Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 77


Chapter 77 The Black Dog Seeks Immortal (Subscribe)

Huang Songzi won.

The thirty-six years of experience in Qingzhou were not in vain. After a fierce battle, the Great Immortal Crane was finally subdued.

It’s like a peasant woman going to the chicken coop to catch chickens and fighting against the biggest one. There is nothing to say about the process, if you win, you will win.

If you don’t even have this ability, it’s better to go back to Qingzhou to break big rocks.

But the victory is also a miserable victory.

The daoist robe was torn into strips, and his face was slapped a few times with his wings. The bruises one after another on the neck and cheeks are somewhat similar in shape to feathers.

Although Huang Songzi’s current image is not very good-looking, it is tall enough in the eyes of Baihemen Disciple. Years of grievance and depression have been fully released in this brief moment.

“Master, you’re finally back. You don’t know how long these beasts have tortured us.”

“The past ten years or so have been fairly quiet, and I’ve been keeping it a secret. Old Ancestor and your absence. But then he noticed it and immediately rebelled. Released all the Immortal Crane and made a mess here.”

“Fortunately it didn’t leave Liupingshan, we I have been trying to conquer it. For fear of affecting the reputation of Sect, it has been kept secret from the outside world. However, we have suffered greatly from this sin…”

“Twenty years! Twenty years. Master, can you imagine Is it…”

Ponderosa was also very excited.

Both are good recipes of their own, and two of them are the most promising. I went to Pigweed Island and survived, and later survived the catastrophe. Baihemen has been able to persist and survive until now, and the two of them are absolutely indispensable.

Everyone else arranged for the aftermath, and only these two knelt in front of them and cried.

It’s just that the content of the two people’s crying is really uncomfortable, especially what twenty years is not twenty years old.

Your master has been with me for more than 30 years. Do you have comparability?

In Tsing Yi Building, there is a blind eye, how can you two be so ignorant.

“Okay! Crying and crying, what a formality!” Huang Songzi had a dark face. “Besides, in the presence of the Lord of Pigweed, you all threw away your teacher’s face!”

After hearing the first half of the sentence, the two disciplines couldn’t help but wipe their tears. But the second half of the sentence came out, and the tears almost stopped at the same time as the breathing.

“The Lord of Pigweed?!!”


Because of the Immortal Crane’s collective rebellion, the White Crane Gate has been isolated from the world for years. Although it is not completely unreachable, the lag is very serious.

Especially most recently, they have been planning to use medicine to capture the Crane King, and even less concerned about external affairs. I haven’t had time to hear about Banfeng Tianlu’s broken lake wall.

But even if I heard it, it doesn’t affect my current reaction.

Because others can’t remember Su Qing, it doesn’t mean that the two of them can’t remember.

Whether in Pigweed or Qianzhou, they never saw what Su Qing looked like. Both times were watching the battle from a distance, and both belonged to Impressionist memories.

And those two memories are indelible, except for terror, there is nothing else.

First of all, outside the Pigweed immortal island, watching a group of Heaven’s Chosen who are not weak, they were strangled to death by huge rhizomes. Finally returned to Saint Continent alive, and witnessed the same scene as Heavenly Tribulation at the Sword Mountain Village.

It’s hard to say compared to others, but if it’s compared to psychological shadows, they have never accepted anyone. Of course, the two lucky ones from Sword Mountain were barely able to fight.

“I haven’t come to see Immortal Monarch soon.” Huang Songzi obviously didn’t understand their mood, and forced the two guys with weak legs to the carriage. “Immortal Monarch, these are my two disciples, you should have seen them.”

Ponderosa pine nuts are completely out of good intentions.

I feel that these two people were so clever back then, smarter than their master. Escaping the Lord of Pigweed twice is a lifetime achievement. Today’s condom is close, maybe I can get some predestined law.

Huang Songzi didn’t notice at all, the two disciplines couldn’t stand up because their legs were weak, and they just lay there and shivered.

They don’t need immortal fate, they just want to continue to live well.

Su Qing has no time to pay attention to them now.

Looking at the Liuping Mountain in front of her, Su Qing was somewhat worried.

It’s more troublesome to leave a mark here.

Walking down the human road, doing human things, you can leave immortal traces. But these six screen mountains are where Spiritual Qi gathers, so Baihemen can successfully raise spirit birds.

“If you want to leave a mark here, ordinary human objects are not enough, you need to be spiritual objects in the human world, and they must be related.”

After thinking for a while, Su Qing looked down towards the clothes.

The clothes on this matter are woven by Pigweed’s two old cranes with feathers.

The two old cranes were born in Liuping Mountain, and their feathers are naturally related spiritual objects. It’s just that it belongs to Pigweed later, so it can’t belong to the world completely. It takes some trouble to do this.


At the same time, the site of Lie Sword Mountain Village, deep underground. One eye opened under the boiling lava flames.

“This feeling… is he going to break the Formation further… but why am I upset this time, is he thinking…”


β€œwang wang wang~……”

Just as Su Qing was about to start, the big black dog suddenly barked and ran back and forth in one direction

Su Qing glanced in the direction, strangely looking towards the big black dog. “I haven’t opened spiritual wisdom, but I feel it. You are a beast to have this perception.”

This black dog is begging for immortality.

All living things are equal, but fate cannot be forced. The black dog is destined to get in the car, but he will not be given an exception. However, this black dog is different. It is not asking for itself, and the person asking for it is not immortal fate.

What the black dog wants is an opportunity.

It wants Su Qing to wait.

Su Qing pondered for a moment: “No thoughts and no delusions, the instinct of life, I can hold you for a moment.”

The big black dog barked twice and ran to the Great Immortal Crane.

The Great Immortal Crane was captured. He looks very embarrassed now, has lost a lot of feathers, and there are bloodstains on his body. Wrapped in chains, he has been in a coma.

β€œwang wang wang~……”

The black dog ran and circled anxiously, barking around the Great Immortal crane.

The Disciples of Baihemen are a little confused, don’t know where this big black dog came from.

All their attention was on their Old Sect Master, at most the strange coachman. The big black dog has no sense of existence, and few people care about it from start to finish.

Huang Songzi instinctively wanted to pass, but she glanced at Su Qing and stopped again. The Disciples of Primordial Spirit Realm didn’t move when they saw the Old Sect Master like this.

But those ordinary Disciples can’t just sit back and watch the black dog go crazy. great character If they don’t move, they have an identity. If they don’t do things, they lose their duty.

“Where did the wild dog come from? Get out of the way.”

“Go away quickly, don’t let it wake the Crane King…”

Bai He Disciples at the door drive the black dogs away.

It’s just that they are good at domesticating spirit birds, but they don’t seem to be able to handle local dogs.

Whether it’s intimidation or kicking, the black dog just doesn’t walk away, just barks there. And the movement is also very flexible, drilling around in the crowd, even can’t catch it.

Su Qing watched from a distance.

Black Dog and Immortal Crane have long since met, but they’re not exactly familiar.

Hequn and Disciples of Baihemen fought outside the mountain not long ago, and the big black dog was frightened and ran to the mountain and fell. When he was about to fall to his death, he was rescued by the Great Immortal Crane.

The Great Immortal Crane may not remember the black dog, but the black dog remembers it.

spiritual wisdom The unopened black dog does not understand immortal fate, but faintly feels that it is very important to wake up the Great Immortal Crane. It is completely out of animal instinct to do this thing at the moment.

Huang Songzi and Hou Zhen were also watching.

They don’t know what’s going on with the Black Dog and Immortal Crane, but it’s not hard to tell what’s going on here. So the two of them just wait and see, and even Huang Songzi has no intention of stepping forward to stop it.


The Disciples of Baihemen were annoyed, and they all became serious. They each used the movement method, and finally held the big black dog down.

Just as it was about to be dragged away, the big black dog suddenly took a bite and bit the wings of the Great Immortal crane.

“Is this dog crazy? What…”

“Let go! Dead dog!”

Disciples didn’t worry about the Crane King being bitten, But still very annoyed. The dignified Crane King, the strongest spirit bird in the White Crane Gate. Although it caused them a lot of trouble, how could they be bitten by a local dog.

Pull the Disciples of Baihemen.

As a Sect specialized in raising spirit birds, Baihemen Disciple naturally has a kindness towards animals. Always use strength to pull, so as not to really kill the dog.

But even so, the big black dog is not feeling well.

The dog’s mouth was visibly bleeding, and the teeth seemed to be loose. The hind leg was pulled and suspected to be dislocated, and it whimpered in pain.

But the black dog is still the same, no matter how dragged, kicked, and bleeds, it will not let go.

“This dog seems to be crazy!”

“Open its mouth, or kill it if it doesn’t work.”

Baihemen Disciples Finally losing patience, Yun Gong copy guy is ready to make a ruthless attack.

Just then, the Great Immortal Crane shuddered. Closed eyes, slowly opened.

“Not good, really woke up!”

“This damn dog, actually woke it up.”

Baihemen Disciples turned pale in fright.

The Great Immortal Crane seems to be still a little confused, and his eyes are blank, and he just hit the big black dog in the eye.

“Wang Wang…”


The two sides seem to be communicating.

The big black dog released his mouth, broke free from Disciples’ obstruction, limped back to Su Qing’s side, and barked twice.

Immortal Crane seemed to understand something, and looked towards Su Qing in confusion.

After that, the eyes changed.


The black dog fell off the mountain and was rescued by the crane. One day there is an immortal passing, and the crane is snoozing. The dog knows that the crane has an immortal wish, barks wildly to block the immortal, and bites the startling crane. People who keep cranes call it insane, and they beat it with a stick. The dog was still bleeding, and the crane finally woke up. Immortal said, animals are stupid and foolish, but they know the meaning.

γ€ŠQianzhou Dream Hualu》

(End of this chapter)

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