came, but there is one more valet.

The entire group crossed the town to the big river outside.

A stone bridge more than ten feet wide over the river, with Disciple guards from Tsing Yi Building beside the bridge. Across the bridge is the Tsing Yi Building, which is the gate of the Sect.

The carriage did not go up the bridge, but stopped on the side of the road.

The crowd did not dare to follow, and watched from afar.

“Guo Canyang, you are bolder now.” Chu Ye was a little annoyed, “Could it be that you set up an ambush here and play asking monarch to enter the urn with me?”

“What nonsense? “Guo Canyang was even more annoyed, “What is there to set up an ambush here? Who am I ambush? Who do I dare to ambush? Would you lend us the courage?”

“Then why is the carriage not a bridge?” Chu Ye asked.

“I didn’t enter the town in Huiyan Town before, because the problem of Yidaoliu was not in the town, but in the Shuanglong Gang next to it. The situation in Tsing Yilou is different from Yidaoliu, so there must be some problems if the carriage didn’t go inside. The reason.”

Chu Ye would not be afraid of these means, but he could not accept being fooled in front of Immortal Monarch. Originally, I came back with confidence to receive it, but it turned out such a reverse drama.

How does this make Immortal Monarch see itself? How does this allow Immortal Monarch to bestow grace?

“Is there really a problem?” Guo Canyang panicked when he heard it, “Isn’t it the people below who are doing the trick? Or did someone surnamed Ren arrange a secret attack? Could it be that someone really hurt me?”

Guo Canyang doesn’t care if he has grace or not, he only cares about his own safety. Just as he was about to cross the bridge to check, he suddenly stopped.

Su Qing got out of the car.

Everyone watched nervously, and Chu Ye raised his heart in his throat.

Shuang Tuoshan slashed a mountain with a sword, and slashed a lake outside Huiyan Town. The river in front is too small to be worth cutting down. Could it be that we are going to cut the Tsing Yi Building?

Su Qing did not split the building or cut the river, and walked to the grass on the edge.

The scenery here is beautiful, willows and forests are quiet, and there are men and women in small groups outing. There are young Disciples in Tsing Yi Building and ordinary residents. Some people were fishing by the river and others were flying kites.

Su Qing is like an ordinary tourist, strolling in the shade of the grass.

Chu Ye and Guo Canyang were relaxed at the same time.

“Perhaps you are more suitable to be the landlord.” Chu Ye looked at those outings. “When I was here, no outsiders were allowed to approach here, nor would the Disciple in the building be so casual.”

Guo Canyang snorted. “After so many years, you’re still the same. You praise and criticize, frigid irony and scorching satire.”

“Sincerely.” Chu Ye said, “I used to be too strict with people, and I was too strict with Junior Brother Junior. Sister and the Disciple in the building are not very human. But after walking down Qingzhou these years, I found that people are precious and affectionate.”

“You disappeared in Qingzhou all these years?” Guo Canyang couldn’t help asking Said, “What exactly have you experienced?”

Chu Ye hehe twice. “The experience you can’t imagine.”

“What’s unimaginable, I was exiled to Qingzhou one step earlier than you.” Guo Canyang pouted, expressing disdain.

“I also swallowed Suoyuan Dan and suppressed the cultivation base under Innate. Can you imagine? For so many years, I was just an ordinary Martial Artist, and any crap could ride on my head. One time I drank in a liquor store…” It seems that I want to say all the sufferings of these years, and tell the unwillingness in my heart and the injustice of the world.

But as I talked, I felt that the atmosphere was a bit wrong.

Not only Chu Ye looked at him strangely, but other Sect Masters also cast an indignant look. From these people’s eyes, he saw the same emotions as himself.


It is a stronger emotion, a hundred times a thousand times stronger than him.

“You can eat wine, so what can be wronged?” The old master of Shisanwuhou gnashing teeth. “Do you know what the old man has been through all these years? Do you know what to eat? You can’t find anything hot from leftovers, and you still drink alcohol?”

“What you eat is none of my business. What’s the matter?” Guo Canyang’s unfathomable mystery, the inquiry looked towards Chu Ye. “Who is this?”

“The Thirteen Dock Boss.” Chu Ye said, “Hou Zhen.”

Guo Canyang almost pulled out his sword.

Shisanwu and Tsing Yi Lou are a feud, although there has been no conflict in recent years. But in Hou Zhen’s time, the two sides were incompatible as fire and water.

He knew that the seven Sect Masters were in the same industry, but didn’t expect this old man to be Hou Zhen.

“Eating leftovers? Hou Zhen? Don’t make fun of it, that old man has a famous reputation and would do such a thing? Brother, I’m not joking with you, I’m serious.” Of course Guo Canyang didn’t believe it. Continue to tell the story.

“I had a conflict with someone, and a few third-rate Martial Artists made me run away. Such extraordinary shame and humiliation, every time I think about it…”

“What kind of extraordinary is this? Shame and humiliation!” Xu Chuping sneered. “I was beaten by a few drunk men and thrown into a ditch after the beating. Compared with this kind of experience, what are you.”

Guo Canyang squinted. “Who are you?”

“The owner of Sword Mountain Village, Xu Chuping!”

“Fart!” Guo Canyang is even more disbelieving, thinking that these old men are teasing him . “You dare to talk nonsense, Hugh is here to provoke Sect’s grievances. Why don’t you say that you were beaten by a woman and almost suffocated to death under your body!”

As soon as the words came out, several Sect Masters all said Couldn’t help looking towards Ponderosa Nut.

This happened, and the person involved is this one.

Phellodendron pine nuts blushed and had a thick neck, and True Qi boiled and burst into blue veins. “Don’t hold on, Poor Daoist wants to ask for advice. This is a personal grievance and has nothing to do with Sect.”

Just as the Sect Masters became more and more angry and could not help but beat Guo Canyang, Su Qing rescued him.

Su Qing did not come to dissuade him, but walked towards a few tourists.

Ready to fly a kite.


A young man travels far away, lives in Chai Fei and walks a tough road, and he does not know the smell of meat for several months. When I go home to see my old age, I cry about the pain of a foreign land. Old laugh, what is the bitterness of not eating minced meat, we are begging for cold porridge and have no appetite, and we have not said that it is bitter. The young man did not believe it, and the old laughed without saying a word. The wind of the elders, do not argue with the lesser.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

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