Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 73


Chapter 73 Sendai Suspected Change

Su Qing released his consciousness and looked down at Qianzhou again.

The Formation was torn apart again, but this time there was no turmoil on the continent.

The first two marks were too rough and stimulated the Formation. Therefore, this time we changed the way and reached some kind of tacit understanding with Qianzhou.

Taking Tsing Yi Building as a node, the area that can be seen is enlarged. In addition to the places that can be seen before, it is close to half of the area.

And unlike Shuangtuoshan and Huiyan Town, they are simply leaving their mark. At this time, where the mark was left, three starlights appeared faintly. The area where the fog is located also seems to have four starlights echoing each other.

Tianshu, Heavenly Jade, Tianji, Tianquan, Yuheng, Kaiyang, Fluctuating Light.

β€œSaint Continent, the location of the Seven Major Sects, happens to be in conjunction with the Big Dipper 7-yuan horoscope. The Big Dipper 7-yuan can solve all misfortunes and suppress the continent with a human materialized star.”

At first, I just wanted to leave a mark and break the Formation, but later found that Qianzhou was in danger of collapse. So they did two things together and used the Big Dipper seven-yuan constellation to suppress.

Iron swords, golden blades, and kites are all things in the world, and each has its own fate when choosing, not necessarily a sword, a weapon, an iron weapon. The latter four basically follow this principle, and there may be changes according to the location, until all the constellations are completed.

Su Qing feels more and more related to this continent, and Nine Reasons Good Fortune Sendai seems to have some feelings.

Pieces of haze rose, and something seemed to be brewing in the upper position.

It does not come from any of the nine palaces on the first floor, but Sendai as a whole will undergo some changes.

It seems that there is Second Layer.

The change didn’t really happen, and the haze eventually dissipated. It is not how difficult it is to achieve, but the lack of sufficient support.

ten thousand zhang The foundation of Sendai’s creation needs to be laid. In order for the Second Layer to appear, the Nine Palaces on the first floor must be filled.

“The predecessor was Jiuyuan daoist, but now I have good fortune in Sendai. I came here not to be stubborn, but to ask about fate.” Su Qing looked thoughtful. “Let’s not think about the rest for now, let’s suppress Qianzhou first.”

Looking at the kites undulating in the sky, Su Qing was not too satisfied.

“If you use the star power from the sky, the effect will be much better. However, the realm is still worse now. It takes some risks to use the body of Earth Immortal. Temporarily get a civilian version of the general and wait. After realm returns, it will be completed.”

Su Qing felt that things were not done well, but others were already stunned. Even the Sect Masters who have witnessed fairy miracles are all dumbfounded.

It’s enough to split mountains and lakes, but this time I even flew the building as a kite.

The first two times I could barely explain it with Martial Arts, but this one really doesn’t make sense.

“Old Chu.” Hou Zhen muttered, “Old man used to say that you guys are crazy about going to heaven, but this time it’s really going to heaven.”

Chu Karma didn’t speak, just stared at the sky in a trance.

Others only saw the strong wind blowing up the Tsing Yi Building, but he realized something more from it.

Qingzhou’s thirty-six years of experience, the time of hard work and hard work. Glancing at the saber around waist, Chu Ye suddenly stretched out his hand and patted it.

hua la la There was a crackling sound, and the sword and scabbard were broken and scattered.

“Old Chu, you…” Hou Zhen was puzzled for a while.

“I went the wrong way, and generations of people in the Tsing Yi Building have gone the wrong way.” Chu Ye sighed,

“The Tsing Yi Building is known to know the world’s affairs. The secret agent, but the technique of listening to the wind is a must. It was only later that I thought that this technique was not conducive to killing and could only be seen by others, so Direct Disciple was converted to cultivate the sword way. Xi is only used to regulate Qi and blood.”

Hou Zhen suddenly realized that he looked up at the sky. “If you get to this kind of realm, you might be able to control your qi or something…”

Chu Ye said: “I don’t dare to ask for the chance of having Immortal Monarch, but this is undoubtedly a way. Enlightenment, digest what you gain.”

“Congratulations.” Hou Zhen congratulated him from the bottom of his heart. “You can rest assured to retreat, I will take that little fatty away first. I suddenly found out just now that I have a good relationship with him.”

Chu Ye is just hehe.

At this time, no one could take that fat boy away, even if he didn’t consider the Pigweed Lord’s factor at all.

The teenager sits cross-legged by the river, mist rising around his body.

True Qi, Primordial Spirit Realm.

Disciple, a rookie who didn’t even get to Innate, unexpectedly broke through to Primordial Spirit unconsciously.


The young people and young girls who had gone far turned back.

In the vicinity, there are a lot of people outing and playing, but few people know what is going on. The overwhelming majority of people only know that the wind suddenly picked up, and then the Tsing Yi Building flew into the sky.

The two of them knew what was going on and had seen it all. Except for a few Sect Masters, the two of them have the clearest view.

The two of them didn’t understand the unimaginable scene, and they didn’t know that the person in front of them was True Immortal Linfan. But one thing is very clear.

Their Little Junior Brother, the little fatty who didn’t enter Innate, arrived at the Primordial Spirit Realm.

When I looked towards Su Qing again, because of what I thought, my appearance was different from before.

I’m no longer an ordinary turtle, not a young boy with a swaying heart. Instead, he is an expert from the world who looks up to the mountains and is like the landlord Mo.

“Just now is Junior’s clumsy eyes, and he doesn’t see that senior is expert. Please don’t blame senior and give Disciple another chance.”

This dead fatty can achieve Primordial Spirit Realm by giving a kite. Wouldn’t it be possible to turn Primordial Spirit once instead?

The girl ran to retrieve the kite and held it in front of Su Qing.

“Big Brother, do you want to try me…” The girl bit her lip in a pitiful manner, and Qiushui tried to speak with her eyes.

It is not a sin not to know True Immortal, missed opportunities are hard to find. Su Qing will not make trouble with young people, but it is impossible to ignore it.

Su Qing walked between the two and came to the fat boy.

The fat boy has now finished adjusting his breath, spit out a mouthful of impure air, and bowed to Su Qing. “Thanks Senior.”

“There is no need to say thank you for the opportunity I earned.” Su Qing said, “If you can retrieve the paper kite in the cloud in the future, you can meet me at Pigweed.”

“Pigweed?” The fat boy was a little confused, vaguely feeling that he had heard it somewhere.

Su Qing turned away and walked towards the carriage.

The scars left on the human body can change the physique of the fat boy and help him improve his realm. But at most the level of Innate, it is impossible to reach Primordial Spirit.

The fat boy is the one who sees the wind and comprehends the law, thus breaking through the higher realm.

Various deficiencies in the fleshy body are not a problem in Su Qing’s eyes. But this hidden perception is an extremely rare innate talent.

Guo Canyang, who had been in a daze, finally reacted, grabbed Chu Ye and said a name. “Ren Shukui.”

Xu Chuping was stunned when he heard it from the side.

Chu Ye was confused and didn’t understand what it meant.

“Don’t you want to know my secret?” Guo Canyang said, “Ren Shukui gave me a Spirit Fruit, which not only greatly increased my skill, but also restored my youth.”

Chu Yehao said with a smile: “Why do you want to say it now?”

“I want to say it, can you manage it.” Glancing at the pavilion in the sky, Guo Canyang coughed one sound. “Ren Shukui was born in Sword Mountain Village and was exiled to Qingzhou. But we know him after returning to Qianzhou.”

“That’s all?” Chu Ye asked.

“Well, more than that.” Guo Canyang hesitated, “By the way, there is another one named Liu Jian, who was born in Shisanwu. But this person is different from Ren Shukui, and he is more measured. These young Qingyi The relationship between Lou and Shisanwu has not improved much, and he is also a man of loyalty, I don’t really want to mention him.”

“You are very loyal.” Chu Ye hehe.

“Of course,” Guo Canyang said righteously. “But the righteousness of the rivers and lakes comes first. After all, he walked closer than me and Ren Shukui. If he does something that I don’t know about, it is also possible.”

Guo Canyang answered the question secretly. Pray for Liu Jian.

“Brother Liu, I have helped you for over an hour, and you are already very loyal. In detail, you heavens helps the worthy, and you will definitely be able to turn a bad luck into a good one.”


Martial Artist shares weal and woe with friends, and the righteousness is the first. Martial Artist goes out and encounters an enemy, loses a fight, and tortures his friend. Martial Artist refuses to obey, does not spit out half a word, and sacrifices his life to protect his friends. The enemy praised, and the righteous man was also released.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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