Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 75


Chapter 75 There is a Black Dog (Subscribe)

Liuping Mountain, a barren village.

“The news of the Tsing Yi Building is not well-informed, perhaps Lao Chu was being fooled by Guo Canyang…”

Looking at the barren village in front of him, Huang Songzi frowned.

Saint Continent is a mess right now, with messages everywhere. But the Tsing Yi Building spies were all over the world, and before leaving, Huang Songzi specifically asked about the situation of Baihemen.

In the catastrophe thirty-six years ago, two Primordial Spirits at Baihemen survived the disaster. Therefore, in the subsequent turmoil in the rivers and lakes, Baihemen did not receive much impact.

Huang Songzi thought that when he came back, he would have a good property just like Tsing Yi Building. But as soon as I saw the barren village at the foot of the mountain, I knew it was a matter of course.

Baihemen is different from other Sects, it is relatively isolated from the outside world, and Disciple rarely goes out. The main contact channels are some small villages outside the mountains.

The village where I am now is a point of contact with the outside world. But when I entered the village, there was no popularity at all.

“Is something wrong?” Huang Songzi looked at the deep mountains in the distance.

“The Taoist priest doesn’t be impatient.” Hou Zhen comforted him, “The Baihe Gate has harsh conditions for accepting apprentices, and it is very difficult for the spies from the Tsing Yi Building to break in. I don’t know very well what’s going on inside the gate. Xu is for some special reason to clear the people down the mountain.”

Hou Zhen gave Huang Songzi a wink while persuading him.

Huang Songzi turned around and saw that Su Qing had stopped the carriage. Untie the reins and pull the horses, and go to the nearby creek to give the horses a drink.

“Remember before?” Hou Zhen lowered his voice, “Every time something happens, Immortal Monarch will stop. When we solve it, he will…”

“many thanks, Hou Lao reminded me.” Huang Songzi suddenly realized, and quickly raised his vigilance. A pair of eyes glanced all around, only to feel that the blood was about to be released.

A foreign invasion? Internal riots? Anything is fine, let Poor Daoist have a go.

Hou Zhen knew that he had nothing to do here, but he also looked around subconsciously.


Both of them simultaneously realize that something is not right.

There are many strange scars on the roof and walls of this village. Or lance-like punctures, or some kind of sharp scratches. And the attack positions are somewhat special, none of them are parallel to the ground. It seems that all the scars are caused from above.

apart from this , and some loose feathers.

“It looks like Immortal Crane’s feathers?” Hou Zhen picked up a few and looked at them, a little unsure.

“It’s Immortal Crane.” Huang Songzi saw it, and his brows became even tighter.

oh la la  …

The haystack in the yard next to it moved, and there seemed to be something hidden underneath.

“hmph, I already knew it was hidden here!”

Huang Songzi rushed out with a swish body.

Slapped over the courtyard wall with one palm, and the broken earth and stones flew around. His arms slid into the haystack and grabbed the guy hiding below.

“Want to run? Good thief! Come out for Poor Daoist! You…you…”

The majestic Daoist Huang Songzi holds a big black dog in his hand , or a lame leg.

“This dog is quite powerful, it can deceive you and me… pu…”

Hou Zhen wanted to be serious, but he couldn’t help but pu chi laughed sound.

Huang Songzi’s face turned white and then red, and he wanted to strangle the dog in his hand. But I felt that this was too cheap, and finally had to throw it out.

Obviously frightened, the big black dog limped away quickly. Xu is Huang Songzi’s appearance is too scary, the big black dog instinctively wants to find a place to hide. I happened to see the carriage in front of me and jumped into the car in a panic.

This time was incredible, Huang Songzi was so frightened that he almost didn’t jump up. Hou Zhen couldn’t even laugh anymore, so he rushed over to chase after him.

The big black dog was even more frightened and slid into the carriage.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen were so frightened they almost fainted.

This dog is really not simple, one hit will hit them in the dead end. Where can I run bad, I got on the carriage!

That’s the pigweed lord’s carry, although it was originally bought on the street. But since it is ridden by immortal, it must not be ordinary.

It’s such an extraordinary carriage that actually got into a dirt dog. Worse yet, it was because they got in.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen chased after them, but they didn’t dare to go in to catch the dog. While peeking at Su Qing who was drinking water for the horse, he stomped his feet in a hurry.

“How can you be so soft-handed, you’ll be fine if you just kill it.” Hou Zhen complained to Huang Songzi.

“Blame me, blame me, blame me all!” Huang Songzi was annoyed. “I didn’t expect that Poor Daoist I was famous and planted on a dog.”

In the concept of the two, all the things after returning to Qianzhou are not as serious as the current one.

Just when she didn’t know what to do, Su Qing had finished feeding the horse and walked back with her.

The two of them didn’t know what to do, and simply knelt down and pleaded guilty.

Su Qing put the carriage in place and looked towards the two of them. “Get up.”

“Immortal Monarch please punish.” Huang Songzi looked ashamed. “I didn’t notice it for a while, but the dog got into your car.”

“Immortal Monarch, you can’t blame the Taoist priest, I am also guilty.” Hou Zhen also lowered his head. “When the dog escaped, I could have intercepted it. But I just watched and ran into the Immortal Monarch’s car.”

“It’s not in the way.” Su Qing leaned into the cab, Pull back the curtains of the carriage.

The big black dog huddled in the corner, looking very frightened. But after seeing Su Qing, he seemed to be stunned for a moment. The fear in his eyes gradually subsided, and he limped out.

“Getting into my car is considered a fate.” Su Qing stretched out his hand and stroked the big black dog’s fur, and slid over its lame leg.

The lame leg, long out of shape, recovered at a speed visible to naked eyes. The big black dog turned around a few times, barked a few times, and wagged its tail happily.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen stood up from the ground when they saw this.

Since Immortal Monarch took action to heal the black dog’s lame leg, it means that it was his karma, and they wouldn’t blame them for it. But seeing the dog still chattering in the car, the mood of the two of them was a bit complicated.

“This dog is really lucky to have Immortal Monarch heal him.”

“It’s okay, don’t wag your tail, just leave it when you see it, and hurry down.”

The two greeted the black dog to get off the bus.

The big black dog looked at Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen, and then looked at Su Qing. It seemed that the two under the car were more terrifying, so he lay down beside Su Qing and hid.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen couldn’t be more calm.

“Come down, come down quickly. You bastard, how dare you lie down next to Immortal Monarch.”

“Don’t come down believing or not I’ll beat you…”

It’s certainly not jealousy, it just feels outrageous.

“If you want to stay, just stay.” Su Qing didn’t mind, she shook the reins, and the carriage moved slowly again. The big black dog put the dog’s head next to Su Qing and closed his eyes.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen are not calm now, but grinding their teeth crunching.

Staying in the same car with the owner of Pigweed, and keeping the dog’s head so close.

What kind of virtue did this dead dog accumulate in his last life, how could he have such luck.

At the same time of envy and jealousy, the two suddenly realized a problem.

“Isn’t there something wrong with the Immortal Monarch stopping just now, just to give the horses water?”

“It seems so.”

“So, that one The dog is…”

“The dog is lucky.”


Passers-by have been walking for a long time and it is very hard to choose Flat road, avoid thorns. A dog walks the same road, hurting his feet regardless of the road. A passerby sighed and said, “The dog is foolish, and there is difficulty.” When the official car came from afar, passers-by gave way in fear. The dog climbed up, sleeping in the car, and went away with the officials. Passers-by are jealous and regretful, although people are wise, it is better to take advantage of the situation. If you have no guts, you are not as good as a dog.

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