Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 76


Chapter 76 Immortal Crane is not a slave (please subscribe)

More than an hour later.

“Damn, what’s the situation?”

Huang Songzi couldn’t care less about the big black dog, seeing the scene in front of him unexpectedly.

Now I entered the mountain and saw the Disciple of Baihemen.

There was no invasion by foreign enemies, and the people of Baihemen did not have internal strife.

However, Immortal Crane rebelled.

xiuβ€”β€” xiuβ€”β€”

Hundreds of Immortal Crane zip through the air, attacking with their long beaks and claws.

The Disciples of Baihemen took fishing nets and long hooks and fought fiercely with the Immortal Crane. Every now and then someone is picked up by Immortal Crane and thrown from the sky screaming.

“This is…” Hou Zhen was also a little confused, “If the old man guessed correctly, these should be the Immortal Crane raised by your Baihemen, right?”

“Yes…” Huang Songzi’s beard was trembling, “Bronze rings are on his feet, it’s Immortal Crane raised in the door.”

“Why are you making trouble?” Hou Zhen was puzzled.

Baihemen is famous for raising Immortal Crane spirits, and other Sect spirits are often used for foster care. Training these things is professional, and it is the capital of Baihemen’s life.

You can say that Baihemen Disciple is weak, but you can’t say they can’t play birds.

“Ordinary Immortal Crane, not yet activated.” Huang Songzi reluctantly smiled, “Maybe it’s not closed, run out.”

Hou Zhen grinned.

I’m sure it’s possible to run away, but what’s the matter with your Direct Disciple fight?

Su Qing has parked the carriage by the roadside, rubbing the back of the big black dog, watching the scene of the cranes chirping in unison. If you hadn’t picked up a person at every turn, this Liuping Mountain would have several points of immortal land.

Huang Songzi felt even more embarrassed when she saw Su Qing watching. Now I can’t care about the jealous dog, I have to quickly clean up the mess in front of me.

Being ashamed in front of others is enough to lose face, and being ashamed before immortals is not simply a matter of face.

“Get out of the way for Poor Daoist!”

Huang Songzi’s feet slammed a little, and his body flew out like a wild goose.

Bang bang with two hands and grabbed the necks of two Immortal Crane with probing hands. True Qi roamed the clavicles without even a symbolic struggle.

The yellow pine nuts are like grabbing two chicks and falling in front of the two Baihemen Disciples.


Throws Immortal Crane to both.

“Yes… ah? Who are you?”

The two Disciples were a little confused.

“Stop talking nonsense, do things!” Huang Songzi had no time to talk nonsense now, and jumped up again to catch the other Immortal Crane.

“Where did this old man come from?”

“I haven’t seen it before…”

“But there is really a set of methods for catching cranes. “

“Maybe it’s for this kind of thing, which Elder please come back to the expert.”

“Oh, it makes sense…”

Two The name Disciple is still young and does not know Huang Songzi. I simply guessed the identity, and cooperated with the Immortal Crane, covered it with a special net, and wrapped the mouth with a rope.

We are still waiting to clean up here, and Huang Songzi grabbed a new Immortal Crane over here. Fortunately, there are other Baihemen Disciples to receive, which can be seamlessly connected.

In this way, Huang Songzi started to move around, and the Immortal Crane was controlled and thrown to the Disciple of Baihemen. It didn’t take long for more than a dozen Immortal Crane to be captured.

A set is smooth and smooth, and there are even more cheers from Baihemen Disciple.

“You’re a good Taoist!”

“You’ve done a great job.”

“Let’s stay in the future, we are short of such talents… ”

Ponderosa was not very happy, and became more and more suffocated and depressed. I can’t wait to catch those who applaud, and let them know what kind of talent he is good at.

The dignified Primordial Spirit 2nd turn, actually did this kind of work. Even if you don’t count the thirty-six years of Qingzhou, he hasn’t caught Immortal Crane for a long time.

Ponderosa nut fell to the ground as the last one was caught. The Disciples of Baihemen had already gathered together and looked at this strange old man.

“Many thanks, the Taoist priest for help.” A Disciple stepped forward to thank him, “I am going up and down the White Crane Gate, and I am grateful for the kindness of the Taoist priest.”

“No need to thank.” Huang Songzi did not I’m so angry, I don’t even bother to explain. Looking at these Disciples, there is basically no one over forty years old, and it is impossible to know him.

“Is it only you? Where are the others in the door?” Huang Songzi asked, “Who is the Sect Master? Are all the Elder Fangs available?”

The Baihemen Disciples became vigilant.

It turned out not to be invited, but to come to find someone?

“Dare to ask about the long honorable name?” a Disciple asked, “Come to my White Crane Gate, what’s the matter?”

Help is essential, but the origin must also be to figure out. Baihemen has always been wary of foreign strangers.

“Poor Daoist Ponderosa!” Ponderosa had a dark face. “Let your master come to see me!”

“Huang Songzi?”

“I seem to have heard it somewhere, yes…”

“Before Old Sect Master?”

“No way!”

The younger Disciples thought the name was a bit familiar, while the older Disciple was dubious. Now that Saint Continent is so messy, it is impossible to recognize grandfather if you are an old man.

Looking for Sect Elder to verify the authenticity, but it is really inconvenient now.


“Hide, hurry!!!!”

Just when Huang Songzi was about to get angry, far away Suddenly there were several silhouettes, shouting while running.

There are five or six people in total, all in a panic. All are Primordial Spirit Realm, and two of them are Primordial Spirit one turn.

A look at these, Huang Songzi knows all about it.

It’s all his discipline.

The other party didn’t see the yellow pine nuts and only shouted in a hurry.

“The plan failed, the medicines didn’t work, and I didn’t catch that guy.”

“Hide quickly, I’m chasing after you… hurry up and hide in the house “…”

“Eh? You caught all the cranes? How did you catch them… Forget it, I’ll talk about it later… Hide first…”

I panicked. The man shouted incoherently.

Hou Zhen pretended not to see it, and Huang Songzi felt a fever on his face.

In the years when I was away, these guys turned out to be the mainstays. Crane ran out and couldn’t surrender, so he used the third method to prescribe medicine.

Suddenly, there was a loud crane chirping deep in the mountains.

It doesn’t sound like any other Immortal Crane, but it does sound surprisingly loud.

Not only did people hear the buzzing in their ears, but even the leaves and grass trembled.

“Not good, could it be…”

Huang Songzi hurriedly looked.

I saw an Immortal Crane in the deep mountains.

A particularly large Immortal Crane.

The wings spread out more than ten feet, like a large cloud floating from a distance.

The Great Immortal Crane is followed by a dozen normal-sized Immortal Crane, lined up like guards and entourages.

β€œSpiritual bird.”

Su Qing glanced at him, showing no interest.

These Immortal Crane are all spirit animals, and in his eyes there is no difference. The leader is just the leader, but it’s just a little bigger, essentially the same as the other Immortal Crane.

The two old cranes in Pigweed are far more than these. When the little crane hatches, it will have the potential of a fairy bird.

Su Qing didn’t care about these cranes, but others didn’t dare to take it seriously.

Especially Ponderosa, he knows how powerful the Great Immortal Crane is.

The fleshy body is unrivaled in strength, and feathers as hard as stone. Primordial Spirit couldn’t hurt it in one turn, and it was only willing to ride the Old Ancestor in three turns.

The King of Cranes.

“It turned out that this beast rebelled!”

Huang Songzi understood everything.

If there are no people who can hold it down, they will rebel together with the Immortal Crane. Such a shameful thing must be blocked. No wonder people from the village outside are being driven away, it turned out to be the reason.

“Don’t retreat! I block the Crane King, you deal with the others!”

Huang Songzi True Qi incited, jumped up and slapped the giant crane.

a loud explosion sound, the Great Immortal crane staggered in the air, scattering many feathers.

The yellow pine nuts didn’t dare to hold back at all.

This big guy, unlike those Immortal Crane, must be played as an equal opponent.


“Old Sect Master?!”

“Am I dreaming…”

One Seeing Huang Songzi’s shot, several people recognized it immediately. They are not the young chicks of the late entry, and they were so excited that they almost didn’t cry.

“Stop talking nonsense and meet the enemy!!”

The Great Immortal Crane has turned back and started to fight back, its huge beak is like a thick lance, and its fiercely pecks at the yellow pine nut. Huang Songzi dodged sideways and greeted several disciplines loudly.

“Follow the order of the sect master!”

“Junior brothers, go ahead!”

The Disciples have the backbone and immediately have the spirit. Turn around and start to deal with other spirit birds. Including those ordinary Disciples, when I heard that the Old Sect Master was really back, I immediately became excited, copying the guy to join the battle group.

For a while, True Qi and Feather flew around, and the battle was fierce and fierce.

“It’s not easy for Taoist priests…” Hou Zhen watched from a distance, his mood was rather complicated. “Returning to Qianzhou for several battles is undoubtedly the most difficult this time.”

Starting from Shuangtuoshan, Hou Zhen ran the map and followed the whole process, and had a say in several battles.

The others were either crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood, or they didn’t move. It was the first time after returning from such a fierce battle as Huang Songzi.

It’s just…

It always feels weird to see the feathers flying all over the sky and the way the two sides are fighting.

It’s not like a Martial Artist fight, it’s like a farmer catching a chicken.

Glancing at Immortal Monarch.

Besides the big black dog, I look up at the sky like a neighbor watching the fun.

Hou Zhen didn’t pay attention to the dog.

The big black dog is also watching, watching the Great Immortal crane.

The dog blinked, worried.

They recognize it.


There are poultry farmers who raise and sell them for a living. However, birds have spirits, and when the breeders come out, they swarm up and vice versa. Feather fell like snow, fighting endlessly. Birds also have ambitions, dreaming of the world, not slaves.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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