Fleeing from the Great Desolation to Martial Arts Chapter 78


Chapter 78 Wonderful Scene Four, Crane Dance Cloud Lantern (Subscribe)


Great The Immortal crane suddenly burst into flames, knocking the surrounding people over in an instant. The wings flapped and scratched with their claws, struggling desperately there, and the chain was supported with a rattling sound.

The yellow pine nuts couldn’t sit still this time, and flew towards the Great Immortal Crane.

I didn’t see the chance or anything, but the Crane King must not let it run away. If he grabs like just now again, he can’t hold up this daoist robe.


The thick chain was broken.

A group of Disciples were blown away, and the Great Immortal Cranes headed straight for the yellow pine nuts. The Great Immortal Crane has not recovered from the injury just now. It can’t fly with its wings, and runs on two legs. It looks like a big goose, staggering and ferocious.

Huang Songzi knew that he could not fight with this guy recklessly, and his body’s agility avoided the impact. After that, he turned around and took out his palm, ready to take advantage of his weakness to capture him in one fell swoop.

You can’t help but startled when you see the Great Immortal Crane.

The Great Immortal Crane did not attack anyone again, but crawled in front of Su Qing with a thud. Because the rushing was too strong, the ground of the shock roared, and the long beak left one after another gully.

Hey, xiu…

The Great Immortal crane sticks to the ground and makes bursts of chirping.

“It’s rare that you can see the real body of this seat, so it’s not worth the black dog to give up his life to fight for this opportunity for you.” Su Qing looked at the Great Immortal Crane, “But you shouldn’t see it yourself, but borrow it from you. Enjoy the convenience of this Liuping Mountain.”

This Great Immortal Crane is two hundred years old, and has a certain relationship with the Liuping Mountain where Spiritual Qi gathers. Otherwise, it’s not enough to see that Su Qing has a Body of Immortal on its own.

The Great Immortal crane nodded, looking towards the mountains, uttered a loud chirping.

The sound echoed, as if the mountains were responding. The gathered Spiritual Qi was also in turmoil, as if listening to some kind of summon. After waiting for a long time, he did not continue, and then scattered back to the mountains again.

“This is interesting.” Su Qing was somewhat surprised, “The black dog is asking for you, but you are asking for this mountain.”

Immortal Crane is not asking for fate, Rather, it is making a wish to immortal.

It wants to protect the mountain.

The earliest Great Immortal Crane was just an ordinary Immortal Crane, which fell into the cliff and couldn’t move.

During those difficult times, it sensed the presence of the Mountain Spirit. Absorb Spiritual Qi to become a spiritual bird, so as to escape from the predicament and ascend to heaven. Since that day, it has vowed to protect the mountains forever.

The fight with the Disciples of Baihemen is not a rebellion after being oppressed. But in its concept, these humans who are weaker than it are not qualified to stay in Liuping Mountain.

These human beings have no use at all except to bring disaster to the mountains.

But now it knows it’s wrong because one of them brings a truly powerful existence.

There is no immortal in the concept of the Great Immortal crane.

But its instinct told him that Su Qing could help it realize its long-cherished wish.

“xiu, xiu…” the Great Immortal Crane continued to plead.

“It’s not difficult to get what you ask for, but you need to understand the price.” Su Qing pointed out a cluster of aura, which merged into the red top of the Great Immortal crane.

Great Immortal Crane’s eyes flashed and he saw some scenes.

After a while, the streamer disappears. Great Immortal Crane shook his neck, as if thinking.

“I need a spiritual object in the human world, but it can’t be a human being.” Su Qing said, “If you fulfill your wishes, you need to give up the skin you are now. If you are sincere in thinking of you, you can give another gift.



The Great Immortal crane shook the head, raised his neck high, his eyes firmed again.

Su Qing took a deep look at it, and finally nodded. “Well, since you have enlightenment, it will be as you wish.”

Great Immortal Crane xiu xiu Changming.

Su Qing stopped talking, raised her hands to the sky, and grasped with five fingers.

The sky moves and the clouds gather. With Liuping Mountain as the center, countless clouds gather rapidly.

In and out of Liuping Mountain, many people could not help exclaiming when they saw such a wonderful sight.

The converging clouds gathered into a group, and the bulging and bulging gradually changed their appearance.

Becomes a lantern.

A huge lantern made entirely of clouds hangs in the sky.

However, it still maintains the texture of the cloud, and it seems that it will disperse in a short time.

Su Qing looked towards the Great Immortal Crane and said, “Go ahead.”

The Great Immortal Crane made another long cry, nodded three times at Su Qing, and then turned to Hei again. The dog clicked, spread its wings and soared into the sky, flying straight to the cloud lantern.

The Immortal Crane was approaching like a lantern, giving off a faint glow.

The same goes for the Great Immortal Crane, with a similar radiance.

At first, the Great Immortal was struggling to fly because of the injury. But as he kept getting closer to the lantern, his injuries were obviously recovering, and the blood stains disappeared little by little. After a while, it returned to its most prosperous state.

Then, plunge into the cloud lamp.


The dazzling brilliance is piercing the eyes, and the loud crane chirping resounds through the fields.

The mountains and the earth responded, releasing some kind of energy along with the sound.

Spiritual Qi.

Kan Chau Formation is responsive again.

Formation’s abilities are replaced, and new things support Ganzhou.

But this time, he didn’t resist, and even cooperated actively.

Like two guards changing the guard, everything is proceeding in an orderly manner.

Suddenly, there was a hoarse cry.


A distant place, deep underground.

“Damn, you have such a purpose… No… I don’t allow…”

The voice was not very loud, only Su Qing could hear it. However, the cloud lantern was obviously affected, and it kept shaking and rustling, and there were bursts of crane chirping, which seemed to be somewhat frightened.

At the same time, a burning aura also spread from deep underground.

The people within the valley couldn’t help but rushed to a hot and dry place.

Su Qing looked into the distance with a slightly strange expression.

“I thought you could endure it.”

Su Qing extended the hand, and the air flowed in the palm.

“I can’t help but bear it, I won’t let you interfere here. Since you like to hide so much, then continue to hide.”

The palm is pressed down, and the mountain is foggy.

The fog is not up, but down.

Infiltrated into the ground and the heat disappeared.

There is a faint hoarse roar of anger, but more of a feeling of helplessness. He didn’t dare to murmur a few times, and then there was no sound at all.

The cloud light returned to normal and began to spin.

shua~ shua~ shua~  …

Many feathers floated out of the lantern, fluttering around like white snow.

During the process of drifting, the feathers gradually turned to six directions. It’s as if the elves got summons and split up and run playfully through the air. Piece by piece, they follow each other and drift to the six main peaks of Liuping Mountain one after another.


Suddenly there was a crunch, and the feathers turned into chains.

There are a total of six, like iron but not iron, like a feather but not a feather, hanging and floating in the air. Hanging huge lanterns, it is closely linked to the six peaks.

The lanterns are no longer clouds, like real lanterns hanging high.

On the hood wall is an Immortal Crane, alive as if it were alive.

There really is life.

Wings and dances on the lampshade, slowly rotating with cloud lights.


Looking at the huge lantern hanging high in the clouds, everyone stared blankly.

Whether it is inside Liuping Mountain or outside Liuping Mountain.

A gorgeous lamp hangs high among the mountain peaks. Even from far away, you can see clearly.

The Immortal Cranes who were caught before all moved, their necks raised and they kept chirping. Even with a rope wrapped around their mouths, it can’t stop them from making sounds.

Huang Songzi thought for a moment, and ordered the Disciples to release Immortal Crane.

The Disciples did not understand, but they obeyed.

Someone pulled out weapons while letting go, just in case these Immortal Crane attacked them again.

The Immortal Crane didn’t attack anyone, and they all spread their wings after getting out of trouble.

It circled in circles below the Crane Dance Cloud Lantern, constantly tweeting and singing, and seemed very happy.

Soon, some birds flocked here.

The big ones are falcons and the smaller ones are sparrows. There are magpies who chirp chirp twitter twitter, and there are quiet thrushes…

They form a new team under the Immortal Crane, flying in circles.

“So beautiful…”

People were stunned.

immortal scar, fourth place.

Crane dancing cloud lantern.


Liuping Mountain has lanterns, which are interlocked in six directions, hanging between the peaks. It is said that the immortal gathers clouds, and the big crane escapes. Immortal Crane dances inside and birds circle outside. It is called Crane Dance Cloud Lantern.

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