Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 74


Chapter 74 has an Old Ancestor

Although Guo Canyang is very loyal, he does not lie. He didn’t know much about the situation of Ren Shukui and Liu Jian.

The Seven Major Sects were not on good terms, and he had no contact with others when he was exiled to the Green Island. Getting to know other exiles is after returning to Qianzhou. Moreover, Ren Shukui took the initiative to find him and Liu Jian, and each gave a Spirit Fruit.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to swallow it, and they both turned Primordial Spirit for the second time, and their appearance returned to their youth. Coupled with the decay of their respective Sect powerhouses, it is natural to take the lead.

“This is the situation, there is absolutely no false statement.” Guo Canyang finished his concise description, and repeatedly emphasized that he should be clear.

“They have ambitions, but I’m different. Tsing Yi Building has not expanded over the years, and has always lived in peace. We meet every now and then with the kindness to Spirit Fruit. They do those things, I’ve never been involved.”

People believed it, but it didn’t matter if they didn’t.

Since returning to Qianzhou, this journey has been walk unhindered. No matter whether the hometown is occupied by magpies or doves, or there are internal disputes, it is easy to recover.

“Liu Jian…” Hou Zhen sneered. Obviously familiar with the name, there seems to be a subtle emotion.

“A damned bastard who wasted food alive, he was already cheap in exile. I can’t believe that after so many years, he became the home of Thirteen Wharf. Let’s see how the old man will take care of him when he goes back.”

“Ren Shukui’s innate talent is very good, but his temperament is too bad. Master once said that he was sad.” Xu Chuping is no stranger to Ren Shukui. “didn’t expect the second rank of Primordial Spirit, and even dared to refining earth fire. It seems that the so-called Spirit Fruit has some ways.”

Although Hou Zhen and Xu Chuping commented on their own, they both Don’t take it too seriously. There is only one thing that the Sect Masters are concerned about, and that is what kind of gifts and blessings the Lord of Pigweed will leave behind.

“Master Xu, it’s better not to underestimate Ren Shukui.” Guo Canyang couldn’t help but reminded that everyone was not paying attention.

“Not long ago, he approached me and Liu Jian, and at one point he was deliberately intimidating. Although Realm was still in the second rank, it was obviously superior. If we had done it at the time, we would have been hard to beat him together.”

The crowd laughed.

With this timid style, it is difficult for people to take such words seriously. Only Chu Ye was frowned, giving birth to a little unease.

As a Junior Brother, he is really not very courageous. However, in situations outside the battle, speaking is still relatively objective.

“Brother Xu, be careful.” Chu Ye said, “If you are really right about Shukui, you should be careful.”

“Well, I know it.” Xu Chuping nodded, “Ren Shukui is nothing to worry about, but the earth fire is very dangerous. If he masters the ancient formation of Sword Mountain Village, it is indeed a little tricky.”

“What ancient formation?” Guo Canyang inserted He said, “There is no one in Lie Sword Mountain Village. Ren Shukui is in Yueyue Palace at the moment.”

“Huh?” Xu Chuping started and Song Yueyao changed color.

“Did I not mention it just now?” Guo Canyang added, “Sword Mountain Village has long since fallen, and Xu Chuping led people to occupy Yaoyue Palace. Didn’t he have a grudge against Yaoyue Palace back then? You should know that. Right…”

Guo Canyang thought for a while and found that he really didn’t make it clear. He only talks about the important things, subconsciously avoiding the junk. So I briefly explained the situation of Yaoyue Palace. The more Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao listened, the more ugly their faces became.

Everyone has done Lord of a Sect, and they are all at this age. Those bad things when I was young have long been taken seriously. But didn’t expect Ren Shukui to be jealous to this day, and still occupy the things like Yaoyue Palace Xing.

“Bastard! Thieves should be killed!”

“I will go to Yaoyue Palace to clear the door and kill this scum.”

Song Yueyao and Xu Chuping are both complexion ashen, all the Sect Masters are also indignant and angry.

But just when I was about to try and get rid of the scum, I suddenly remembered something very important.

They followed Su Qing all the way and never deliberately chose a destination. It was said that they went back to their respective homes, but in fact they all followed where Su Qing went.

A few people turned their heads and saw that Su Qing had already got into the car. As before, he waved his whip and set off slowly.

A few times before, everyone followed directly. Anyway, it’s the same wherever you go, and the seven Sects are soaked in rain and dew. But this time, obviously not anymore.

“Immortal Monarch.” Xu Chuping chased up to Brace Oneself and asked, “Where are you going next?”

“Liuping Mountain.”

Hearing this answer, everyone was tangled.

Liuping Mountain is the location of the White Crane Gate. In theory, you can also drop by the Yueyue Palace. It’s just that the lord of Pigweed walks very slowly, and he rides slowly in a car, which is no different from an ordinary person.

“Forget it, maybe I don’t have the fate.” Song Yueyao gritted her teeth. “Everyone go to Baihemen with Immortal Monarch, I will go back to Yueyue Palace first.”

Although immortal fate is rare, as Palace Lord of Yueyue Palace, she cannot tolerate the humiliation of Disciple, who sits and watches the door.

“I’ll go too.” Xu Chuping said.

“No.” Song Yueyao immediately refused. “Banfengtian Road, Broken Lake and Water Wall, and the Wind Waterfall Flying Tower just now, you have all seen these. The Sword Mountain Villa has fallen, and this opportunity cannot be missed. You are the leader of the faction, and you should know the importance.”

“Because I am the leader of the faction, I am more obliged to clean up the door.” Xu Chuping was very firm, “Besides, I can’t watch you take risks. I regret leaving Lin’er in Qingzhou, and it is impossible to do it again. Watching you take the risk alone.”

The other Sect Masters looked at each other and opened their mouths to speak.

“Don’t go there.” Xu Chuping interrupted, “This is our husband and wife’s business, and it is inconvenient for outsiders to intervene.”

The Sect Masters sighed, knowing that this was Xu Chuping Don’t want them to be troubled. Thirty-six years of old friends who have suffered together, know without guessing.

Song Yueyao had tears in her eyes.

Because this is the first time Xu Chuping has publicly disclosed their relationship after returning to Qianzhou. Although the situation is chaotic now, as two people, once the news is exposed, it will definitely be an uproar.

Just look at Guo Canyang.

When I saw the two people throwing dog food, I was stunned there. When Xu Chuping said the couple’s words, his mouth was open enough to swallow his fist.

“You, you…”

Even when he first saw the fairy trail of Fengpufeilou, he was not as surprised as he is now.

Now Guo Canyang finally believes that these seven people are definitely worse than him in Qingzhou. Otherwise, I really can’t think of anything else that would make Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao hook up.

β€œImmortal Monarch.”

Xu Chuping and Song Yueyao discussed it properly and went to Su Qing to say goodbye together.

“Sword Mountain Zhuang’s rebellion Ren Shukui has troubles in Yaoyue Palace. My husband and wife cannot sit idly by. Say goodbye to Immortal Monarch, deal with the rebellion and then serve.”

Su Qing nodded slightly.

The two bowed down and stood up, and True Qi sang on the surface of their bodies. Like two offline arrows, they disappeared from sight in a while.

From start to finish, they did not divert to Su Qing to invite the Moon Palace, or speed up their progress, and even similar thoughts never arise.

Immortal, even though it can move thousands of miles, why should it be changed for mortals.

For this, the two of them are very clear.

Su Qing has no plans to change.

There will be disasters for these two to go to Yaoyue Palace, and Ren Shukui needs to solve the karma personally.

But not now.


Inviting the Moon Palace.

Ren Shukui is sitting in the great hall with a briefing in his hand.

“Banfengtian Road, Broken Lake Water Wall… worthy of being the master of Pigweed, such a big hand. This time in the Tsing Yi Building, I must have left something incredible.”

Ren Shukui’s eyes changed, and there seemed to be some hesitation in his eyes.

“Are you afraid?”

A voice came from out of nowhere.

β€œOld Ancestor.”

Ren Shukui stood up quickly, his hands bowed respectfully, and he could not see the slightest arrogance.

“There are some.” Ren Shukui lowered his head, “I wasn’t afraid when you asked me to pretend to be Pigweed’s successor to lead him here. I’m not afraid of waiting for him for more than 30 years. He’s here now…”

“Still don’t be afraid.” The voice said fatally. “I’ve been waiting for him since thirty-six years ago when he sent his sword to Qianzhou. Back then, Xu Wansheng was a bait, just to lure him. Guo Canyang was also a bait, and he would bring the people you met.”

Ren Shukui’s eyes lit up. “You mean…”

“Do your thing and you’ll get what you want. Get that box you’re given, and get it to that person. He shouldn’t be doing shit. I need a beating.”

“Yes.” Ren Shukui lowered his head.


The couple traveled in the world, and they met noble people along the way. However, when the woman heard that her sister was in trouble, she wanted to give up her preciousness to save her, and her husband followed her words. The woman said, if a husband has the will to make great contributions to the world, he should be honored. The husband said, “A real man cannot protect his wife, so he speaks his mind in peace.” Descendants said that we share weal and woe, and the husband and wife should be like this.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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