Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 72


Chapter 72 Tsing Yi Building Outside Wind (please order first)

Several Sect Masters stopped talking and blinked their eyes Staring without blinking. His eyes shifted from Su Qing to those tourists.

There were three people, two men and one woman, flying kites there.

A chubby young boy can’t fly his clumsy kite. The girl has a beautiful appearance, holding a beautiful butterfly kite, and she giggles at the appearance of the fat boy. Another older, lean and handsome, held the kite string relaxed and comfortable.

“These three people are the Tsing Yi Building Disciple.” Chu Ye said suddenly.

There is an old man in Shuangtuoshan who recovered one’s youthful vigor, and a girl in Huiyan Town who has obtained immortal stones. Most of them are the destined persons of Tsing Yi Building. In order to prevent the poaching incident in Huiyan Town from happening again, Chu Ye felt the need to swear an oath of sovereignty.

Several Sect Masters, ahhhh, didn’t take it too seriously. If you talk about it, it will work, and there will be no such thing as poaching.

Guo Canyang didn’t quite understand it, he just thought Chu Ye was talking to him.

“Of course it’s the Disciple in Tsing Yi Building.” Guo Canyang made an introduction.

“That fatty and the female entered the school at the age of seven, and they should be able to enter Innate in about ten years. The thinner one entered earlier, and the innate talent is very good. He just entered Innate not long ago. There is hope to join Primordial Spirit. I’m thinking about finding a good day to accept him as a personal biography…”

Chu Ye was un’ed, observing silently.

The boys and girls didn’t realize what kind of characters they were paying attention to, and they were still playing there.

“I don’t believe it anymore, I have to put you up today.”

The fat boy brow beaded with sweat competed with the kite, but he couldn’t put it up. In a hurry, I poured Inner Strength into the kite and threw it into the air with a swish. But it fell off quickly and hit the head directly, causing a burst of pain.

The girl giggled. “Little Junior Brother, forget it, don’t let it go. You’ve been smashed a few times since you were so old.”

The fat boy picked up the kite and laughed naively. “It’s okay, Sister Senior is happy.”

The handsome young man seemed to be a little disdainful, and whispered beside the fat boy: “Forget it, what’s the point of doing this? You are deliberately clumsy just for bloggers. Smile, I’m embarrassed if you don’t feel stupid.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, I don’t…” The fat boy blushed and was speechless.

The handsome young man shook the head and greeted the girl: “Junior Sister, let Little Junior Brother play here by himself, I’ll take you around town.”

“I I want to go too, but I can’t.” The girl obviously wanted to go, “I’m no better than Eldest Senior Brother, you are just an ordinary third generation disciple, and you are not allowed to go to town casually.”

The youth said: “It’s okay, the landlord will accept me as a personal biography. It’s just a trip to the town, and the Law Enforcement Hall will give this face.”

“Yeah, forget this. Wait for me. , put the kite away first.” The girl was very happy and began to collect the kite string.

At this time, Su Qing came over.

“Can you lend me your kite?”

The three of them turned their heads in unison, seeing Su Qing’s appearance, everyone was a little weird.

In the eyes of the handsome young man, this is a rustic young man, ordinary can no longer be ordinary. Seeing that they are the Disciple of Tsing Yi Building, that’s why I came here to get a set.

In the eyes of the girl, it is a fairly good-looking boy, with admiration for her in his eyes. I also felt that it was coming close, just for her.

And in the eyes of the fat boy, it is an ordinary boy of thirteen-fourteen years old. I saw them flying kites, so I wanted to play.

“A kite is a place for emotion and yearning, it’s not good to give it to others.” The handsome young man swiped his finger, and the kite broke off and flew away. “Let it blow with the wind is the best place to go.”

The girl’s eyes were a little obsessed, and she felt it made sense. Just looking at her butterfly kite, she is reluctant to fly. After hesitating, he took it back.

“I can’t give you this, I finally made it.” The girl blinked and looked at Su Qing, “Besides, if you want to fly a kite with me, you have to make a new one yourself. I may still be here tomorrow, you can come and play with me when you have made the kite.”

The girl put away the kite and gave it to the fat boy. “Little Junior Brother, help me get it, don’t break it. I’m going to town with Eldest Senior Brother, you can play by yourself first.”

The fat boy reluctantly laughed. “Okay, when Sister Senior comes back, I’ll send you the kite.”

The girl and the young man left, and the fat boy looked disappointed. Seeing Su Qing who was still standing there, he handed over his kite.

“Senior Sister can’t give you the kite, you can play with mine if you want.”

“many thanks.” Su Qing took the kite.

All the Sect Masters watched from a distance, their expressions all sharpened.

“That’s my Disciple in the Tsing Yi Building.” Chu Ye emphasized again, then turned to Guo Canyang and said, “You said just now that you want to accept that thin one as a personal biography?”

” Yes.” Guo Canyang said.

“Hey, what a pity.” Chu Ye shook his head. “The opportunity is in front of me, and I miss it.”

“What a pity.” Guo Canyang thought it was a little funny. “How can a kite be, even that one can’t explain anything.”

“You will know.” Chu Yedao, “But there is a sentence to clarify first, that fatty is me. You are not allowed to rob it.”

β€œWho robbed.” Guo Canyang was a little despised.

Guo Canyang had long guessed Su Qing’s identity, but he didn’t know what his usual actions meant. When he left Green Island, the Pigweed legend had not yet fully spread. I just thought that it was just borrowing a kite, but I posted it on it, it was really out of style.

As for the information after returning to Qianzhou, it has not been detailed to that level. The magic hidden in the plain, even if you see it with your own eyes, you may not see through the mystery. Not to mention, no one remembers Su Qing at all.

Su Qing walked to the river with the kite, lifted the kite, and waited quietly.

The fat boy wanted to leave, but when he saw Su Qing’s appearance, he couldn’t help but feel a little strange.

The youth and teenage girls have not gone far, but they are also attracted by Su Qing.

“What are you doing?” the fat boy asked.

“Wait for the wind.” Su Qing replied.

The young man laughed dumbly, and the girl giggled even more.

The fat boy is a bit unpleasant.

I thought that although this boy was different from me, the two seemed to be quite similar. It’s just that his personality is relatively simple, but in the eyes of others, he is a fool.

“Let me help you.” The fat boy gave birth to a caring heart and wanted to help.

Su Qing glanced at the fat boy and said, “You can’t help now, maybe in a few years, maybe you can try connecting.”

Before he finished speaking, the wind came. .

At first everyone didn’t care, it just felt a little weird.

At about the same time, I felt the wind blowing across my face. Regardless of the level of the cultivation base, he subconsciously closed his eyes.

By the time the abnormality was noticed, the wind had become very strong.

The clouds in the sky fluttered fast, and the thick willows were pulled up by the roots. People instinctively fell to the ground and grasped what they could. It seems that as long as you let go a little, it will be blown away by the strong wind.

The youth and the girl exclaimed and tried their best to fall down.

The kite in Su Qing’s hand flew up, a few feet above her head. Shaking and fluttering, as if the wind wasn’t enough.

“It’s still a little bit.” Su Qing said.

Therefore, the wind is even stronger.

The fallen leaves are flying, and the sand is blinding. The earth groaned and the trees shook violently. The calm river created a big wave, and the current was swept into the air. The Tsing Yi Building, standing in the distance, made a wobbly sound.

The youth and the girl were blown away, but the fat boy was dazed.

The wind around him is so strong, he also has a clear feeling. But only the clothes and hair were blown, and the body did not mean to stand still.

“Am I so fat?” The fat boy was a little sad.

He didn’t notice that it wasn’t just him. There was only wind in front of and behind Su Qing, and the blades of grass did not even shake on both sides and in the farther places.


The kite finally flew, hovering in the air like it came alive.

With a long kite string at the back, it is completely integrated into the strong wind.

The wind continued to blow, rising with the kite.

The wind, which was supposed to be invisible, seemed to gradually take shape. Just like the strings of a kite are gathered together, chasing together but not entwining.

The wind on the ground gradually decreased, and people stood up from the ground one after another.

Then, they saw a scene that they couldn’t imagine.

“Fly, fly…”

It’s not a kite, it’s a building.

Tsing Yi Building.

With the base of the soil, it slowly rises together. It seems to be inspired by Zhi Yuan and wants to fly into the sky together.

The pavilion didn’t really fly that high, and it stopped in the middle of the mountain. A part of the building stuck into the mountain and hung there firmly.

The part embedded in the mountain is impossible to support the whole building, but the huge Tsing Yi Building is stuck like that. Next to it is a shadow wall with red letters, which just matches the pavilion.

The wind blows in hu hu, blowing from the foot of the mountain to the sky. The grass and trees on the mountain float in one direction, and it looks like a waterfall from a distance. Tsing Yi Building is like a stone in a waterfall, constantly being washed and lifted.


This waterfall is the wind, and the wind supports the pavilion.

Su Qing put down his hand, the wind in the air did not stop. The kite undulates in the sky, and the pavilion floats in the wind.

The scars left in the world, the third place.

Wind Waterfall Tsing Yi Building, Yunxiao Paper Kites sing.


A castle in the sky, the wind floats in the air. Legend has it that a boy released a paper kite, immortal imitated it, and flew into the sky. It is called the Wind Waterfall Flying Tower, one of the wonders of Qianzhou.

“Jianzhou Travel Notes: Seven Wonders”

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