Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 71


Chapter 71 is about to be released. This is a testimonial. It’s quite sudden.

I didn’t see it on QQ yesterday. Edited message. Last week, I said that it will be on the shelves this week, and the author forgot to say hello to everyone…

Fortunately, because I am used to it, it is sudden but very calm. Thank you very much for the supper, for your tolerance. If I were the editor, I would block an author like me. Said that the author bought the opening peers, remember to contact the supper boss. Free guidance, no money.

12 noon, update within 10 minutes of launch.

Judging from the follow-up reading, there is hope for 3000 in 24 hours. The cheeky milk is one mouthful, and there is an ideal of 4000. Therefore, there are 4 changes directly at noon, and 1 change is added when there is more than 1000. I suddenly remembered that I just posted a free chapter, which is 5 updates, with a bonus.

After that, 2 more guarantees every day, at 12 noon. Add 1 update for every 1000 orders. Monthly pass 200 plus 1 change.

We want to maintain the quality, so be stable. As many yards as possible, if you can save the manuscript, it will reduce the requirements for more updates.

Now that the business is over, let’s talk a little more.

The author’s society is not good at communicating, and there are some things that I really don’t want to say. But I don’t see any of the officials’ mood being affected, so I nag a few words.

Negative comments are really okay, it’s not that I don’t delete it because I’m lazy, I just think it’s unnecessary.

A critical book friend or peer can keep the author sane. A reminder that the book isn’t that good, and a reminder to the author to take the written word seriously.

Keep all the bad stuff written by the author, except for personal attacks on talk nonsense. At most, open the fan value comment after listing to prevent the machine number from swiping the website.

This book does have many flaws that the author has been trying to learn to correct. The software shows that there are more than 10,000 code words per day, and only four or five thousand words can be sent out. The rest are detailed outlines and modifications. The level is limited, and there is no innate talent, so we can only spend more time to make up for the poor.

The controversial Xiaozhanghui, half-literal and half-white, is not a show, just want to have more meaning. And they are all copied, miscellaneous books from old book stalls can’t be bought online.

In short, it should be recognized by readers and should not be too floating. To be criticized, do not be selfish. No matter what, keep your heart.

The protagonist’s cultivation asks Dao Heart to be in awe, and the author’s codeword is a similar view.

It’s the exact opposite that is really scary.

The follow-up reading and support of the officials, the encouragement of each sentence…

These make me panic, because I am afraid that you will be disappointed.

The reader is the author’s source of confidence and the true bedrock of a book. Losing one follow-up reading is more annoying than a hundred criticisms.

Comments can also help increase the popularity, but without you you really have nothing.

So, read on.

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The author moves forward, accompanied by the officials.

PS: I found that the testimonials are still easy to write.

(End of this chapter)

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